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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Make a Wish Day...

Hello Friends,

I really don't know what is wrong wit me today, but I just let everything get to me. I let everyone hurt my feelings. Several of my friends gave me virtual hugs and told me to shake it off and so now I am doing just that.

Dinner last night;
 I made a chili w/1lb of ground turkey, onion, mushroom, celery, cut up asparagus, garlic, green chilis, some seeds of change pasta sauce, cumin, chili powder, cayenne pepper, chicken bullion. I think thats everything I put in there, with a tiny bit of brown rice on the bottom and sour cream.
That was so good, I only ate the 1 bowl and hubby ate all the rest.

Breakfast this morning:
Almond flour pancakes w/nature's hollow on top, turkey bacon, berries, and some chocolate sugar free almond milk
Then I went to Wal-Mart to get a few things and this is what I saw:

A couple of the firemen said they were doing this thing called Make-A-Wish. Where under privileged kids could go shopping. I went in the store and there had to be every police and fireman from the whole Chino Valley around there.

Then I went to Sprouts and got a few things. There was a lady giving out samples and I tried this protien powder sweetened w/stevia. It was good so I got some. Berry flavor!

Next stop was Chipotles for a salad to go so I could get home. My salad had lettuce, black beans, spicy beef, spicy salsa, sour cream, cheese, guacamole.

Snack was; 3 chocolate almond cookies I made a few days ago.

Blackened salmon and zucchini cheese fries from the Fast Track book on page 147.
OK so- lets talk about what I posted yesterday.
Am I the only one who got the video in my email of him making that fritata?? It was for 1 person - 1 serving and it had at least 1/2 a zucchini, red peppers and red onions. Now I have been doing this long enough to know when something has sugar or not. And it had at least 2 grams of sugar.

I posted that stuff not because I am confused, but that he keeps changing things. This might confuse new people.

We have a new friend that joined us yesterday, Cheryl. Welcome girl!! You will get lots of support and friendship here. There is a list of blogs below of others doing the same thing as us, so go visit, click join and leave comments.  You had a lot of questions.

The Oasis bread I get at Sprouts market and the tortillas I get at Albertsons. The gluten free thing is  something that some people are doing. You don't have to do that or the Fast Track if you don't want to. I have been told it helps you lose weight faster, but I have to say that I lost all my 90lbs by eating wheat almost every day. I have discovered coconut and almond flour in the past few months and I absolutely love them. There are recipes on the recipe tab and they are low sugar and low carbs.

I love to help others lose weight and feel as great as I do, so if you want - friend me on FaceBook ad we can either talk on the phone or we can do a video chat. It's real fun and a great way to meet.

Sorry I talked too much. Thanks for listening. Lots of love to all. WWRD??

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Follow Your Bliss

Follow Your Bliss Positive QuoteFollow your bliss and doors will open where there were no doors before.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I believe that Jorge is promoting a healthy lifestyle in a way that will draw the most people in. I think he is constantly evolving. I know that we have to do what is best for us to do, while following the 15/6 as closely as possible. I am in no way perfect to his plan, but I do follow the 15/6 pretty darn close, even if it is with the wrong kinds of food.
    I think it is so cool that you always come up with new ways to do things for the plan. I am more of a "find a way to fit my object of desire in". You will never get bored with all the different foods that you fix.
    I truly believe in the BFC, I believe in Jorge, but I believe it is about money too. It has to be so he can keep coming up with new ideas.
    You were also probably one of the only ones who saw the video because I don't know how many people paid the money for the recipes? I didn't:( I would if I cooked!

  2. You had a busy day-I'm sorry it started out with your feelings being hurt :(

    You're always so good at welcoming others to join in...that's your gift. We welcome you too Cheryl-you'll like this group.

  3. Rosie, when I stall or get discouraged about my weight loss I go back and read your beginning blogs! It makes me feel better because I know you took awhile to lose your weight and you ate things that satisfied you! I look to you ladies more than Jorge's pages to keep me sane! You are so good at motivating and helping people and I hate that someone hurt your feelings! Today will be a better day! Also, I love the "Make a Wish" foundation.

  4. Hi Rosalie. I did not get that video. Weird, because I got all the others. I guess if it was supposed to be a fast track dinner, the veggies are ok. I'm still confused about him serving you guys white bread!! You are probably more the expert then Jorge! You know what works. I agree it may confuse the newer people. I never really thought overdoing the peppers and onions would be so bad. I know carrots have alot of natural sugar, so I stay away from them. I'm sending you an extra serving of big hugs, and hope you are feeling emotionally better. I am trying to carve some time in for a chat, but It might have to be after Christmas. Going full speed ahead trying to use every minute to keep to my schedule...oh and then there's that little dinner for 24 coming up! Love ya!

  5. If the video comes with the recipe subscription you talked about, I wouldn't have seen it. I hope you're feeling better today.

  6. Don't let others get you down. You can't control the stupid things that come out of their mouth's.

    Big hug!!!

  7. I forgot to address the white bread thing Pattie, I'm pretty sure it was some kind of french bread which does not have sugar. Not just plain white.

  8. I sure hope I didn't hurt your feelings yesterday - I was just trying to add my two cents in. I think jorge's recipes sometimes can be kind of wishy washy when it comes to adding S/C together, too.

  9. No Dawn it wasn't you at all!! I love all the comments from everyone. It was other people. Ya know - Family type.

  10. You know what? Some people dont think before they speak and unfortunately all it takes is a little hormones flowing & next thing you know, we are feeling bad. Chin up my friend! YOu have a choice... you can let it get to you or let it roll off of your shoulders. My good friend Mary always used to say that to me whe I felt that way & somehow, when I put it in that perspective, I have always been able to shrug it off & move forward. Im with Pattie sending you lots of hugs! We all love you & accept each other, warts & all (not that any of us have any warts! lol)
    I hope your day was good today!
    Love & Hugs

  11. Hi, enjoyed reading your post. Am thinking again of doing the bfc. Im thinking to wait till after Christmas, but anyways, thanks for all the pictures today and for listing all your meals. I think thats the hardest part of doing any diet, thinking of what your going to eat. Your look really great in your before and after. Thanks again and Mele Kalikimaka, Kaui


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