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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hello Friends,

Aye-Yie-yie - What a night i had last night which I'll tell you in a second.

But first Lets see my lunch yesterday was a cobb salad at El Pollo Loco that Hubby brought home for me.

I kept myself busy making some more flowers. Some were a little difficult for me. My ET's are getting worse and it made it hard, I kept messing up and taking it apart - but got it done - so far.
 Dinner was another spinach salad with a pc of chicken cut up and tomato and goat cheese inside.
Desert was 1 protein bite

OK now for the - Aye-Yie-yie
So I was watching TV and ate my salad already it was after 6pm and I notice blood marks on the carpet near Peaches. I looked at her and saw blood coming from her butt!!

Not just a spot - dripping. I got a wet paper towel and cleaned it up and ran outside where Hubby was doing something - YELLING I say "We Have to go to the hospital NOW!!" He says in a minute - I say NOW - Peaches is bleeding from her butt.

So we found a vet that was open late and he let us come immediately. Well $500 later, xrays, blood tests, special pills and food - we took her home.

So this morning my breakfast then Hubby and I went to my doctor for my foot.
When they unwrapped it, the incision was lengthwise about 2" long. Looked good. He looked at it, wiggled the toe (that felt a bit uncomfortable) which he said was normal and still healing, then he wrapped it back up and said he wants to see me in 2 more weeks.

Of course I asked a bunch of questions.
He said I can walk with out the crutches if I want, drive if I want, walk if I want - but he says - "remember the more you do and are on your foot, the longer it will take to heal and it might swell up."

For only 1 week in I think it is feeling very good.

When I got back home I called the vet for the results of the blood tests. He said everything looked normal but was still waiting for 1 more test. I told him that since we have lived in our new home, I caught her going out after Mandy and eating her poop!!! YUCK!!! Maybe she ate something that got attached to it. I gotta watch her butt very well today.

Ok I gotta go eat lunch now - maybe shirataki noodles with something...

Have a great day. This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Make Sure You Rest It...I'm Learning That FIrst Hand. But...Yaaaay...No Crutches!!!

    Poor Peaches...Keep Us Posted On The Results

  2. Sorry about the pup. I think there is some supplement that you can give dogs that eat poop. I remember seeing it somewhere and apparently it is a common problem. Glad you are healing well. Still take it easy so it doesn't swell up. I'll bet you are glad to put those crutches away!!I was trying to follow the 100 plan this week. Just to shake tihngs up a bit, and keeping my carbs lower than normal. I lost three pounds so I was happy. Two was my goal, so I'm not going to expect too much and then get frustrated and cheat if I don't set world records with weight loss. I'll take it a week at a time. Take care. XO!!

  3. Your headbands are adorable and I bet your baby will look so cute in them.
    DON'T do to much....you will regret it. Give yourself some time!
    I'm sorry about your pup, I'm sure you are worried. Hopefully it will be something that is easy to care for.

  4. Poor Peaches! I hope she is okay! The headbands for your Grandaughter are so cute! Glad to hear your foot is healing well.


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