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Monday, August 19, 2013

Tomorrow morning is "D" Day

Good Monday Morning to you,

For those of you that go to work, I'm sorry. For those of you that are like me and don't work, I'm also sorry. I know how lonely it gets for me being alone a lot but my kids are WAY grown and gone a long time ago.

I have not walked in - what is it? Today will be 7 days now. I have been grounded since my surgery last Tuesday and have not seen any other walls except these. Believe it or not, I get tired of just sitting around and keeping my foot up.

I have been hobbling around here fine for days now without my crutches. Don't need them at all - well maybe unless I went out. I have hobbled to the mailbox on the street twice. I know - don't yell at me!

Tomorrow morning is "D" Day - Doctor visit day. I will be glad to get this foot unwrapped and dressing changed. Maybe he will let me walk the dogs a little. Hubby has only taken them 3 times out of 7. He has been working a lot. But they just don't understand.

I'm pretty sure my weight is fine actually considering I just sit around 98% of the time. Its hard to tell since I have to get on the scale with the  boot on my foot. LOL

Yesterday I took all your advise and washed my hair in the bathtub, upside down. I thought it would be less space for me to fall down since I will be kneeling on the floor already.

I have not slept at all - all week. I just toss and turn from right to left, then repeat, repeat, repeat. I can not get comfortable at all. I think it might be the boot. He said to keep it on at all times cause I am NOT to put my foot on the floor without it on. SO you know how us older gals gotta get up and pee at least once or twice a night now - its best for me to keep it on.

Here's what I've been eating:
breakfast yesterday (Sunday) - toast with my beloved Alpine Valley 12 grain toast with cottage cheese and natures hollow preserves on top, turkey bacon and a few berries.
 Lunch was pizzas made on my cauliflower-cheese-pancakes, 2 creamcheese-cookies and a couple strawberries.
 Dinner was a spinach salad and 2 protein bites and readywhip.

So my daughter emailed me some patterns she saw online and I downloaded one and started making my grandbaby-Chloe some flowered headbands. I am making them with ties since I don't know exactly the perfect size and the flowers to tie on also so she can inter-change them. Got 2 band and 2 flowers done so far.
 Breakfast this morning was Oatmeal-protein pancakes.
I'm pretty sure the pain pills have worn off now - I am not having that problem as bad. So that's good news.

Well I really have nothing else to say - besides I don't think anyone is reading lately except for the fearless-Few of us that continue on with this and NEVER give UP. Activity is NIL. I can see the traffic numbers here on my blogger dashboard and its embarrassing actually compared to like a year ago.

Have a GREAT Day. Go walk somewhere for me and then come back here and tell me about your walk. :-)

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Here's hoping that you get that boot off and can walk a bit tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Love the little headbands. I'm sure they will look s cute on the grandbaby. So I am trying something new. As a daily and sometimes two or three times weigher (is that a word??LOL) each day, I decided to really weigh in once a week and that's it for awhile. I think I play games, if I'm down a bit, I might get a little sloppy with the eating and if I'm up a bit, I get depressed. So we'll see I that helps me. I think once I ever get to maintenance weighing daily like you do is the way to go, but I'm just trying something new to shake things up a bit. Our little blogging group has really shrunk. But you know what, I need to keep connected for me, so I will always check in. Don't feel I have much to blog about on my page though. Live is kind of boring right now, and I don't mind a bit! Sending love and hugs! XO!!

  2. I don't know what to tell you about the blog numbers. It feels like no one reads my blog. Actually, I think I had 11 hits today, which is pretty small, but no comments.

  3. I always read your blog though I seldom comment...I admire you in so many ways, especially your persistence. I had a bad year or two, but now I am doing better. I find that grain free is easier for me than limited grains. Grains make me binge. I am getting Glaucoma surgery at the beginning of Sept...like you I will also have limited activity for awhile. I'm not looking forward to it, but it's all part of life. Sylvia

  4. Praying your Dr. visit goes well! I went to the gym tonight for the first time in ages. Trying to boost the weight loss a bit. It's been 2 weeks on BFC and I'm down about 10 pounds but I had to buy a new scale so that may not be precisely accurate. I have soooooooooo far to go and want this tonage gone YESTERDAY! ! I have a boyfriend now and really want to look and feel good around him. (He is 12 yrs younger than me!!) Your blog is so encouraging. Please don't stop posting!! Not sure why more peeps don't try this plan. I think it is divine!

  5. Rosalie...you really are amazing! When I grow up I want to be like you! Just kidding cause I think I'm a year older than you are! BUT you really are amazing the way you've gotten all prepared for this "event" in your life with your foot. I can only dream of being more prepared. Typically I am flying by the seat of my pants! Lol! You keep on keeping on with your blog, which I always look forward to reading! I know others appreciate it too, even though you don't see many remarks, but again thank you! I for one would be sad not to have it.
    I LOVE the headbands you're making for your sweet Chloe! I know your daughter will be thrilled!
    Hoping you will be back on your feet soon and walking with your doggies...and getting some much needed sleep!
    ~ Francie ~


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