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I'm Not Dieting - I've Changed My Lifestyle

Monday, June 18, 2012


Good Morning Friends,

Well today is Monday and the beginning of a new week. For all of you that had a bad weekend, Just shake it off and move on. Just continue where you left off and FORGIVE yourself. I think that's real important.

Now for why you did in the first place - Why is it that there are some of us that have developed a ton of willpower and some of us have non? We never had it before BFC came along. I never did.

I was not heavy all my life, but started gaining little by little since the birth of my 3 kids (starting in 1978-my oldest) and bad marriages. Whatever excuse I want to use - I just allowed the things that went on in my life to cause me to give up on me.

But now I have managed to forgive those that hurt me terrible during that time. You just cannot hang on to hate and anger. It is so bad for you inside. Once you let go - you can be at peace.

So no I was at 238 lbs and just KNEW inside me that I would never be able to change myself - that it was to late for me. Until Hubby saw Jorge on a talk show in January of 2010 talking about the Belly Fat Cure Book.

From that moment on my life changed!!

I am not saying it was easy for me - NOT AT ALL!! It did take me 2 whole months to get used to eating this way and to stop holding my stomach saying I was Soooo Hungry. I always say it's all in your head and some how I was able to change my way of thinking and here I am now.

If I can do this, and I am just a nobody - nothing special - not any different than you, Then SO CAN YOU!!

So for those of you that screwed up over the holiday weekend, FORGIVE!! Don't FORGET!! And keep going..

Here's what I ate yesterday:

I always believe in starting my day with a good breakfast - I feel this in very important.
 Breakfast; 3 of my pancakes w/natures hollow on top and some berries.

Lunch; we went to the movies so I just made a baggie of turkey pepperoni and 1 low fat string cheese and ate it at the movies, almost a whole box of popcorn, and 2 squares of Girhadelis 86% dark chocolate that was in my purse and water of course.
Dinner was some turkey medallions, broccoli, and avocado.

Desert I had one of those chocolate protein squares (but I really wanted more) and rediwhip.

OK SO Trina I have no idea how you stay away from those. I am warning you all - they are soooo goood!! It takes all my willpower to not keep eating them. I put some in the freezer for later and some in a container in the fridge and they are just sitting there calling my name. They sound like a spooky ghost calling me. LOL

Thanks for listening and lots of love to you all...

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Positive Attitude

attitude positive quoteA positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)

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  1. I watched the video on how to make those bars-WOW they look great. Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy your day, and as always...thanks for sharing.
    Take Care-

  2. That is really good feedback for those protein bars. I need to leave that recipe alone for a while, or maybe cut the recipe into quarters. Maybe if I only make a little it would be oK. LOL. Have a great day, it's rainy here again. *sigh*

  3. I made those protein bars today and they really are VERY good! Each square is pretty small and I think that's what makes you want more than one! Might be dangerous, hopefully I can resist and only have one a day like Trina! Putting them in the freezer now!

  4. Thanks Rosalie - you are so, so right - when we have a bad day/weekend, we just "pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start all over again." (Have you ever heard this song by Dorothy Fields)??

    Anyways, what in the heck do you mean - referring to yourself as a "nobody" (although I know what you meant)??? Young lady, you should stand corrected - you are a BFC goddess!!! A BFC success, an encourager, and a friend to so many!

    As always, thanks for sharing your meals & photos with us. Have a great evening.

  5. Those bars sound sooo good and since I know me and the freezer is not enough to stop when when I here that call I will wait till I break the 200 mark....also it could be a combo of emotional stress and my period is back after it's 6 month absence! Darn :-)I just couldn't stop, I have such a sweet craving. I am staying strong.

  6. Firstly, sorry Rosalie, I thought I read somewhere you said you were heavy your whole life (my bad for not checking before I wrote that). I was not "heavy" my whole life but I was never thin. I too gained the majority of my weight after the kids. I had a lot of depression after my second son was born (he had colic and turned into a difficult toddler - he's much better now but I didn't cope well).

    I also realize that maybe what I was eating didn't help my mood either. Since changing my diet I feel so much "lighter". I didn’t have will power before either but since I changed my eating my cravings have disappeared and I seem to be able to control what goes in my mouth better than ever before. That’s how I can eat only one protein bar and be satisfied :) I sure hope those bars don’t bring people down … that would totally defeat the purpose. I, like you, love sweets and those bars just feel like such a good sweet that I’m not tempted by “real” sweets.

    I think it’s like you’ve said before, it’s something in people’s minds that has to “click” … once it clicks you realize certain foods are not an option and you figure it out (that’s how it seems to be working for me). Thanks again for an honest post!

  7. Tired tonight, so I'll keep it brief. Was at my brothers all day. But just want to say thanks as always for being the biggest source of my motivation. You never fail to leave me feeling better after I read your posts. I wish I could help you like you are always helping others. I hope that you know how special you are. Hugs and love.

  8. I'm glad it 'clicked' for me. I'm praying it 'clicks' for my hubby soon!!!


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