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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stayed Busy in this WARM weather...

OK Everybody,

I am really getting sick of all these spam comments on here. I must get at least 3-5 a day. I delete them right away but I think its really rude of them to make some stupid comment just to put a link to their website on here. I am seriously thinking of changing it back to no anonymous comments. What do you all think?

My breakfast this morning was some oatmeal-protein pancakes. I was running out of food but luckily still had 2 eggs. :-)
The weather is crazy right now, over 85 the next several days. I tried to keep busy yesterday. Did many loads of laundry, vacuumed the house, I went outside and pulled weeds, picked up doggie poopy, mowed the back lawn, swept and used the blower, then back in to do more laundry and finish vacuuming.

My lunch was tuna, mayo, 1/3 cucumber and a small tomato cut up, bacon bit and some onion crunch, and goat cheese.
Ok so I admit I ate 2 of those thin-mint cookies I made that were in the freezer after.

I was supposed to go shopping cause Mama's cupboards and fridge are getting really bare. Well there's always today. I might go look at a couple of houses also while I am out. I really hate doing that alone - Hubby is working days this week. Anyone want to go with me?? Oh well, I am used to doing everything by myself mostly anyway. Still the long-waiting game on the Short-sale house.

I put some chicken and asparagus in a foil pouch in the oven (enough for hubby and I) then took the furry girls for a walk while it cooked.
It was good but hubby was still hungry. LOL
My desert I ate 2 squares of 86% chocolate and a little bit of vanilla clemmys.

I know - 2 sweets in one day a few times lately, but this is the second month that I am not getting my monthly friend. My tummy feels weird. I know I should be celebrating - right? Not yet...I need to feel better first.

The doctor's did not call with a appointment yet for my foot, soon I hope. I just want to get it over with so I can start feeling better when we move. Maria said she will come over when I do it and help take care of me if Hubby is working. She is the best!!

One more thing. Jorge makes stupid posts on Facebook sometimes. He keeps saying stuff like - this has no sugar, which I know for sure it always does. He said that about brussel sprouts one time, (which by the way have 2 g of sugar for just 6 of them). I don't always agree with him but I would never be rude like some idiots do. Man they just ripped into him and everyone else that commented today about RediWhip. Did any of you see that one?? Thoughts??

I hope you are all doing well. Have a great day!! This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. That's weird. I get them in my email, but they don't show up on the actual blog. I now Carey posts as anonymous, but not sure who else does. Either that or put that stupid thing back on where you have to type the numbers and letters in. I have a feeling these are somehow automatically generated, so that may help. Mine say the same sort of thing. Or just ignore and delete, that might be the easiet thing!I saw what Jorge posted, but didn't read the comments. I think he had a piece of quiche on his post the other day. That's alot of carbs in the crust. He's sending out teasers because his new book is coming out. I agree that he has to be more consistent with his advice. I also agree that it's rude to rip him apart on his blog. But as we see on these blogs, internet and facebook posts, people say whatever the heck they want and don't always seem to care about feelings. I wish I lived closer and I would go look at houses with you. I hope that works out for you soon and you get the house that you want. And you of all people can have two treats in one day. You know how to deal with that once in awhile. Hope your monthly is gone forever!!!! XO

  2. I don't usually read Jorge's Facebook but do hate when people are rude. He does keep changing his advice and menus and stuff though. I think that confuses people and nobody knows what the heck to eat anymore - still no excuse to be rude. I would love to look at houses with you! One of these days we would like to move as well so I'm constantly looking for what is out there in our area.

  3. I can only comment on your posts anonymously, but do what you have to do to keep the weirdos away :) I'd look at houses with you, but I have 2 conference calls for work today, my son's out of school because it's conference week and I have to pickup my daughter from school...oh and I'm still supposed to make some calls for work in that time! I think I will look on facebook and see what those comments are about JOrge....hehehe I feel like a snoop!

  4. When I think his statement may be inaccurate, I say nothing because I am definitely no expert. However, when I read people being out and out rude, I do tend to stick up for Jorge, whether he needs me to or not. I just try to live by the rule of "if you have nothing nice to say . . . " and I don't think it's necessary for people to be so rude when if they think about it what other person who has written a diet book has ever put themself out there to answer questions at all? Just my thought.

  5. Hello Rosalie,
    I just started the BFC this past Monday and have already lost 5 pounds. I know that it is water weight but that is okay too.. I think that your accomplishments are awesome. I hope to have the same results. I am glad that I stumbled accross you on YouTube. I then looked in my BFC Quick Meals Book and there you were. I would love for you to hold my hand through this. I am no stranger to weight loss. I hope you are enjoying your day.

  6. I think Jorge is ever evolving, kind of like each one of us that changes along the way. I will always be grateful that I was watching Rachel Ray when he was on talking about hidden sugars. It clicked with me and changed my life! I think the people that blast him when he posts a picture need a life, but I do think that he should answer their questions once in awhile. I can see where they get frustrated by his changing views. I think since he put so much of his personal stuff on there for awhile, people are taking their views out on him that have nothing to do with food. Just my humble opinion!
    Have a great day! We actually had a little sunshine!!!

  7. Agreed! Some ppl on fbook were so rude! Over reddi wip! You would think he recommended smoking for crying out loud!

  8. Yep, people are rude. I think it's funny how he doesn't always get the sugar right on foods, but I just roll with it. and I agree with DM, would have thought he was telling us smoking was ok, lol!


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