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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Getting confused...

Hello Everyone,

I am getting a bit confused lately with things. I saw a Q & A on Jorge's new recipe site where someone asked:

Can I eat fewer than 15 grams of sugar and 6 servings of carbs every day?

Answer: Yes. You can certainly eat fewer than 15 grams of sugar a day. You can actually eat little to no sugar and still be healthy. You can also eat less than 6 servings carbs a day. However I recommend consuming 6 servings of whole grain carbs to keep you satisfied and make sure you’re getting a healthy amount of fiber (25-30 grams) every day.

OK so what about the Fast Track? There are no grains in that diet at all. I read in the book where it is supposed to be for 2 weeks at a time. But some people are doing it for very long periods of time. 

So this got me kind of confused since I am not a doctor and neither is Jorge. So is he telling people to eat grains or not?? 

Chime in...............Tell me if that confuses you too........

You already know how I  feel. I love skipping grains and eating the coconut and almond flour stuff instead, but not every day. I do crave my Oasis low carb sprouted flax seed bread and my Carb chopper wheat tortillas from time to time. 

Also I got an email with a video of him making a frittata. He said it was 0/0. I could clearly see it had zucchini, red onions and red peppers in there which DO have sugar....that had to be at least 3 sugars.  So what's up with that? I think that stuff is gonna confuse new people.

Well anyway this has been bothering me for 2 days.

My breakfast yesterday;
eggs, lemon coconut flour bread, turkey bacon, berries.

Zucchini pizza again. and this was SOOO delicious! 
I put olive oil on the zucchini that I sliced into 3 parts.
grilled both sides in the toaster oven on broil.
then I put; ricotta cheese, pesto sauce, mozzarella cheese, some turkey sausage crumbles, some onions and mushrooms that I sauted ahead in olive oil, then a bit more cheese.
I put back into the toaster oven under broil until it got brown and melty.

I ate a few pork rinds after. 

I totally meant to post this one tomorrow. Fat Fingers LOL.


  1. Very confusing! That is his OLD answer to that question I am sure, because he has said may times in the last 2 yrs you can have less carbs too as long as you get your fiber. 3 mnths seems to be a critical point for me with no grains, I feel really "over them" at the moment! :)

  2. Personally I don't get the whole Fast Track thing, I think it is hard to do for a lifetime and it is not a "cure". I want to do what I can easily fit into my daily life forever. I too thought the fast track was just for 2 weeks at a time? But I do not have the book, so I don't know. I am still not convinced all sugars are equal either. I guess as I continue this journey I will find out. Having a 1/3 of a banana is a huge treat and it doesn't seem to make me crave anything more?
    Whatever the answers, we can all work them out together!

  3. Nope Amber that was from his new recipe site.
    And I totally meant to post this tomorrow. haha my fat fingers.

  4. Rosalie, I got confused that he served you guys white bread. I thought it had to be whole grain. Amber wrote that it was okay to have that, but I thought white bread was a no no. When I track my meals using fat secret, many of the things that are supposed to be 0/0 come up with carbs in them. Just a little, but they add up. If I go by his calorie book, they are 0/0, but when I put them in that isn't what they come up as. I am confused too!

  5. Check out the FT book-it explains that you can do more than 2wks. Many people (Paleo) don't eat grains at all. Truth is, if you check out ALL of Jorge's books they all say something different. I'm OK with that. I think for myself, and do what feels right for me. I do think he has truths-but that doesn't mean he's all knowing. He's right on about the sugar thing, in my humble opinion. I'm not missing bread, etc. I don't feel chronically bloated, etc. Trends come and go, and we learn from them. And then we all just need to modify to our thinking.
    I'm not sure that answered anything, but it's just how I feel about the whole BFC/FT'ing-and I'm good with that. Have a great evening Rosalie-and good for you for questioning. We need to do that.

  6. I've always thought a lot of the BFC was confusing. A lot of conflicting information. I was never sure how soon you could have a snack and it be it's own carb serving, or do you add it on to your meal if its close to a meal. One little pumpkin muffin could throw you over your carb servings if you add them separately. And Rosalie you seem to have done REALLY well with your grain eating in the beginning. I guess the proof is in the pudding (sugar free of course).

  7. Yea it is all so confusing to me! I like to eat grain carbs in the morning or I am too hungry in the afternoon. So I guess you could say I do a variation of both. Its been working since I restarted the diet. Already lost 10 lbs. yay!! I had some cheats this past week though because I have been so busy with school and staying up very late reading and studying for finals. Ugh why did I decide to go back to school?? Nah, I complain now but I am happy. I will continue to choose BFC for life. I noticed between last week and these past few days, eating better = feeling better = more energy. All this fast crappy food = feeling blah!

  8. I agree with the confusing part. I say stick with the regular BFC and add all the carbs and sugars you eat in one meal and keep it under 5/2 and you'll do as well as Rosalie :) The FT book says it's for 2 weeks but you can do it longer. I find (especially during PMS) that I need the grain carbs, but I try to limit them. I'm one of those that if told you can't have something, I binge on it. The sugar reduction is fine for me (I just eat Reddi whip or the SF Dove peanut butter chocolates) and I'm good. I need to go to a bookstore and get a nutrition book with carb and sugar grams listed. Every book has carbs, but the sugars are never listed. Anyone know of a book or website that lists sugars and carbs?

  9. Jorge has two diets out there - BFC and Fast Track. Fast Track is designed to help you lose weight faster, by using low sugar low carb non grain options. He advocates both diets for long term, as well switching between the two as a viable alternative to the Standard American Diet. Each iteration is a good way to go, however you choose to live your life, in my humble opinion. I think he's choosing to market regular BFC in his new club because more people will want those recipes.

    In regards to the fritata, I would guess that he used just enough veggies that it was 3 or less grams for the whole thing, and it was probably meant to serve 4. so it would be a 0/0 for each serving. Just my guess.

  10. I'm glad I found your blog! Congrats on your success. I am glad that I am not alone in the confusion. But I haven't even started yet...just going through the BFC book and figuring out what I need to buy, purge and eat. One thing I wondered is...may sound silly...but can you eat less than the suggested menus? It seems the less I eat the more I gain but I find the menus in BFC to be alot of food! I could never eat all that food in one day...I just don't have that type of appetite. Plus I get full and bloated no matter what I eat and I have to eat smaller portions at a time. I haven't eaten a whole sandwich in years; I can only manage half even with Ezekial bread its just too filling. By the way, any suggestions for your favorite sandwich bread, hamburger buns and tortillas? I'm really struggling with the Ezekial bread...don't mind it toasted but plain? Ewwww. Is it me? I also noticed some people do not eat wheat on this diet. So they are not eating sugar, much carbs and now no wheat? Is this because of allergies? So no pasta either? Can you eat rice pasta instead? I only ask because lately I'm beginning to wonder if wheat is messing me up. I'm in my 50's and not known to have any food allergies but I'm always bloated. Also, I'm short, and I have such a hard time loosing weight. I tried this plan a few years ago and after a week hadn't lost one pound. Not sure if I was doing something wrong or not but thought I would give it a try. I just feel that if I ate all that food on the daily plan from the BFC book I would GAIN weight...even with reduced sugar and carbs because I don't typically eat that many calories in a day! Sorry this is so long....any tips on any of the topics I touched on would be greatly appreciated!!!

  11. Duh...found answer to one of my questions about the bread under 'favorite products'. So is that bread and those tortillas tasty? Better than Ezekial? Not sure I can find them local; may have to order.

  12. Carey,
    I have found CalorieKing.com useful for finding the carb, fiber and sugar content in foods.



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