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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Feeling Tired and Grouchy...

Good Morning Friends,

I have not blogged in a few days - well honestly because I see very little activity. Remember when I took off the anonymous commenting? Then I put it back now - well I think I probably delete at least 10-15 stupid comments from other websites trying to sneak in their web address. They sneak them in very old posts - so those of you that blog be aware.

Hubby and I have been running around a lot the past couple days. I hate that, being in a car - going from place to place in traffic and having to eat at a fast food place where the stuff tastes like crap!

Oh-Geeze - can you tell I feel kind of grouchy? I am still very tired and moody - probably from hormones maybe. I still have tons of stuff to do around here.

This morning I have to take my Peaches to the vet. Remember she had surgery to remove some bumps? Well there is more back now and I can tell they itch her bad on her back where she can't reach. And she has puss coming out of her eye. Mandy is fine though. I keep telling Hubby I don't like leaving them outside in the day when we have to go somewhere because of #1 the coyotes and #2 all the weeds and prickers in the back which we have not cleaned up yet. He does not want to pay someone and I just haven't had the time. There is like a zillion back there. We also need to secure the fencing better and higher so hopefully the coyotes won't get in. All this makes me very nervous.

I am running out of food and have to go shopping hopefully today later. We live much further from Sprouts and Sams club now.

My breakfast the past 3 days;

Kale, mushrooms and eggs with toast and coconut butter
 a muffin I make with the 3 flours with coconut butter on top and a few blackberries.
 And this morning was toast and coconut butter, strawberry Nature's hollow on top and a few blackberries.
Yesterday for lunch we stopped at Carls Jr and I had some chicken strips and about 1/2 an order of fried zucchini - blachy
The day before we stopped at McDonalds and had a quarter pounder wrapped in lettuce and it was horrible and I had a few of his fries.
Dinner has been at home maybe some broccoli, brussel sprouts and some turkey medallions and 2 of those cheesecake cookies for desert.

Well gotta go take my furry girl to the doggy fixer upper.

Have a nice day. This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I hope the Vet fixes Peaches up and that your grouchiness goes away. Maybe when you get your shopping done, you'll feel better :)

  2. Awe - poor Peaches.

    Does Carls Jr have fried zucchini? I never eat it for anything other then breakfast. Will have to see what's on the menu around here.

  3. I can't imagine having to worry about coyote's, although I have been told we do have some around and also bobcat's. That seems crazy right here in our little town with so much hustle and bustle all around! Your coconut butter looks so good Rosalie! I really want to try my hand at that. Thanks for all your great ideas! ~ Francie ~

  4. You have a right to be tired! You have had a stressful time....give yourself a hug! And go to the store:) I don't like being in the car driving around at all, but it is one of those things I have to get used to if I want to leave the house. I know you have a million times more traffic than we do.
    Feel better soon:)

  5. I think we all have days when we are little off. You have had a quite a bit on your plate & those coyotes would make me go insane !! Hope the vet visit goes well & your mood picks up !!

  6. I love your blog. I read it all the time. You are the real deal and your stories are so engaging. I'm not sure how to reply other than anonymous. God Bless and good luck in your new home.

    1. To Reply Other Than Anonymous..SigN Up/Join The Blog...

  7. I'm SO sorry that having the "anonymous" in your drop down box causes such aggravation. I'm happy that I can comment but sure don't want to cause you pain in any way. :(

    I would worry about those darned coyotes too. Hopefully raising the fence in the backyard will solve the issue.

    Do you think sweet little Peaches might have gotten one of those prickly things in her eye?

    Sure hope her Vet visit turned out well.

    You are the best! Thanks for all that you do for all of us through your blog. I love your recipes and I love all of the info that you share with us.

    You are THE best, Rosalie! :)

    Linda in Western NC :)

  8. We all have days (or weeks) where grumpy wins... it will all be ok! ;)

  9. hi rosalie just read your blog i think we all have those days when were off alittle. Just take it slow with the house stuff make a list of things that are very important, important, and can wait till u get there. I know how ya feel I've moved so many times and thought I'd never get the house together. the house will be there no matter what. sorry to hear about your dog hope everything goes well. try not to stress to much. try to have a good weekend.

  10. Look you deserve to be grumpy after all you've been through...and tired too. Cut yourself a break and don't get down on yourself. This too shall pass!! Hope you feel the blog love coming through the internet!! XO!!

  11. Don't be so hard on yourself-- you deserve to be feeling a little off and grumpy- you are tired! Moving is a lot of work. You do a great job on your eating in the midst of all the chaos from moving, and that is an encouragement to me. Thanks for your blog.

  12. Totally Understand Where You Are Coming From. Keep Us Updated...HOpe Peaches Gets Better


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