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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Its a Wonderful Life

Its a Wonderful Life,

Right? Nope not for me, Never for me.

Who ever is reading this right now, just pretend that we are out having coffee and just talking together. Why is it that some people DO have that wonderful  life and the rest of us are getting constantly shit and stepped on? Why do we have to go through our entire lives thinking that we are being punished for something we did in a past life?

Don't get me wrong, for those of you that always had and do have a wonderful life - We are happy for you. No jealousy - just pure honest happiness for you.

So - what is it? We are supposed to just think positive stuff and it happens? UH?? Yeah - that doesn't work. I try to be in a good mood, only to be shot down. I am alone most of the time, don't work (its too late for me on that subject), feel useless.

And before you comment and say - Oh sorry you are going thru blah-blah. DON'T. I am NOT writing this for that CRAP! I am sharing my feelings at the moment with you right now to let you know, that if you feel... Bad, Fat, Useless, Hopeless, Alone, or whatever...

You are NOT alone. You are not the only person that doesn't have that Wonderful Life. There are many others. Its OK to feel bad and CRY if you want, But then you have to get off your ASS, Brush yourself off and go on with life. What ever it throws at us - Just keep truckin along.
Don't let the circumstances or others around you determine how you treat yourself. Only YOU control what you put in your mouth. Stop Punishing Yourself by eating Bad Food.

Then this is how you will feel afterwords,like you are carrying the world on your back.
This blog I write for YOU. Did you know that? I have no reason to do this anymore. I don't need it. I know how to treat myself and how to eat healthy - NO Matter What is thrown at me. It's ONLY for YOU now - YEP YOU!!

I love finding new things about blogging, new healthy recipes, everything I learned and teaching you how to be healthy. I get ABSOLUTELY nothing in return. In fact I look forward to this and to helping YOU! Hubby says its a Hobby since I don't and will never get paid. Right now this and my furry girls are the only thing I have to look forward to.

My old neighbors, who are such wonderful people, just lost their Mom yesterday. I keep reading all these posts about it on Facebook and cry. Yes I feel bad for the family - but its mostly because of how very much SHE was LOVED. How lucky that beautiful woman  who is now an angel was.

I hope this post touches SOMEONE today. Just know that You ARE somebody and You ARE Beautiful!!

Have a nice rest of the weekend and Lots of Love comin at ya.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I wish I knew what to say to make you feel better. You are loved too! Thank you for your posts, your encouragement, your knowledge, your "never give up" attitude. You are special! Truly:)

  2. I sometimes feel the same. Everyone else has a perfect life. A quick change of perspective and you realize that if you put everyone else's life in a pile, you would probably pick back your own. You never.know what.is.lurking in the perfect.life closet. I often times remind myself to be careful what I wish for cause I just might get it. Thanks Rosie for telling us how it is!! Barb T

  3. I complain sometime, but I have to say I do have a pretty good life. God has blessed me. When I do complain, my husband always points out how so many have it worse. That's the best way for me to get out of a pity party. I count all the blessings that I do have. I read somewhere that the best way to make yourself feel better is to do something for someone else. That is what you do with this blog. You help others. But you have so much more to give and there are plenty of people that need help. I have many family members that volunteer and there are plenty of community services that need help in these economic times. Have you ever thought of doing something like that. Even the pet shelters need help to walk dogs and such. Maybe that is something you would like and it would make you feel needed. XO!

  4. I 100% agree with Pattie. You are such a beautiful person. You contribute so much to so many. I doubt you have a clue how much you have contributed to so many. I know I love and cherish you and your thoughts, ideas and encouragement.

    I seriously don't have a perfect life either. Sexually abused for years as a child, Parents who were rarely there for me and illnesses yet to boot.

    Now, to put this all in perspective. I have THE best husband on planet earth. I have a Lord and Saviour who died for me and knows my every feeling, tear and smile and laugh.

    When I start having a huge pity party I always remind myself that there are SO many people who have things so much worse than me.

    Like you Rosalie, I don't work but I look upon that as a blessing. I have a husband who supports me 100% both physically but almost more importantly, mentally.

    Remember, we may not have jobs that pay us monetarily but we both contribute to our husbands, and family in so many other ways. We ARE valuable!! :)

    I didn't mean this to turn into a book. I know what you mean about this post reminding others that no matter what our life is like, it's no excuse to abuse ourselves further through poor eating habits.

    Unfortunately, this is THE hardest thing for me. I get up each and every single day, brush myself off and ask God to forgive me for the day before. I am ALWAYS a work in progress. The great news is, I NEVER give up. I am ALWAYS hopeful. :)

    Think about what Pattie said about volunteering. You could make new friends AND contribute so much. :)

    I want to thank you once again for this blog. Your sweet giving spirit and all that you share with us means so much to me. I can't imagine a day without you in it.

    You ARE loved!

    God Bless You, Rosalie, ():-)

    Linda in Western NC :)

  5. I was reading something yesterday about how when someone else's life seems so perfect, it's usually the opposite of that and a total mess, they just hide it! Nobody's life is perfect, we all have ups and downs and pity party's. I was totally having a pity party with you yesterday :) My daughter has her own life now that she's growing up and only wants us for money and my son and husband went to the Padre and Dodger game so I was all alone and feeling very lonely, but didn't have the energy to go out. I tell hubby that now that baseball has started again, I'm a baseball widow! I hugged my guinea pig and knew that she loved me :) So I guess when you feel bad, hug the puppies and know that if you went out of town for a week, hubby would miss being taken care of....Men just don't realize or appreciate us until we are gone ;) BTW, everyone would miss you if you didn't blog! Your blog is the first blog I go to everyday! I am a horrible "Pep Talker" so I hope this makes you feel better and not worse.....LOL!

  6. Thank you Rosalie....I needed to hear that :-) Thanks for sharing your story all the time. It helps me.

  7. Hobbies are good, even if you don't share them with anyone, but you get to share yours with others - how cool is that!? :) I know that sometimes it feels like no one is listening, and what's the point, but I'm sure more ppl are paying attention than you realize. Have a great day!


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