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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Don't not Can't....

Good Morning Friends,

I wanted to say thanks for all the Cyber Love. I really felt it yesterday and appreciate it.

I saw on Facebook I think from a nutritionist guy this that I wanted to share;

When someone offers you food that you know you cannot eat, we always say;
"Oh sorry but I can't eat that"
He said that we should take control and power over ourselves and answer this way instead;
"Oh sorry but I DON'T eat that"
By saying Don't instead of can't we take power over ourselves and it then becomes a personal choice that we have made.

So from now on - Say; I DON'T eat That!

And Remember that we can NEVER go back to the way we ate before.

Healthy for LIFE!!
In case any of you didn't see this picture I put on FaceBook yesterday, here is some of the gorgeous views I get to see everyday at our new house when walking with my furry girls.

So I took Peaches to the vet and of course Mandy came along for moral support. $264 later and a gel to put in her eyes, a pill and special wipes and medicine for the bumps - twice a day.
 see her eye on the right
 Mandy - had to take her picture too - she was getting jealous.
 This is what she looked like all over top and bottom. They shaved and cleaned every bump. Poor baby.
This morning already her eye looks so much better.

I called a locksmith over to the house to re-key all the locks. He is here right now, its $35 service charge and only $8 per lock. Not bad I think for a piece of mind.

We have a septic tank over here and I called someone to tell me if I need to have it emptied? or what I need to do to maintenance it. What can I put in the toilet or not? Women s monthly products for instance or wipes that say you can - should I put them in?? I have no idea what to do for a septic tank. Waiting for the call.

Hubby is working day shift today then nights the next 3 nights. Today I HOPE I will get over to the stores. I still have so much stuff to do here, unpack nic-nacs, books, and decide where to put everything and Hang PICTURES!! Plus I still have 2 windows to sew and shorten the curtains

This is a pretty window in the living room but the afternoon sun comes in big-time, so I have some sheer gold material I am going to make some sheers for.
 This is the dining room window that used to have shutters. I know it is dark but these are very pretty curtains I had made for our other house and they are WAY too long - so I have to hem them too.
This is what the material looks like close up. It is gold by the way.
And the bedroom ones I have not done yet.

Well I guess I can get started sewing while the lock guy is here.

Have a nice day - This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I am so HAPPY that you are feeling good.Glad to hear Peaches is better today ! Both your furry girls are adorable :)

    We have a septic tank at our place up north. I personally don't put femimine products or flushable wipes in the toilet. Just pee, poo & vomit ! LOL

    Sounds like you are a busy gal with all your unpacking & sewing. The fabric is pretty.

    Have a great day & thank you for being an great resource & support with all the BFC !

  2. Rosalie - I think it's great that you put personal touches in your house with your sewing skills!

    Beautiful views of the landscape around you.

  3. Glad you are doing well today, and that you are enjoying your new housework. Have a great day!

  4. I like that....Don't! Don't! I have to remember to tell myself that!!!! 22 times to break a habit?!?!

    Poor Peaches...so, what did the doctor say was wrong? And, what are those itchy bumps?? My Lhasa's would grow fatty tumors as they became senior in age. But they didn't bother the dogs.

    When you are done doing your home, you can come do mine. Sigh. 10 years in this house and we still haven't done much to it.

    1. He said it was some kind of fungal infection or reaction and he said with the meds and creams it should go away. We shall see.
      I would love to sew you something :-)

  5. Hi rosalie glad your feeling better today it must have been a load off your mind to know your dog will be ok. I also seen that article and I had the chance tonight to use the phrase that I don't eat certain things. I was invited to my daughters for dinner she does eat kinda healthy but dosent check sugar or anything just I suppose calories. but i went to store and bought some stuff to add to what she had that I wanted to eat. so I had a nice dinner anyway. Have a good night and hang in there.

  6. Glad you are feeling better. I think that is a great price for the locksmith. Really cheap! I don't know much about septic systemsnow, but I think you have to be careful about feminine products and stuff like that. I had one growing up and it was a revelation to me when I had public sewer that I could flush tampons and such. Never could do that growing up. Best to check with a professional so you know for sure. I guess it could be expensive if you have a clog. Love the curtains. You are so handy with your sewing. I'm sure there is alot to do to get settled in, but take your time and make sure you take time to rest and relax a little. XO!!

  7. I saw that same article about don't or can't. I liked it too.
    Cute pups! Keep posting pictures, it's fun to see the new digs!


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