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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Feeling Better...

Good Morning Friends,

Wow this morning is the first time in MONTHS that I feel kind of half way human. I think I got a little sleep the last 2 nights cause my eyes are not a swollen. I seriously looked like someone beat the living shit out of me every day for about 2 months now.

I finally got 95% of everything put away the best I could in such small quarters. I like that it's small but have nowhere to put stuff. I stuffed a bunch of things under the bed in the extra room and in the closet. LOL I finally vacuumed and mopped the floors yesterday and it did not take that long.

During all the such stressful time my weight actually got up to 153 that's 5lbs heavier than my 90lb loss low. I know a lot of that had to do with being depressed and stressed and I spent a lot of time laying on the couch in my down time because I got no sleep and was tired all the time. I did not eat bad at all to make me gain.

This morning my weight was at 147.5. I feel much better with my weight being between 145-150. At my height of 5' 7" I think no smaller than that or I would look too skinny.

You know when you were as big as me for so long and you lose so much weight like I did, don't expect to feel so great about your body all the time. There will be places on your body where the skin just will never go back all the way.

I got lucky and don't have flabs of skin, but some of you may. Just FYI.
I will never wear a bikini - my tummy has some lose skin under the belly button.
My thighs will always look fat no matter what I do - because they used to be twice the size they are now.
To me my feet will always look fat - LOL - I hate feet.
Under the arms - sometimes they wave a bit, but not much on mine.

Just be prepared to not look as perfect as you want even after you lose all the weight you want and that might make you to want to go past the goal you set for yourself. DON'T do it!!

Remember the post I made a while back where I told you that if you don't like the way you look naked in the mirror - put your clothes back on and look again?? Well just do that - trust me...

What I ate yesterday:
 Breakfast; eggs scrambled with cheese and baby spinach, turkey bacon and oasis toast with butter and the hazelnut butter I made.
 Lunch; was tuna w/mayo, feta cheese, 1/2 avocado cut up, green olives w/jalapenos cut up and 1/2 cucumber sliced.

snack about 1 hour later was a lemon cheesecake muffin w/raspberry nature's hollow on top.

dinner was chicken and broccoli and some chocolate-chip clemmy's for desert. I actually ate it directly out of the carton which is a big no-no cause it is hard to stop, but I only ate 1/4 of it and put it back. that is 1/2 cup. I stopped and had some water and realized if I kept going I would have gotten a tummy ache no matter how good I thought it tasted.

Thanks for listening to me and Have a great Sunday!!

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

There is no real trick to losing weight or keeping it off. Just always remember - no matter what is happening in your life - who you are around - where you are - what holiday it is - or what excuse there is -

DON'T CHEAT - Don't sway - Don't stop eating the way that got you there - that's all...
Remember my 1-3 bite rule.
Which one would you rather be??


  1. I HATE fee too. I think they are disgusting!!!

    I have a flabby tummy still, but I have about 12 more pounds to lose to reach my goal- hopefully some of that will go away.

    I picked up Clemmy's yesterday at Sprouts and then put it back. Sprouts is about 25 minutes away and I figured it would melt by the time I got home. Oh well.

    1. Lisa, I carry a cooler bag in my car and if I know I might get something that needs to stay cold I throw an ice pack in there on my way out. It's great in warm weather to keep things from melting :)

  2. If it makes you feel any better, Dr. Phinney said every healthy normal adult has a natural weight swing of plus or minus 4 pounds. Sleep is SO important to weight loss and our overall health. It's a lesson I keep having to learn myself ... argh. Under my arms is pretty jiggly I was just noticing that ... sure hope it doesn't get jigglier :)

  3. I so glad your getting some sleep..thanks for the honesty check! it will be helpful as I reduce...still have 50lbs to go. It's good to know others are having the same effects, then I won't be so hard on myself and I can feel successful in what I have accomplished.

  4. YaY for sleep! Sounds like maybe you've made a turn and things are settling in! LOTS of stressful stuff for you over the last several months so it's time for the tide to change in the positive direction! :-)

  5. Always great to read your blog because it puts things in perspective... so true about our bodies. I hate that we have the "perfect" body in our faces everywhere we turn in the grocery stores, but realizing that isn't real either... as women we all battle with the same stuff, but to me, I feel I'm the only one at times and I feel very selfish and obsessed about it until I read others that struggle with body image also. For the past few months I've totally fallen off the wagon and haven't been able to get my bearings... but I won't give up. Thanks for always encouraging!!!

  6. So Rosalie u lost the weight by eating less than the 120g carbs Jorge allows on bfc, correct? Because that seems like a lot of carbs if trying to lose fat?


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