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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Few Good Things...

Hello Friends,

Well a couple of good things to tell you about this morning.
First - I think, well I am hoping that the owls are finally gone at night. I have not heard them for a couple of days now. Woo - Hoo. Fingers crossed on that one for sure.

Second - I woke up this morning and after about a week and a half I can lift my right leg now. My hip doesn't hurt any more just a little ache. I guess I must have pulled something or pinched a nerve like some of you said. I tend to sit on the couch Indian style a lot with my laptop on my lap while I watch TV - well - just because I can now. LOL. I could never do that before BFC. I think I sat the wrong way one time for too long.

I am always trying to get Hubby to try or taste the stuff I make and mostly all the time he says no. But sometimes he does try stuff. Yesterday we were going out to look at some other houses for sale in our area just to see if there is something better since we have to wait until after July 20th to re-do the loan, and I noticed he had 2 of those Chocolate Almond Protein Bites I made the other day on a napkin.
I tried to get him to eat one before that and he said no not now. I don't want one. So I was driving and he started eating one and I kept looking at him to get his reaction and finally he smiled and looked at me and said, and I quote "THESE ARE THE BOMB"

When ever I bake some healthy sweet stuff he takes some in to the FD for his guys to taste and 1/2 the time they don't like it. Too Healthy!! But yesterday he took one square for each of them to taste and he calls me around 6:30pm when he started work at 6, only 30 minutes later and says: " are you sitting down? And I was like yeah (I thought he was gonna tell me something good about the loan for the new house) They LOVED them!! And said they would buy them in a second!!"  He said I should not post the recipe and I told him it's not mine and of course I will share. Anyway - Just FYI - yes they are that good.

What I ate yesterday:
Breakfast; 2 oasis low carb sprouted flaxseed bread - toast w/butter and peanut butter, 2 eggs and berries.
Man I love my peanut butter toast and I put the berries on top - yum!

Lunch we were running around and we went to my favorite lunch place; Chipotle and I had a salad w/lettuce, black beans, carnitas or pork for all non-spanish people, a little sour cream, cheese, guacamole and of course HOT sauce and water w/lemon.

dinner was the favorite thing of mine to eat when I am always alone and don't know what to eat;
A spinach salad and some buffalo wings and rediwhip for desert.

Well that's it for now - big Hugs for you. And don't forget to visit my friends blogs on the list below.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:


stationHappiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling. 

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)

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  1. I am glad that things are looking up! Yay!!!
    We joined Costco again so we bought Hot Wings in honor of you. I haven't had a chance to eat them yet though.
    We finally have sun today so maybe, just maybe, I can get out of my funk!
    Did you see Rock of Ages?

    1. I did not see that one - hubby didn't want to, but we did see "that's my boy" the Adam Sandler one. It was kind of crude so if you can get past that and give it a chance it was funny and even had a story - but crude so not for kids. Maybe I will go see that one this next weekend - I will let you know. :-)

  2. Curious to what kind of host sauce you get at Chipotle - I had the one they offer for their salsa and found it had too much added sugar (of course found at after the meal) when I checked their website. It made me sad, because I LOVE Chipotle. Not sure what to substitute in its place.

    1. I figure the salad has about 5/1. I use the spicy one. Remember that I am in maintenance now, so maybe if you leave off the sour cream, then you can have some salsa. Of course no Corn :-)

  3. Glad the owls are gone and that your hip is better I bet the cross legged sitting on the sofa may be the problem. I'm tempted to make those little treats but not sure I can control myself. It doesn't take much these days to make me over eat!!sending hugs and love.

  4. Ha! Glad I'm not crazy ... they ARE good ;) I'm going to post some information re: coconut oil for you soon Rosalie - I don't think it's to be feared. Dr. Eades says our bodies will not store it as fat and because it's a MCT oil, our brains can use it as fuel (in fact, there is evidence that it might even ward of Alzheimer's). So ENJOY your protein bars!

  5. My fingers are crossed as well that your little furry owl friends (or not) are gone for good!!

    Okay, I am so wanting to make those protein bars. Will have to make them this week some time. They look delish!! Have a great day Rosalie!!

  6. I'm glad your hip is feeling better. It's scary when something like that happens; I'm glad it appears to be resolving itself.

  7. Hey ! Still struggling to figure this all out. Not givingup. I need to find a protein powder around here as meals are hard.
    as i said before jorge is great but it seems like changes all the time. As money is tight ( join the club right ;) i will just keep following you girls/guys and nail it down at some point.
    Rosalie does such a great job.
    The tip jar is a great way to show her some love. I for one need her to stay in the game (blog)


  8. I have a question? I got the stuff for the pizza the ones with crust. Whats your favorite and what do you think has the lowest S./C value ? I really thank you for your help.
    Hope this is a great day!

    1. I really love the almond and the cauliflower crust both. You have to try them both and see. :-)

  9. Those bars are wunnerful...thxxxxx Trina. Hubby even likes them. Yaaay!!

    Am glad the owls are quiet. Annnd that your hip is better!! I was concerned!!!!


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