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Sunday, March 9, 2014


Hi All,

Boy oh BOY have I been moody lately.. I can't seem to sleep and I know that makes it worse, that and that time of the LIFE thingy. Oh Yeah - did I tell you that I have not had my monthly since the middle of January - AGAIN! Remember last year the same thing happened, no period after January for 2 months then - VIOLA - back again every 28 days just like clockwork.

Here's to hopin this time is it - I will keep you posted, whether you want to hear it or not - LOL

So yesterday I did a BUNCH of stuff around here then took the kids for a walk, then off to the salon to get my hair done. I always do my hair myself for MANY years now. A few days ago I saw a new place opened near me and went in and made an appointment. By the time Hubby got home from work - he said something to me and then I changed my mind. Told him I would cancel it - TOO EXPENSIVE!!

He said no - not to, but I said I would anyway. So he goes over there the next day and buys me a gift certificate for Umpteen dollars and said HERE - you are going anyways.

I was sitting in the chair and the girls asks me when was the last time I had my hair done? I tell her - here is the reason I don't go to a salon anymore...

Every time I used to have my hair done and would pay a ton of money, I would get home and look in the mirror and it would be crooked..And I would have to fix it myself with the scissors.

So she did my roots then a subtle highlights and trim.
 They had free champagne, beer, soda, snacks, fruit - I felt rich for at least one day anyway.
This is me after
And WOW you can really tell the NO-Sleep Eyes.

So I wait for Hubby to come home and we go out to dinner, I get up this morning after the time change and NO SLEEP AGAIN... Start getting ready and what do I see when I look in the mirror?? My hair looks longer on one side - AGAIN  after spending a zillion dollars!! SEE this is why I never go...And won't go back - I don't think.

I am getting a mani-pedi this morning - so have to go... Which I never do anymore cause I got Fungus infections TWICE... So always do it myself too, but just don't have the time now since I work - that and my ET's make it difficult.

OH Yeah - and my weight is up this morning by 6 WHOLE pounds... from my 148. I expect it to go up and down within 3lbs, but not this much - YEESH - got some work to do the next couple days to get it back down.

Have a great day. This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I just left you a huge long comment. When I hit publish it disappeared. The gist of it as that you should go back and they will fix what isn't right. Then keep going so that the stylist gets to know you and your hair. If the first stylist wasn't right, then ask for another. I suggest telling the receptionist that you want a senior stylist with more experience. I go religiously every 5 weeks. It takes time for them to get to know your hair. Also the best way to tell if your hair is even is to look when it's wet. Sometimes the way the blow it dry can make it look uneven.

    1. OMG you were right. The salon called me to ask how my visit yesterday was when I got my Mani-pedi, and I said great but the other day the girl cut my hair uneven - she said I could come back for a free cut with someone else. Nice

    2. I was just gonna type in here to go back!!!!!! Make them fix it.

  2. I just got mine done on Thursday and one side is about 1 inch longer too. The longer side is the one that I don't have much hair, the shorter side is the one that I have lots of hair? I haven't noticed such a huge difference before, I will see how it plays out before I complain. I do know you can't tell when I get it styled??? Oh the joys....
    I guess when you really get tired of never sleeping you will start looking at all of the suggestions that your friends have made. I love to sleep, I would go crazy without getting lots of it! I hope that you can find a good answer sooner rather than later.

    1. YOu have no idea all the crap I have tried. But I will NEVER GIVE UP. LOL

    2. Get your hormones tested.....including your adrenals....adrenal fatigue causes sleeplessness, as does menopause/low estrogen, but go to a Functional Medicine doctor or an anti-aging specialist. They specialize in hormones. At this point you need an expert and to know what is really going on. Just worth repeating.

    3. Ha...at some point Rosalie...you are gonna get tired of us telling you to go to a doctor for sleep...and when you do...you'll thank us, hehehe...I've been where you are before...so I won't quit telling you. ;^)

  3. I work at a hair salon and we always tell our clients that if they are not satisfied, they should call immediately and we will fix it. I see that your hair has a lot of curl to it, this definitely calls for someone who is experienced with cutting curly hair. It's a different "ball-game" then for someone who has straight hair. Good luck!

  4. I love your blog because you are so real. Thanks for always being so down to earth; it is sure refreshing.

  5. Hi Rosalie,

    Thanks for the recipes and encouragement.

    For sleep:
    For years I have taken a herbal supplement - Kava just before sleep. The liquid is less expensive than the capsules. Just mix with a little warer. Ask at the health food store. Lately, I've been doing a breathing exercise to get off to sleep - found in "Seven Minutes of Magic" by Lee Holden, Chi Gong Master (Amazon). I'm 72 years old and these are my best remedies.


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