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Friday, September 7, 2012

Pics for you...

Hello All,

I took some pictures today. The place is very small but it will be our home for 1 year at least. I spent a lot of time today hanging pictures and unpacking nic-nacs. There was just not enough room for all of it so I had to put pictures in the back of the closet so they will stay clean.
The gate to get in
The front of the house and the red car is my huyndai and the blue one is his new-used mini
There is a nice fenced in part where the doggie door goes out to and the yard goes to the right for the dogs.
The tiny living room - we have no idea what to do to make anything fit
Dining room - notice the chairs at the table? A few years ago I re-upholstered them each in a different fabric.
Tiny kitchen with a small bar for 2 stools
The 3rd bedroom we are gonna use for an office. Oh and by the way  the dogs absolutely LOVE the doggie door, Even the Rat now. They all 3 just go willy-nilly in and out as they please.
OK don't laugh but this is the master bath. Notice the tub for old people from the commercials on TV? I am gonna try it soon. So we don't use that for a shower at all. 
This is the 2nd bath and yes it has a shower. LOL
The extra room - I am almost ready to make the bed but there is boxes all around.
The master bedroom, sorry I didn't notice the bed is not made. Hubby has to work night shift the next 4 nights and took a nap before work. To the right is the big closet. It is creepy cause in all 3 rooms the closets have mirrors. I am not used to turning over and seeing someone in the room. 
When I go out the gate to walk with the girls this is the view I get. We are very close to the mountains now. Pretty
There is lots of nice sidewalks for us to walk.
I like the house. To me its very nice, but hubby says he is embarrassed about what happened. He says we don't have a house. I told him that people will understand about making a bad decision or a mistake and they won't care at all. I don't know how long it will take him to let go.
My breakfast this morning
 Lunch Hubby brought me a burger wrapped in lettuce cause I was working around the house so much.

Snack was a cheese and a handful of almonds.
OK - so I am out of snacks and nut butters. I am gonna die for sure - so I made some lemon cheesecake muffins and this time I cut out some parchment paper and put in the bottom of each and also sprayed with pam so they would not stick.

I also made some more hazelnut butter. I put some 1 t pumpkin spice, 1  1/2 t cocoa, 1 t expresso powder, 1/2 t vanilla, 1 tb natures hollow syrup and 2 tb macadamia nut oil. OMG it was awesome!!

Both recipes on the recipe tab...

Me and the furry girls went for a walk.

Dinner was a spinach salad and some wings. As I am typing I am looking at the picture above and really-really want one of those right now. LOL Either one will do - OH I know - I will put some of the hazelnut butter on top of a 86% chocolate square. YUM

Well have a nice day tomorrow. And thanks for listening to me as usual.

This is PurpleRosy signing off.

My thought for the day:

Your Dreams

Your Dreams Positive QuoteMost people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second. Give your dreams all you’ve got and you’ll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I think your house looks lovely! I can't believe how set up you have it already. That walk-in bathtub is exactly what my mom could use! Love the fireplace in the living room and LOVE the views of the mountains for your walks! The advantage of a smaller house is that they are much more manageable in terms of cleaning and stuff. I have to make some more snacks today too, the guys ate all of mine!

  2. Beth, so true - I've threatened my husband a few times that we're going to sell our house and buy a smaller one so I'll have less house to up keep :)

    I LOVE your place Rosalie! It looks so nice - you've done a quick job of getting things set up. Your husband needs to let it go ... a year will fly by. With the current economic state of the US, I think lots of people are in situations they aren't happy with. This too shall pass :) I say enjoy your cosy place and keep looking toward the future. Trust me ... I am the "Queen of Regret" and it's just awful. I am trying so hard to let things go (weirdly, my new eating style has allowed me to get over some of those issues). Life is far too short (getting shorter by the day) to hang on to that stuff. I hope you have a nice weekend. It's pouring rain here all day so my son's baseball tournament is on hold.

    You’ve made me think of cheesecake (again) :)

  3. I think your house is great! I really want to downsize our home and I would love to live in a gated community! It will help you to decide how big you want to go when you do buy a home. You make the best of things and I think that is an awesome trait!
    You go girl:)

  4. I made the cheesecakes last night for the first time in a LONG time. I love them so much! The kids love that we are eating dessert for breakfast. :)


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