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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Not Yet...

Hi Good Morning Friends,

Just wanted to do a quick post. Its actually supposed to be 90 today.I am going to hang out with Maria today. Maybe go to lunch at the Green Street Cafe in Pasadena. They have great salads there. We'll see.

Yesterday morning Hubby was supposed to work the day shift but took it off so we could try to take care of this house CRAP!! I made us a eggs and toast breakfast first.
I swear, I was getting so Pissed. Super frustrated with the incompetence of  these idiot listing agents we have been dealing with. They are the ones negotiating the Short-sale and just screwing all of it up. Well them and the IDIOTS in the escrow office that their Broker owns and we had to use.

It was supposed to fund and record and close by now - but Nope! After running around we got home and walked the dogs. Yeah he actually went with me and Hell did NOT freeze over yet. Go figure. We walked thru this wash area the said no trespassing and I told him we should not walk thru there because some people told me thats where some of the bad-gang people hang out and do drugs and stuff. Of course he puffs up and says "You are with me - so its OK - I'm a FIREMAN" That always gives me a chuckle when he acts tough. A big teddy bear is all he is.

Whatever.  So as we are walking thru I see written on the ground in 2 placed "KINGS". Remember a neighbor told me not to walk 2 blocks south anymore cause thats where the gang called the Kings live. I wasn't even south we were just 1 block west - scary huh? I will be glad and feel much better to be away from here.

We were at home last night around 8:30 and he gets a email from the lender for us to look up some more CRAP and email it over. AGAIN!! I thought we were all set to fund at 8am Monday morning and possibly record and close on Monday also. Well - YISH!!

May I just say that all this house stuff is causing us so much stress and it could be why I am still up a couple lbs. I would NOT recommend anyone to buy a short sale EVER or even get a loan now a days. It is so much more difficult and invasive now. Not like it used to be when they were doing illegal stuff with the loans. LOL - Almost over - then the work for me comes.
 I ran out of butter yesterday so I made a new batch this morning while I was fixing my breakfast. It's super easy and I really don't see why any of us should buy it ever again.

SERIOUSLY! If you don't have one - BUY a food processor. You will use it much more than you think. It was worth every penny and then some that I paid for it. I use it all the time now that I eat healthy.
Breakfast this morning was Cream-cheese-protein pancakes with Natures hollow on 1 and coconut butter on the other. I use 2 oz of cream cheese softened and 1 tb of chia seeds, 2 eggs and 1 scoop of protein pwdr.

Well I should go get ready to leave now. Everyone have a nice Saturday and a nice Mother's Day tomorrow.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Oh Rosalie, I will be so happy for you when this whole thing gets done! I know getting our refinance done a couple of months ago was crazy too. My thoughts are with you!
    If it makes you feel in good company, I think I am up too, I just choose not to prove it by standing on the scale!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. My goodness what a crazy stressful time for you! Hopefully the house will be yours within the next few days, fingers crossed! The pancakes sound good and now that I have some vanilla protein powder I'm going to try them. Happy Mothers Day Rosalie!

  3. Buying a house under regular circumstances is very stressful to me, I don't think I could handle what you've had to put up with. Hang in there!!

  4. Hope you get this stuff done soon. ;( Happy Mother's day

  5. Happy Mother's Day Rosalie!! Hope you're enjoying your day and that as a gift, the house closes on MONDAY!! Hopefully this will all be over soon and you'll be in your new home
    taking photos to show all of your blog friends!! :) Love ya!

  6. How crazy about all your house stuff, I hope it all sorts out quickly it's been such a long go for you guys. Happy Mother's Day!!! I hope you had a wonderful day, you are such an awesome person and I appreciate you so much :) And congrats on your new grand-baby on the way :)

  7. I hope this house stuff is resolved today for you. I can just imagine how stressful this is for you. Hang in there! XO!


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