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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why of Why don't I ever listen to myself??

Hi Everybody,

Well I learned something very valuable yesterday. You know how I am always saying that we are all different and what works for some of us might not work for all?? And we have to figure out what will work best for each of us individually??
Why of Why don't I ever listen to myself?? I realized where I went wrong Monday when I spent all day on the 1rst test and failed twice.

I remember 5 years ago when I was studying to get my Real Estate license Hubby did his first about 3 months before me. He got books to study with and tons of test Q & A about 300 of them to study with. He said to just read the question and memorize the correct answer. That's how he did it and passed that way but he did have to take it twice. Most people don't pass the first time.

I took a couple extra months of studying day and night. He kept telling me to study his way - I kept telling him I am not like that. I have to read the question, understand what I read, then understand why that is the right answer to that question. It took me longer before I was ready to take the big 3 hour exam.

I remember crying the day before the exam saying that I was dumb and couldn't remember any of the answers and I was gonna fail. He told me to get there early and just relax and not look at my notes or study any more - just show up early.

They give you your test, 1 pencil, 1 piece of paper for notes, and you are allowed a calculator and nothing else is allowed on the top of the table. I remember that I started taking the like 200 question exam and realized that I knew mostly all the answers. I finished in 1.5 hours instead of 3 way ahead of tons of others. There was about 500 people in this HUGE auditorium room. I left with a big smile on my face and just knew I passed. I could feel it.

You don't know the results right away or even what you got wrong just if you pass or fail and you have to wait a few weeks to find out. We were in Macy's on December 26th I remember, shopping and Hubby checked on his phone for me to see if I passed or not. I PASSED and was jumping up and down and screaming right there in the store!!!

OK - my point.....
If I would have just remembered on Monday that I have to study my way and we both do it so differently  instead of listening to him by doing it his way - I probably wouldn't have failed twice and got so disappointed and angry and acted like the Exorcist. Seriously - it wasn't a pretty site.

I woke up hoping that all the stupid wore off of me over night. Knowing that I was alone all day and had peace and quiet. I ate a good breakfast and logged on. Looked at the list and went to the bottom - the class was Risk Management, I figured I'll do that one and In 3.5 hours I was done and passed the big exam at the end with 85% I think.

Ate lunch - tuna mixed w/avocado, feta cheese and mayo on my Oasis bread.
So it was around 1:30 and I went to do another one on the list that was called Trust Fund Handling. I was like - MONEY!! I am great with money - I got this. I took that class and finished in 3 hours and passed the big exam with 90%. Only 3 more to go and then I can renew my license and help Hubby with loans when he passes his loan exam. I am scared of the first one though and I will re-do that one LAST!!

I might have got 100% on them but I didn't listen to my first instinct.
I second guessed myself on a few of the questions and that's where I went wrong.
My breakfast this morning the other 3 pumpkin pancakes with natures hollow on top, turkey bacon and a few berries..

Ok I'm off to try another class. Wish me no more dumbness, not luck. LOL

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I'm like you, I have to know "why" something is the wrong answer. Good for you! I knew you were my smart friend Rosalie!!!

  2. Yeah Rosalie!! Sending "no more dumbness" thoughts your way today :) My weight is slowly inching down this week and I enjoyed one of your cheesecake muffins for breakfast.

  3. You will be fine. Listen to yourself. :) I have the same problem sometimes. Wait, lots of times. :)

  4. You're doing great! Trust your gut instinct and you'll continue doing good.

  5. Good luck...I know you can do it! Sounds like you have found your pace.


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