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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just Some Little Reminders...

Hello Everyone,

Today I was on the phone with one of our BFC friends Kim, trying to help her to see why her weight is not coming off so easily. I am not trying to single you out, but I realized that some of you might not realize that you may be eating some wrong things.

So I will just go over a few things that we talked about. This is what the Belly Fat Cure is all about.

I really think that you need the BFC Book. That is a must cause it explains how his concept works with the 15/6 per day rule. On the Belly Fat Cure we count the Sugars and Carbs in foods, not the fat and calories.

Although I look at the calories in some foods that I buy before I buy them - but I don't add my daily calories up.

Make sure you are adding all the S/C's from each meal up together and NEVER go over 5/2 per meal.

She was eating the wrong stuff together and WAY too may sugars per meal.

Also about artificial sweeteners.
She was using a protein powder that someone who is a body builder recommended to her and it had Sucralose in the list of ingredients.

Artificial sweetener are hidden in lots of foods that we used to eat before. As I have said many times before - we really have to read thru all your labels. Don't take any for granted. Read the list of ingredients and make sure there is no Sucralose hidden in there somewhere. Also Aspartame and Saccharin are very bad for you and are even known make you sick and cause cancer. All of those keep your belly fat and makes us crave sweets more. So Be Aware!

Keep in mind that you will NOT lose 4-9 lbs a week like it says on the cover of the book. Except if you are Nicole LOL - Hi girl, I have no idea how she lost all that weight in 6 months. OK - so it can happen - but not the NORM...

If you have a lot of weight to lose like I did, it will really help if you make sure to eat 3 meals a day and no carbs with dinner and be done with dinner and all your food by 7pm or 7:30 at the very latest. Drink lots of water and the most important part is to NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Just some little reminder. I hope this helps and just know that if I could do it - then so CAN YOU!!

OK so here is what I ate today;
I made another Flaxseed-lemon-chia muffin w/cream cheese and I finally got to taste Apricot Nature's Hollow. Uh - YUM.

tuna salad w/mayo, feta cheese, bacon bits, jalapeno olives cut up, baby spinach and crutons.
then I had some veggie straws.

I went for our 2.5 mile walk with the girls. I ate 2 squares of that 99% dark chocolate while I was walking that Carey gave me. It was a bit better the second time.

It was a real nice day today. Did you know the clocks change on Sunday?? So soon?? Where did the time go?

Tina: left a message on another page and said she needs help.
Tina friend me on Facebook and make sure to include a message so I know who you are and we can chat. I will do everything I can to help you :-)

Please don't forget to visit my friends blogs on the list below too. Support one another and we will all succeed.

The Reslina coupon up top is good thru March if you are interested.

Thanks for listening to me today. Big hugs to all of you that were so nice to me yesterday.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Lift Someone Up

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.

Keep on BFC 'n :-)


  1. Day one of Fast Track done. Current weight 172. Goal weight 150. Here go!

  2. Glad you finally tried the Apricot Nature's Hollow. Now you know why it's my favorite! I did the same thing with the chocolate. The first time I tried it, it was good so I bought several more. When I tried the second time, it was really bitter. I almost bought the Ghiradelli chocolate that you buy, today, but wanted to wait until I finished all of my sugarfree Dove PB chocolate, first. Have a good evening!

  3. You are the most devoted BFC woman I can imagine:) Good reminders!

  4. Haaha hi Rosalie!! Just followed the plan to a t. And it fell off!! And yes, you have to read every label!!! I've even seen sucralose in tylenols and other medicines!

  5. thanks so much for the reminders!! I too am having trouble letting go of the calories and fat counting - old habits!! i will get my book out and re-read.. also having a lot of trouble getting my fiber. I am on my second week and lost 2 pounds but i am still adjusting. keep finding hidden sugars in what i am eating. I started at 185 and want to get to 145. Looks like Barb and I are on about the same path, we can do it!!

    thanks Rosalie!!!

  6. Good to be reminded of those things. Thanks for this post. Love and hugs!


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Some tips if you are having trouble

  • First make sure that you are staying under the 15/6. 15 sugars and 6 servings of carbs for the whole day. Thats no more than 5 sugars and 2 servings of carbs per meal.
  • Track all of your sugar/carbs. Add everything from your meal together and count them that way.
  • Try to stop eating whole grain carbs after 3pm.
  • Make sure you drink lots of water.
  • Count everything that you put into your mouth. Even sauces - everything , check labels.
  • Make sure that you don't eat any artificial sugars. Check labels, if it says sugar free - look in the ingredients, look for....sucralose, aspartame, saccharine in the ingredients. Those are BAD!
  • Going #2 is a big problem when a lot of people start the BFC. I have solved that problem with Clear Benefiber in my morning coffee and a scoop of Super Seed w/water in the afternoon. (you can buy the super seed on Amazon.com it is the cheapest).
  • Choose your carbs wisely. Try to pick the carbs that will give you the lowest count of carbs, sugar and calories and the most fiber.

I hope this helps.