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Monday, April 8, 2013

Pumpkin-Protein-chocolate chip pancakes...

Hi All,

Well its a gloomy Monday morning over here. Its gotta happen sometimes - right? I am feeling exactly like the weather. There are a lot of BAD vibes in this house lately. Hubby has been working too much OT and gets cranky about this place and well-about everything.
You have to understand that for 20 years we have always lived in our own home and now because of circumstances, we are renting this tiny place. I Keep telling him to try and appreciate what we DO have, but he's not hearin it - at all.

Last week we had a inspection done on the Short-Sale house and there is some work to do, but not that much really in comparison to other homes we looked at. So now we wait to see if the bank will extend the close date which was supposed to be the 10th - Wednesday!! Seriously don't see how that could ever happen - too soon. So we will see what happens.

Yesterday (Sunday) I made some pancakes that were so good. My sister, Lisa saw something on Pintrest and forwarded it to me and I tweaked it of course and it came out awesome.

Pumpkin-Protein-chocolate chip pancakes.

1/4 c pumpkin puree
2 eggs
a big tbsp of my homemade almond butter
1 scoop of MRM whey vanilla protein powder
pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, vanilla extract
*a little unsweetened coconut flakes
*crushed walniuts
*handful of hersheys unsweetened chocolate chips

Mix all together and fry on med-low heat in small pan using coconut oil spray.
eat with Nauture's Hollow on top
Makes 2 large pancakes s/c= 2/1 each

I ate 1 Sunday and 1 this morning.

My lunch yesterday was 2 slices of my healthy bread with spinach and tuna with mayo and feta cheese.
After I ate some popcorn that I had left over from the day before from the movies. His mood was wearing me down. I probably shouldn't have eaten it - but I guess I just didn't care at the time.

The furry girls and I went for a walk. Hubby came along was in such a pissy mood - just ruined it for us.

Dinner I just ate some tequila-lime wings and broccoli and brussel sprouts. For desert I ate a cheesecake muffin with Natures Hollow on top.

So what have I learned from the past 3 years??

That even if I am in a bad mood and feel like over eating, I always seem to eat the healthy stuff. Before I would have eaten a bowl of frosted flakes or ice cream or pretty much what ever I wanted. As I look back on yesterday where I thought I did bad, I really didn't do that bad at all. Just the popcorn I shouldn't have eaten which gave me an extra carb so I had 2 carbs with lunch and usually only have 1.

For me, another thing I have learned is to always have some BFC healthy sweet-treats made and ready for me to eat. I think I will always have a bad sweet tooth and need to be prepared so I will never be tempted to eat the wrong things.

Thanks for listening to me today and have a great day.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I hope they extend the short-sale house closing day so it all works out for you. House hunting can be so draining. The pancakes look great and pretty easy to make. I am so glad that you always share your meals with us (complete with photos). It's nice to get ideas and to see how consistent you are with eating well. Have a great day :)

  2. I really hope your closing gets extended too! I really hope you get to move and start over in a new place.
    I still haven't bought any protein powder, I should go to a health food store and see if they have individual packets to try first.
    I hope your day ends up less gloomy, we have sucky weather too:(

  3. hope you all feel better soon. I'm glad you've got the stress eating under control - that's huge! ;)

  4. To Deal With Hubby On The Bfc With Me...He Eats Out Of Boredom...Drives Mr crazy

  5. Sorry your dh is being a poop. Maybe the weather and stress has him down, too? I also wonder if men experience a fluctuation in their hormones now and then, sort of like women do.
    A lot of our snow had melted last week followed by a good dumping upon this weekend and last night again - stinking snow. The sky's still gray and cloudy, more is supposed to be on the way. I know that has affected my previous good mood.
    The pancake looks yummy... and huge. My kind of breakfast! You mention coconut flakes/nuts/sf chocolate chips in your recipe, but say that you topped it with Nature's Hollow. Were the * items just suggestions?

    1. I put a small amount of each in side the batter and topped it with The Natures Hollow preserves.

  6. We almost had your California weather today - it was 75' outside!
    Maybe you can get one of those 203K loans that go to purchasing and fixing up "fix it" houses. Our company works for people that have those loans all the time. I hope it works our for you regardless - you've waited a long time for this house!
    Hoping everyone is in a good mood in your neck of the woods today!

  7. So finally that southern cali weather is coming to PA. Going into the 80's today. I shouldn't complain, but I really want a spring so hope it's not going to get too hot to fast. Don't want to turn the AC on yet!! Those pancakes look great!! XO!


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