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Monday, January 28, 2013

What's UP??

HI All,

Not much going on over here. It finally stopped raining and is a nice clear sky today but it will be cool, under 60. Yeah that's cool for us. Sorry.

My breakfast yesterday;
egg whites scrambled with greens and a little cheese, 1/4 avocado, berries and 2 small size wheat smart and delicious tortilla with cheese.
 I waited for Hubby to get up and tried to be quiet. He has been working a lot of night shifts lately. Then he wanted to go to the movies and we saw Broken City the one with Mark Wahlberg and Russel Crow. It was good. I put 2 low fat cheeses and 12 turkey pepperonis in a baggie in my purse and ate that and some popcorn. SHHH but we snuck into The Last Stand with Arnold. It was Very good surprisingly.

When I got home it was 5pm and I took the furry girls for a quick 1.1 mile walk.

Then I seemed to get a bit shakey so I found something to make. I made some more of those Cauliflower-cheese-jalapeno-muffins. I just winged it with what I had and put in some bacon bits this time and only about 1 cup of cheese. http://purplerosy.blogspot.com/2013/01/cauliflower-cheese-jalapeno-muffins.html
I ate 2 for my dinner and some protein bites and rediwhip for desert.

I read some article about how not getting enough sleep can cause us to gain weight. NO DUH? Right? I know sleep is important but I can't seem to get any lately no matter what I do. All I know is I feel tired and all this stuff on my mind that's keeping me up is just feeling worse from the lack of sleep. BLAH!

I see why so many people start blogging and then eventually wind up stopping. Sometimes you can't think of anything worth wild to say. Then when you do, most times you get little to no comments. Then we get some comments we don't like at times also.

So for any of you that are reading this today, Make sure to join my friends blogs on the list to the right. If you ARE reading this blog and theirs, Please leave any kind of comment to let us all know that you are there.

My last post I put that it had been 3 years for me eating this way now and 2 years of keeping the weight off. Not even a BOO. Oh well...

This is PurpleRosy signing off...


  1. Hi Rosalie!
    Still reading here! Congrats on your three year anniversary, you are doing great! I have trouble sleeping too. Just can't shut my mind off sometimes even when I'm so tired. I read somewhere that GABA (it's an amino acid)helps with that, so I tried it and it does really seem to help me fall asleep. I bought mine on Amazon

  2. BOO! Congrats on 3 years, that is fantastic! I love your blog, you always have something intersting to tell us.
    I'm here everyday!

  3. Hi- I'm still reading too! We have a snow day here in MI. The first in 2 years so everyone is celebrating! I want to bake and might make some of those cookies you posted with the jelly in the middle. I have been doing really well without any baked goods but on a day like this I want to make something. So glad I have lots of recipes to try when I want to.

  4. Im here too, and read every blog on your side wall!! Just started to comment more but you and Kay have inspired me to try this BFC, been doing for a wk or so but also my time of month so I hold water so scale not dropping yet :-( and I feel puffy...yuck! But I notice after dinner my desire for something sweet is going away!!! That's awesome for me!

  5. Hey Rosalie! I read your blog almost every day...it really helps me so much! I should comment more but I sometimed feel so down about my weight loss...but your blog helps me and encourages me not to ever quit. I know I will never go back to eating sugar again but I just keep wondering what the heck is keeping me from losing! Then I wonder if I should try another low carb diet, except that I'm so used to the way this one works. Ugh! So sorry...guess I'm rambling now. Thank you again for all you do for us BFCers.

  6. Actually after all meals!!! I always eat,then right after think hmmm not satisfied yet, so have to have something sweet to complete meal, now I don't care as much!!! Today tho Im already at about 16g sugar :-( but that will be all for me today, so over by 1g I guess isn't too bad?

  7. I think I got wrapped up in my thoughts over on my blog because I really meant to respond to that post - darn it. I did email you though and told you I think you're an amazing person :) You should be so proud of yourself. You have defied the odds (you know that right??). A very small percentage of people can actually lose any weight and very few of them can keep it off (I have stats on that somewhere). You have done both girl! Woot Woot! You are committed and consistent - it's awesome :) You are still my inspiration - because you prove it can be done.

  8. I'm sorry Rosalie, of course that is awesome that you've kept at this for three years AND kept all the weight off!! I really mean that! It's been almost two years for me and I'm STILL not where I want to be so I can certainly appreciate your perseverance.
    As for the sleep, I was taking way too many Tylenol PM's and decided that to get healthy I can't take them anymore - you know it was also probably screwing up my weight loss. Melatonin didn't help me before, but I started reading more about it and realized you CAN take more then the recommended amount and it does not hurt you. I've read as we get older we stop producing as much Melatonin in our bodies as we use to, and it's what helps regulate our sleep/wake cycle. I now take 6g of Melatonin before bed and it actually makes me sleepy after a little while and I'm able to sleep either all night or I wake up and am able to fall back asleep on my own(never could before). I've heard some people need 9g of Melatonin before it works for them. I think you also tried it before, but maybe not enough of a dose. Congrats again!

  9. I have been reading too. I love your blog and it keeps me going. I have been doing bfc since the fall but have backtracked since my vacation and the snow this weekend. But today is a new week and I am back to it.

  10. Hi Rosalie,
    I've been following you and Amber for over 6 months. I'm a working mom with 4 children who lost 50 lbs doing Somersizing 8 years ago. Each time I gain a few lbs I visit your blog and Ambers to help inspire me to stay healthy through all the temptations that I have raising children and caring for a husband who can eat abolutely anything and still be the hottest husband in our town. I search your archives regulary for recipe ideas and for motivational support. I congradulate you on your 3 year anniversary. You have to be so proud of this AMAZING accomplishment! Thank you for doing what you do. You inspire me and others.

    1. Michelle, I did Somersizing too - many years ago. I could not keep up with the food combining. It was what got me interested in the BFC originally.

  11. I was just looking at your before and after pic above and I'm so in awe of your success. I have 30 I want to lose (was 20 then went on a steroid and now 30) and I find even 5lbs so tough to lose!!!! You are such an inspiration...you, Kay and Amber... For some reason I can't access Amber's blog though?? It keeps saying operation aborted, so weird!

  12. I read your blog every day too. I always appreciate how you take the time to tell us about your life. You are a very grounded person. I love how much you appreciate the simple things in life; walks, movies, friends etc. I had a thought regarding sleep, maybe someone has already suggested it but, massage and bodywork can really help with sleep. It gets you into a deeply restful state. Sometimes it's hard to sleep when you don't feel like you can relax. I'd say it's def worth the money for a few massages if you think it would be doable. That's what I do when life gets too hectic and it starts affecting my sleep. I looove your breakfasts and someday soon I'm gonna make your hazelnut butter!

  13. I have been reading your blog for over a year! I am down 77 lbs, following the original BFC. I LOVE your protein bites, and the pizzas! Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Wow that's amazing Shereen! I love to hear the success on bfc since I'm starting it and so afraid I will gain, only because of the food we can eat. It's the most unrestrictive plan I've ever been on!! Love it!

    2. Holy cow Shereen! That IS amazing! Good for you :)

  14. Rosalie, just wanted to let you know I read every blog you write even though I don't comment. Have you ever seen a doctor about natural hormone replacements that are compounded creams. They could help you with everything including sleep. You may need to get your hormones straightened out. I work in a compounding pharmacy and we know it helps lots of women.

  15. Big oops on my part...I have been missing in action and didn't stop by to say Congrats! on 3yrs on this amazing journey. So here it is late but true - Congratulations on creating a healthy way of caring for yourself through all the ups and downs life hands us. You are the queen of consistency! You are an inspiration to so many :-) Thank you and congratulations and achieving 3yrs!

  16. Don't leave, I'm here and I read you faithfully every day! BTW, can I substitute almond flour for the coconut flour in the cauliflower-cheese-jalapeno muffins?

  17. Congrats Rosalie on three years!! What an example you are to all of us. I ALWAYS look forward to reading your posts - never boring and always very inspiring... Keep us the great work :)


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