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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Where are you??

Hi there,

Boy I really see the numbers dwindling here on our blogs. Not very much participation or comments any more. If you are new and do read the blogs, leave comments so we can all support and help each other. That is why we do this to share and be of some kind of help to each other.

my breakfast yesterday (Saturday) 2 Oasis toast, 1 with butter and peanut butter and 1 with cream cheese and natures hollow and 2 eggs.

Lunch yesterday was just 2 pcs of turkey lunchmeat and 1 cheese, we went to see the spiderman movie and I ate popcorn. Hubby left me there and had some business to take care of - so that was my only time to sneak in to see Magic Mike. All I can say is they girls were-a-gigglin in that audience. Ha-ha

By the time I got home he was there and trying to be nice and stopped to get some chicken and steaks and was BBQ'n them. When he was done it was 8pm.

I was in a weird hormonal mood I guess and said I can't eat that - cause I will wake up in the morning and be 2lbs heavier, and I am getting fat anyways. Wow - what the Heck - someone give me a mood pill or something.

I did eat 3 bites of chicken but refused to eat anything else. Lots of water.

So-Time and time again I keep trying to tell my hubby that he is eating wrong, but he won't listen. I have told you he likes to juice sometimes but since he is a guy and gets hungrier then me I told him that is not enough - that he should eat something with it (for just an example). He is not doing the BFC - but will eat lots of stuff I do - but not all.

This morning I was upstairs getting dressed after my shower and I get a text saying: I need help - I am hungry. LOL. When I got downstairs he says "he has a tummy ache he is so hungry and doesn't know what to eat. I know-I know I never listen to you"!

So I made myself breakfast and made him eat what I did.
 I made 3 scrambled w/onion, mushrooms, baby spinach, left over steak cut up and cheese (split that in half but he had most), a plain-no flavor almond-flaxseed muffin with butter and natures hollow on top (we each ate half) and we each had a bit of cottage cheese and I had my berries.

My lunch today was 1/2 cucumber cut up, a can of chicken, 1/2 small avocado, 3 green olives w/jalapenos inside cut up, feta cheese and bacon bits and some Sprouts spicy chipotle salad dressing.
He had tuna mixed with mayo and mustard, onion, jalapeno, avocado on 2 oasis toast.

snack was 1 chocolaty treat and 1 chocolate-almond-protein-bite. I am still hooked on both of these, addicted actually. :-)

I am waiting for it to cool off a bit to walk the dogs. It's been over 95 and sunny here.

Have no idea what we will have for dinner - probably some broccoli, and 1/2 pc of the chicken and 1/2 pc of the steak from last night.

Well I hope you all have a nice week. Thanks for listening and big hugs.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Peace Starts With You

Peace Starts With You, Positive QuotesIf there is light in the soul,
there will be beauty in the person. 
If there is beauty in the person, 
there will be harmony in the house. 
If there is harmony in the house, 
there will be order in the nation.  
If there is order in the nation,
there will be peace in the world. 
Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I don't post even.though I am here every day. I am still struggling so I don't have much.to share. I am still blown away by all the different versions. I also have trouble with the special stuff you need for variety.
    I guess it is somewhat of a excuse.
    How do.gov all feel about all the BFC versions ?

    It.net been 100 + for a week in VA. Dangerous hot.

    Have a good night

  2. The other reason is my phone is crazy ! I go tomorrow to Verizon please chime in with any ideas for a new one...this one makes me crazy.
    Sorry you can never read my post.

    1. I have had a verizon Droid Razr for like 8-9 months and love it - you just have to charge it twice a day LOL.

    2. I have a droidx...am due for a new one...it will be the droid razr maxx!

  3. Hi, Rosalie. Any updates on the house situation?

  4. Luv reading ur posts!! I was on vacation for last 2 weeks and founder blog and was definitely inspired to start when I got home - 5 days and 2 lbs down!!! I have a trader joes bit not a sprouts which is a bummer!!! Any tips for a beginner??

    1. HI there, It might help if you go back and read some of my posts when I first started the BFC.
      Friend me on Facebook and make sure to include a message and we can chat :-)

  5. It has gotten awful quiet! I commend you for keeping blogging even though the comments have slowed. I guess I have to realize that I write the blog for me, and my mental health, and not feel bad that it is not read very often! Oh well:)
    Thanks Rosalie, send me a message on facebook about Mike:)

  6. I think the reason for the quietness is it's summertime. ;^) I'm here tho. My hubby is on the BFC and we are struggling. He has resorted to not eating breakfast then he munches at night. With that said...I've been Really bummed out this week with family crap...and found ourselves blowing it to heck and a handbasket this weekend!! Big time...I'm so sad I've been scared myself. With that said...I plan to kick my ass in to high gear starting tomorrow!!!!

    Thanks for your support!!

  7. Hey Rosalie,
    I think that the comments have slacked off b/c it is summer. Lots of folks on vacation and traveling or having family/friends visit. I read your blog every day you post but admit I don't always have something to contribute. I suppose I could always say "hi" and "thank you" :-)

  8. The weather has finally gotten hot up here so hubby and I went to the lake for the day, we had turkey and cheese rollups for snack. Have a wonderful day :)

  9. Now you see I wasn't joking when I said I eat the protein bites almost everyday for snack. They are good! I was listening to this presentation by Dr. Getoff (http://realfoodsummit.com/david-getoff/) - don't believe you can view anymore - he was discussing the glycemic index of foods and said the two things to eat if you want to get fat are rice cakes and popcorn since they send blood sugar soaring. I love popcorn too. I limit myself to a very small handful maybe once a week. My kids love it too ... ugh.

    1. I know eh?? I was thinking of all those previous "diets" I'd been on where popcorn and rice cakes were staples (since they were low fat). No wonder I failed miserably. The one bit of advice is to consume fat when you eat the high glycemic stuff as it becomes part of the glycemic load in your stomach and lowers the bad stuff (it's not perfect but better than consuming them on an empty stomach). So scarf a big protein bite down first ... lol.

    2. Trina...where can I find that information you mentioned? This bumms me out (even more...)

    3. Hi Melody, I'm sure it was part of this presentation (which I viewed yesterday). I don't believe you can view for free now - check out the site http://realfoodsummit.com/david-getoff/. He talked about the following:

      In This Presentation…
      * Why some fruits are more harmful now than in the past
      * The impact of adult-sized portions of fruit on children
      * Juice versus soft drink consumption — what’s better?
      * The reduction in fruit’s nutritional value once harvested
      * The benefits and drawbacks of the glycemic index
      * The meaning of glycemic load
      * David’s lists of healthiest and most harmful sweeteners

      As part of the discussion on glycemic index and glycemic load he mentioned the rice cakes and popcorn being the foods to eat if you want to get fat. Sorry to bumm you out (more) ...

  10. Well, I eat my popcorn with loads of butter, so I'm OK, right?!? LOL, anyway, you know I'm still here... I think people are either busy with summer or cheating on their diets and ignoring the blogs. Just my two cents


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