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Thursday, March 8, 2012

I am the HTML code sh-t queen today!!

Hello Everyone,

Today seemed like one of those busy day to me. You know I don't work - so if I have stuff to do, I feel busy.
I started out with breakfast of course:
Scrambled eggs w/sauted onion, baby spinach and cheese and 2 oasis toast w/1 gm of sugar peanut butter.

I spent a long time trying to change this blog and the Nutritional earth one too. (which I could use some followers over there - hint) http://nutritionalearth.blogspot.com/

So how do you like them? I have totally  turned into a HTML code sh-t queen!! Do you see those tabs near the top? It was so hard to figure out how to change those and add more. I had to go into the HTML code and edit. Which might sound like - WHAA-Whaa-Whaa to some of you. LOL. A lot of this stuff I do on the blogs requires to edit the HTML, so I had to teach myself.

Then before I knew it, the clock said 1:30. What?? I passed my lunch.
I made a whole grain tortilla w/swiss cheese, baby spinach, turkey pastrami and mustard. Oh yeah and the only 2 cookies that hubby was so nice to leave me.

He left and went to work early (night shift today) cause his mom was in the hospital and he went to visit on the way.

I went outside to do the lawn cause tomorrow (Friday) is garbage day. I weed-eated and mowed the front and back - both. Boy I was a bit tired, then the dogs kept saying they wanted to go walk.

Yeah they talk!! So we went on our 2.5 mile walk like usual, but today it was a little harder. Such a beautiful day. I took a snack with me of a think thin bite.
thinkThin Bites 100 Calorie Bars (6 boxes; 5 bars each), White Chocolate Raspberry
This is the one I tried and at first I thought it tasted funny - but then I got used to it and I think it was good. I refused to eat these before cause 1 regular bar has 2 carb servings in it, but the small ones have only 1.

Came back and did some more stuff on the computer  and before I knew it - dinner time.
So I made the chicken that Dawn posted on her last blog. WAY GOOD!! and a spinach salad.

I got to cyber meet Tina. We video chatted for almost an hour. It was great meeting you and I hope I helped in some way. :-)

Then I had 2 squares of 99% chocolate and rediwhip and now I am typing this.

That was my day - how was YOURS?? Are any of you doing the 3 day challenge thingy of Jorge's?? You all know me - and I need to eat breakfast - so not for me.

Well thanks for listening and Much love to you all.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Real Measure

The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Your hard work on the blog payed off; it looks great! My hubby and I have been busy giving our kitchen a cosmetic facelift. It's looking good so far, but we still have the backsplash to finish and some painting to do before we are done.

  2. OK this is a test - I'm trying to see if this will work :-)

  3. Hey Rosalie, I tried to comment earlier but had no luck! Wanted to tell you how nice your blog looks! Also, I hope your mother-in-law is OK.

  4. The blog looks great. I need to learn how to make mine better. No time right now. Maybe soon I'll change it. Sending love and hugs!

  5. Blog looks great! I'm glad you were able to fix the comments.

  6. Your blog looks really great Rosalie.

    I frankly haven't been paying attention to Jorge on FB. I've gotten so tired of his 'What do you think of this?, yes/no?' b.s., that I've hidden his posts. If he can't be bothered to answer people's questions, I can't be bothered to help him with his R&D for his next "new" thing.

    Okay, rant done! :) Have a great weekend!!



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