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Friday, December 2, 2011

My day with Jorge and the Gang.......

Good Morning everyone,

I had such a great day yesterday. I got to go and meet Jorge in San Diego. I was in the bank Wednesday afternoon around 3pm making a payment and got a phone call from Oliver at Jorge's office. I already know him from corresponding with him and Evan about me being n Jorge's new book coming out the end of this month. (The link to order is on the left on Amazon.com)
The Belly Fat Cure Quick Meals: Lose 4 to 9 lbs. a week with on-the-go CARB SWAPSGuess what? I am on page 10. Woo Hoo!

So Oliver said would you like to fly over here to San Diego with some others and meet Jorge and taste some of his new recipes and be in a video? So I was like: SURE!! But I will drive, I live in Chino Hills and its not that far. I guess this girl Kellie was supposed to go but got real sick - so I was the stand-in and happy to do it.

So he emailed me all the info on where and what to bring to wear. I got all my stuff ready, I was told to bring 3 each dresses, tops, pants and shoes. It said high heels for women only. haha.

I was supposed to be at Jorge's house at 11am, so I got up early - couldn't really sleep. I was excited. I ate my breakfast of: 2 eggs, turkey bacon, berries, and a carb chopper wheat tortilla w/cheese, and of course coffee.

I put my stuff in the car and got a phone call saying it was put off until 12 so I went back in and checked my email and saw that email from them saying it was changed to 12. I also noticed that Amber and Anthony (who lost over 200lbs ) was on the list of email recipients.

Ok so I left at 9:30 and my GPS said it would take 2 hours. I was almost there and got a call saying to meet them at this Best Western instead. So I went there and the girl at the counter didn't know who Jorge was or what I was talking about. I looked out the front window and saw 3 people sitting at a table around the pool, walked over and saw Amber. I said Hey, and she started yelling- OMG, You're Here! She had no idea.

I met Anthony D'Amato and Nicole. the 3 of us talked and Evan came and picked us up and we had a light lunch. Amber and I split a salad.
Then we were taken to Jorge's Apt. near the beach.
It was just thru that alley way about 2 buildings from the beach.
It was so much fun. I also met Ali and Karl (they are married).
Super nice couple and adorable!
Me and Nicole.
So we all stood around his counter cause it looked better to stand, and we all talked and tasted his chicken recipe and had some wine and the filmed us. It was a blast.

This is Jerod holding the camera. I called him Popeye cause of his huge muscley arms, and  Oliver standing next to him.
This is Evan and I can't remember the girls name.  My middle-heimers. Duh.
The four of  them work for Jorge. All his crew is so cute and young. LOL
All of us with Jorge, Karl-Alie-Anthony-Jorge-Amber-Nicole-Me 
All of us with his crew
Us Girls
Then Jorge did a individual interview with each of us on camera. Jorge was so nice and not at all pretentious or stuck up like you would think, him being so famous and all.

When we were done Evan, Amber, Anthony, Nicole and I went to the beach for a few minutes.

I Left there between 5:30-6 and I really had such a great time. It was so nice meeting others with the same goals and love of the BFC.

Thanks for listening as always. Lots of love to you all.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

No thoughts today - I'm still excited!

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)
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  1. So happy for you....just wish I could have been there to watch you shine!

  2. So excited for you!!!!! Thanks for sharing the pics!!!!

  3. What a wonderful day for you..I'm so glad you got to do this as you have worked so hard and very deserving. So happy for you!

  4. Yay for you Rosalie. What a nice day for you. You deserved to be recognized for all you do for the BFC and how you promote it and help those of us trying to follow it. Love the photos. The beach one is beautiful. You're a celebrity now!!1 Hugs to you from me!

  5. What a lovely experience you had-and you got to meet our Amber too! I adore your pictures, and that you got to have such a great day. You are an inspiration to so many of us. Jorge knows that. We know that.
    Thank you for all you do!

  6. If anybody deserves such an amazing experience, it's you and Amber! You guys ARE the faces of the BFC and promote and encourage it so well! Glad you had fun! You girls look beautiful! :)

  7. It was absolutely fabulous! I had suggested that they call Rosie when someone got very sick the day before, but I had no idea that they had done it. So I was SHOCKED when I saw standing there! I told her I don't feel truly surprised very often, but this really was. Very one there was beautiful, you just would not have believed it!

  8. Rosalie~ COngratualtions on everything!! I cant even begin to express how thrilled I am for you!!! You, my dear, live his program to a tee and I cant think of anyone more deserving to meet him and be in his next book!
    I love all the pictures and cannot wait to see teh videos of you and Amber and the rest.
    So glad you had such a wonderful day!
    Doin the happy dance with Rosie today!!! :)

  9. Wow! Such a fool thing to happen for you guys! Congratulations and it sounds likeit was so fun! Happy Friday! !

  10. Congrats, that is so cool to meet Jorge! I am on day 5 of the BFC and you are so encouraging to me, I can hardly wait for the next update to your blog :)
    And you looked fabulous in all the photos!

  11. I loved the pictures and am so happy you shared. You deserved this trip Rosalie, and I am glad you found Jorge nice and unpretentious. What a great day, I think we all got to feel a little bit a part of it because of your sharing. Thanks

  12. I am so happy for you!!! I hope Jorge appreciates how much you do for all of us. Did he talk to you one on one, or where his people the ones that did a lot of the conversations? I would love to have seen the beach too. You are a gutsy girl to get in your car and go on an adventure with just a few hours notice.
    You look beautiful in the pictures:)
    My friend Rosalie the celebrity! Very excited to see the book. What recipe did he make? The chicken bacon one? I read a poster that added red pepper flakes, that makes it sound yummy to me. Woot!!!

  13. Rosalie, this is absolutely awesome!! All of you look gorgeous and skinny!! I can't wait to see the videos and interviews he did with you guys. Do you know where he is going to post them? What a fun day for all of you. I love it!

  14. Rosalie, thanks for sharing your day with us and the pictures. You deserve it! I was shocked to see he had a new book out so I pre ordered it. So I will make sure to check out your page. Congrats!

  15. WOW!!! What a great day, I especially love the pics of you and Amber. How awesome that you went to San Diego and met Jorge. You rocked it :)

  16. Fun, fun, fun! Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad you got to go.

  17. You guys all deserved this Special day - so PSYCHED for you!!

  18. That is so wonderful! Good for you!! I often thought while I was reading your blogs that Jorge should take notice of you. You are one of his best spokespeople!!
    Joyful Susan


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