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Monday, October 8, 2012

Why is it SO Hard....

Hello Friends,

Why is it so hard for some to stick with the Belly Fat Cure or any other diet / nutritional plan?

I have met tons of people through this blog and on FaceBook since I started this way of eating way over 2 and 1/2 years ago that started off doing the BFC but have stopped. I see so many posting pictures and comments on Facebook about what they are eating today - and none of it what they should be eating if they want to lose weight.

They just give up to quickly I think, or let the peer-pressure of others get to them and give in and eat what everyone else is.

There is no quick fix. This must be done little by little. You are never going to lose 4-9 lbs every week, so get that right out of your head, and that's not healthy long term anyway.

You must EMBRACE this way of living. Don't fight it. You must COMMIT.

There are many who HAVE lost their weight and then got too comfortable, gave in, then gained some weight back - felt bad - then just say, what the heck - I might as well eat more!!

Don't believe the HYPE, You Cannot have a CHEAT DAY!! or days. That is not gonna work. I have said many times - This is all in YOUR HEAD. You have to get your mind in the right place and just DECIDE that you are going to do this.

When I bought the Belly Fat Cure Book, I had no idea that it was going to work. I had no idea that I was actually ready at that time in my life to make such a big life changing commitment.

I cannot express enough how important SUPPORT is on this! Blog, or at least read as many other blogs (from my list) as you can and comment every day. You will find new friends that have the same thing in common and find great ideas and recipes.

Be responsible for YOU! Don't listen to others so blindly. Don't believe everything you hear without doing your own homework first. Just because someone else says they are eating some kind of food on the BFC - doesn't mean it is BFC friendly. Look stuff up online yourself. Read labels. Add up the S/C values for yourself and NEVER go over 5/2 per meal. Make sure there are NO artificial sweeteners hidden like Sucralose in the ingredients.

I know many of you think that by going Gluten or Wheat Free that you will lose more weight. My opinion is that is not necessary unless it effects you in some way or you have Celiac disease. For me it doesn't. I lost all of my 90 lbs by eating wheat almost every day and managed to lose it all anyway - I've had all my blood work done with my doctor and I am very healthy! If you go without carbs 1 day, then the next day have some brown rice or toast or a wheat tortilla or whatever.

Drink lots of WATER - that doesn't mean water with flavors.
Don't go over 5/2 per meal. - add everything together from your meal.
No more white stuff - white bread, tortillas, rice, or pasta.
No carbs with your dinner - just some kind of meat or protein and veggies.
Don't eat anything past 7pm.
No artificial sweeteners of any kind. EVER!
Don't expect to lose weight if you drink 2 glasses of red wine EVERY night. Save that for special times - like the weekend, or get-togethers or parties, or holidays.

You must LOVE what you are eating for this to work. If you love sweets like me, then start making your own BFC friendly ones. There are many on my recipe tab above.

I write this blog and am here to help you succeed in reaching your weight loss goals as I have. I just want to share with you what I have learned along my journey.
This is what I had for my breakfast this morning. Its called Pumpkin Porridge. To me it had the texture of Cream-of-Wheat.

Pumpkin Porridge;
Ricotta Cheese, whole milk, 0.50 cup 
Egg, fresh, 1 large 
Salt, 1 dash 
Pumpkin, cooked, 0.25 cup, mashed
Cinnamon and nutmeg, dash to 1/8 tsp per serving. If you don't like these spices, try flavoring w/ peanut butter, 2-4 Tbsp
*Flax Seed Meal (ground flax), 2 tbsp

This cooks on the stove. I usually find it goes fastest in a non-stick skillet.

1) Mix up the ricotta with water to thin it out - quite thin if you want to add flax seed meal, which thickens it a lot.
2) Add an egg and beat well (I use a whisk) - you don't want a lot of strings of egg white.
3) Add the pumpkin and salt.
4) Sweeten to taste and add cinnamon and nutmeg or whatever. If I have it, I like to add a touch of Da Vinci's Sugar-Free Caramel Syrup.
5) Stir while heating on medium heat. When it goes "grainy", that's the egg cooking. Stir in the flax seed meal at this point.

Possible additions: peanut butter (yum!), butter, nuts, you name it.

Thanks for listening and Have a great day.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. This was a FANTASTIC post Rosalie! You've come a long way...in every way. Of all you wrote, I think the most important thing is commitment. In order to succeed on the BFC or the BFCFT (my own preference) you must be READY to simply do it every day. Many people simply are not, they want a quick fix, they want someone else to make it happen. And if it is hard (and we know that sometimes it is, lol) they simply give up. This is too bad, because eating the BFC way has so many benefits beyond weight loss. Wishing you the very best Rosalie. (())

  2. I agree with this. But let me ask you this. Don't you think that not all diets are for everyone? Hubby and i did weight watchers for a few years with out success.

    1. Of course - I realize that the BFC is not for everyone. Whatever diet any of us are on - we will all support each other. :-)

  3. BFC (or Wheat Belly) can't fix emotional issues with food. It sure can make it easier by controlling our blood sugar and making us less hungry but as you said, we have to commit and make it work.

    I know you don't agree (but I don't think you read the book) - Dr. Davis explains how for many people wheat is addictive. The gliaden protein in wheat causes you to overeat and obsess about eating. That's my one concern with some people continuing to eat it - maybe it doesn't affect you that way but maybe others it does and two wheat servings a week will be enough to derail them. I think it’s something some people should give serious thought too (especially if they are struggling). We are all different :)

    Here’s another great article (not written by Dr. Davis) on wheat http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/200-clinically-confirmed-reasons-not-eat-wheat.

  4. I think it is my wine consumption that is sabotaging me!!!! I am not sure what to do about it. I am wondering about tea. Maybe I can find a soothing tea that will relax me as much as my nightly glass or two of wine and save the wine for the weekend!

    1. My favorite is Kava Stress Relief tea by the yogi brand. I put in two bags and sometimes add some drops of Kava from the Herbalist. It allows you to have some natural relaxation without carbs (or alcohol). Maybe for wine use those small ikea cups and just take sips to make it last longer.

  5. I follow all of your rules besides the 7pm one. Days I manage to not have an 8 o'clock snack I am down more in the morning, but those days are really hard for me! I can't seem to break that habit. I will keep trying! That pumpkin breakfast cereal looks bomb! I will tr it soon.

  6. Interesting cereal! I am not a ricotta fan, but perhaps if it had pumpkin in it I would have a change of heart...

  7. Thank you for this great post. It is exactly the truth that I need to hear. I need to commit and get rid of cheat days to see success. You're a great example. I'll keep reading and learning. Thank you again.

  8. As one of the few non-BFCers commenting, I'd like to add that if your motivation is more health oriented than merely weight loss driven, the commitment is easier to make and stick with. If you are truly convinced that your way of eating will prevent disease, cure ailments, and just make you feel better overall, you're going to make better choices.

    Losing weight is an important part of overall health, to be sure, but when I changed my mindset from just wanting to be thin, to wanting to be in good health, my determination began to override any temptation to go back to my previous way of life.

    Great post!

    1. OMGosh Michelle, no truer words were ever typed. Those who seem focused on the scale as their reward get discouraged. I know I needed to lose weight but you are correct that my overriding reason was to feel better. Since insulin resistance was most likely causing a lot of my health issues, I'm feeling much better and weight loss is a happy benefit.

    2. Rosalie! What an awesome post! So encouraging! I've been on this journey since July 30th and it has gone very slowly...at this point 14lbs. down, but I started this, yes for weightloss but most of all for my health! Michelle your post echos my own thoughts exactly! I needed something to get me started and the BFC was an answer to my prayer! There is nothing yummy enough to entice me back to the sugar world! Lol!

  9. The cereal looks so yummy,I will have to try it today. I started the BFC about a year ago and stayed on it for a few months. However, like others said, the emotions got the better of me. I think it has a lot to do with feeling in control of your life. If you don't make other changes to improve your life, aside from eating healthy, it's hard to stick to it. Because it's about more than food, it's about taking care of yourself, making yourself the number one priority. Everyone has different barriers and obstacles to making that happen. For me, as the mother of a young one, I had to leave the job I was at and take some time off to focus on myself. BTW I did lose 10 lbs over the course of 3 months when I first did the BFC and mostly kept it off (I am in my mid-30s). I have gained a few pounds back eating carbs but was really impressed that committing for 3 months a year ago helped me so much. I am back on the plan (fast track this time) because it feels so good and forces me to eat a lot of vegetables. Also I am hoping to lose an additional 10 - 20 lbs and be healthier all around. Thanks Rosalie for all of your support on my blog and your very inspiring posts. It makes all the difference!

  10. Great blog, true words:) Thanks for being real! I am a BFC girl until I die! And you are totally right about never going back and cheating adding up...did you say that in this post? Or am I hearing your words in my head;)

  11. I really do appreciate this blog, helps me to stay on track throughout the week. Keep up the great work and

    Current Weight: 148.6 Goal Weight: 140.0

  12. Rosalie - great post. I think what is hardest for me (no matter what plan I try to follow) is that I need convenience. I want to be able to grab a quick meal at a drive thru or buy a packaged meal at the grocery store and not have to think too much about it. I do like Jorge's quick meal book because it has lots of options that are appealing.

  13. oooh...oooh...Rosalie...where did you find this recipe?!?!

    1. Online somewhere that I never heard of but did not write it down on my notes - sorry


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