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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Peachey-Poo Update...

HI Friends,

I know some of you have it cold already where you live, but it finally got below 90 yesterday - which was Awesome! The dogs and I have been walking down the horse trails lately and it is fun because we to see lots of horses when we walk by sometimes.
Well except when the dogs come charging at the fences at us. That part scares them a little and its not easy walking with 3 dogs and they are start pulling and 2 of them are barking and pulling. Peaches is the perfect walker and never barks back.
Speaking of my Peachey-Poo, here is an update. Remember she was at he vet many times for the allergic bumps and the blood in the poop thing?
Well the blood, I'm sure she ate something with a pricker in it and that went away.
I took her many times for the bumps and they gave her 4 kinds of medicine and the bumps would start to go away and always come back.
Last week when I went to PetsMart to get them food, I told the guy what was going on and asked to suggest a different food and treats and maybe it would help her.
He suggested Grain-Free and chicken treats made by their store brand Authority. I am SHOCKED after all that medicine and MONEY that the vet never said that, cause her bumps on her tummy and back are 70% gone now. She seems to be itching less and the other 2 don't care what kind of food they eat. lil-piggys. LOL
HMMM- who knew? That would have saved me tons of money if I knew before hand.
The Lil-Rat is doing good and might have to be here for another week or so while her brother is re-cooping.

Breakfast the past few days;
Tuesday-Lemon blueberry muffin with cream cheese on top
Some of that Cashew -Butter bread I made with coconut butter and the chocolate avocado frosting on top. Love this new bread.
This morning - Thursday
Lunch Tuesday, 2 of those Cheese-garlic-individual-muffins I made with some tuna, horseraddish and reg mayo and feta cheese.
Wednesday, lunch was Pizza, made with a almond-coconut flours-cheese crust.
Dinner Tuesday was some brussel sprouts and turkey meatballs.
Dinner Wednesday was 6 wings and a salad.
Desert Tuesday night was 3 of those coconut cookies with the chocolate-avocado frosting on top. YUM
Desert Wednesday - last night was the last 2 Pumpkin-pie-cheese-bites with rediwhip on top.

When ever I make treats for myself, I always wind up eating ALL of them alone. Hubby never- hardly ever eats them, so I make sure I make stuff I really like - unless its the first time making them. That's why sometimes I eat the same thing every night until they are gone. Oh well - poor me huh? LOL

Ok - Have a nice day and Remember...
This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Great news that the grain free food helps Peaches. I guess it's not only humans that have grain intolerances. My Roscoe is a "pisser". For years he would mark a few dribbles here and there. Drove me crazy. Finally they found out he has bladder cystals. Apparently quite common in some dogs. I had to buy very expensive prescription food which he didn't really like and he couldn't have any treats. Well that didn't happen as we still gave him treats. This crystals can cause infections and sometimes form into stones. They are called struvite crystals. Well long, long story short, I read online about this berry balance. It's sort of like humans taking cranberry juice from UTI's. I add it to his food and I'm now giving him the regular food which he always liked. He has not had any marking problems in a month. You'll laugh, but I also bought the ph sticks. Every week I stick some in his urine ( it's easy because he pees on the bushes) and from what I read if you keep the ph below 8 the crystals can't form. His has been 6.5 since I started the berry balance. Unbelievable all the vet money I spent and this simple solution may be the answer. Hope you are doing well. Beautiful sunny and 70 over here. Cool at nights, in the 50's but good sleeping weather! XO!!

  2. Yaaaaay for Peaches!! yep....our furbabies need special attention too, like humans they end up with allergies. I'm sure her tummy is feeling well too!!!

    HEY...how is your foot?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I really need to get back into the groove of cooking and making and EATing breakfast. Sigh.

  3. I'm glad the grain free is working for peaches. As much as I hate to admit this, going gluten free really has helped my allergies and depression. Today I made a really good savory pancake out of 1 cup garbanzo flour soaked in 1 cup water (supposed to be overnight but I only did an hour) and added some green onions, evoo and celtic sea salt. It made three wraps/pancakes and I ate one with smoked salmon, cucumber and avocado. It was really good! I've also been making some coconut oil fudge that's really good and easy enough for me to make it ;)
    Stay cool!


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