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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Chocolate...

Hi Everyone,

Today was a long kind of day. The weather has been great over here between 80-90 every day. So this morning I decided to have a different kind of breakfast than the normal.
 I had Uncle Sam's cereal, turkey bacon and berries which I just poured over the cereal.

I don't really like having cereal for breakfast cause I tend to get hungry much sooner than if I eat other stuff like eggs or my pancakes or flaxseed muffin. I don't really know why.
For Lunch today I made some quinoa w/onion, zucchini, turkey sausage crumbles, kale and scrambled eggs. 

So Kim was talking about how she made fudge and others have posted about making chocolate w/coconut oil dishes so I decided to make some too since the Protein bars are such a hit.

I melted some coconut oil about 1/4 c and about 1 tb of butter and 1 square of 100% bakers chocolate and a little xylitol (to make it taste good) in a bowl in the microwave. Now see the little silicone muffin cups in the picture below, I put 4 almonds in the bottom and a pinch of unsweetened coconut and then poured some chocolate over 6 cups and put in the fridge. 
 Look how cute they came out - and so good. I actually could have left out the butter I think. Chime in those of you that have done this. Will it taste the same w/o the butter?
 So Hubby and I went out looking for houses again for 3 and 1/2 hours.
Before we left I ate 1 protein bar and hubby ate 2 in the car.
Driving around and looking at neighborhoods that we liked. While we were out he got real hungry. He never listens to me when I tell hm he's not eating right. So he stopped at a gas station and got some chips and famous amous  cookies. I have to tell you it kind of bothered me and I told him if he kept chopping like that eating that stuff in front of me they were going out the window!

Well good think I always come prepared and ate the baggie of nuts I had in my purse.

We got home and looked on the computer for more houses - remember we never canceled the other one or anything, since we had to wait for the loan, we just wanted to see if we could find a house in the low price range we are looking for with no Mello-Rouse tax. Our new one will have it. In case you don't know what that is - it's a additional tax they charge some new home buyers to pay for the streets, schools and stuff like that. It's gonna cost us $400 extra a month - so its making him think twice about that even though the house is perfect in every way for us.

I couldn't wait to get home and try the chocolate nut things I made and ate one. NUM Num
For dinner I ate broccoli, a few brussel sprouts and chicken and another chocolate thingy and rediwhip for desert. Couldn't help it.

Then Hubby was ignoring me so I took the 3 furry friends and we started hobbling around the block. My leg doesn't hurt but still aches. While we were walking my phone rang and it was hubby asking where I was. DUH if you paid attention you would know cause I said we were going walking. So I told him where we were and he found us and walked with us the rest of the way.

Then he told me our loan person called us and said we got the loan. OK I've heard this 2 other times now, so this makes 3. She said the underwriter is making an exception and we cold get 3.5 % FHA with only 3 % down. WOW if that does happen then we don't have to worry about trying to scrape 20% together (cause we will have to take the rest out of Hubby's 401K).

I feel grouchy today! ARGH! And my ET's have been acting up bad the past 3 days - I feel shakey. OK enough of me whining.

Have a great day and don't forget to visit my friends blogs on the list below. And big hugs for you all.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:


Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)

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  1. Hi Rosalie!

    I love almonds and this is such a great idea! I will be adding them to my next batch.

    I personally have never used butter in it - actually never thought of it since originally the only reason I started making the fudge was to get more coconut oil in my diet. I had read about the benefits of it on the brain (among many other benefits) so I was trying to get 2T each day. I've been adding it to my morning shake for the past 5 years but was trying to find ways to get even more in my diet. In my research I stumbled across the fudge recipe.

    Great job on staying strong and eating the nuts even though your hubby was enjoying his snacks. Adnd good luck with the house situation. Be sure to keep us posted!

    Have a great day ~ Kim

  2. You probably get hungrier sooner with cereal because wheat has a higher glycemic index than sugar so it shoots your blood sugar up higher and faster. Falling blood sugar is what causes your body to tell you to eat. Steady low blood sugar doesn't do that - that's why a protein/fat breakfast doesn't make you hungry later ;) I wasn’t able to eat lunch yesterday and thanks to my new eating style it didn’t even phase me (no hunger pangs or headaches … it’s great).

    Love your idea for the chocolates (and love your moulds). I'm going to try that. Most recipes I've seen incorporate a small amount of butter with the coconut oil (maybe for flavour?). I'm sure you could leave it out although I’ve read butter has some very good health benefits too (but I think coconut oil is awesome). I would use unsalted butter if I was going to use it (think the salt might throw the flavour off).

    My husband sat beside me last night munching chips too … luckily I no longer feel tempted. I had some water with True Lemon and stevia. Have a great day!

  3. I don't know why I never noticed this before, but chocolate has a lot or iron in it. No wonder women tend to crave it.

    1. Craving chocolate is also a sign of magnesium deficiency :)

    2. My magnesium must be good then. I love chocolate, but I don't crave it like many women.

  4. Ooh...thx...will try these too. I too am starving after eating cereal...I dont last two hours.

  5. I never put butter in mine and have always enjoyed it just fine. Now you have me curious - next time I'll put a little butter in..


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