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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Made The Tuscan Chicken last night...

Good Morning My Friends,

I will start with my food yesterday.
Breakfast: scrambled eggs w/mushrooms, onions, baby spinach, feta cheese, my berries, and about 1/2 cup of a baked yam w/a little butter.

I ate 1 chocolate almond flour cookie around 11. Well jeeze- they were just staring at me on the counter.

Lunch; a spinach salad w/tuna, mayo, feta cheese, bacon bits, avocado and a few croutons.

snack; veggie straws and sour cream

I made the same Tuscan chicken dish that we ate when we went to Jorge's in San Diego. It was much better when I made it. LOL! and Hubby loved it!

desert; the last 2 slices of pumpkin coconut flour bread and some RediWhip on top and some sugar cookie tea.

Gosh I feel like I ate a ton yesterday (but I know I really didn't eat that much) cause I got upset about a few things. When I get real upset 2 things happen, 1- I eat more snacks in between meals and 2- My E.T's get real bad. I could barely get the salad in my mouth at lunchtime. At least when I feel like eating more, I only eat BFC friendly stuff.

I guess I did OK though, My weight is 149 this morning. It goes between 148-150 all the time. As long as it doesn't go over 150, or I never go under 145 I feel like I am the perfect size now.

So Jorge's Recipe Club website started yesterday. Everyone seems to be disappointed that it's gonna cost money. COME ON - Really?? You are all surprised?? He never does anything for free for very long. I have been following him for almost 2 years and Amber for over 2 years - we know that's the way it always goes. He does have to make money somehow. But if you think about it, $12 a month is not that much. But for those of us who are really struggling, it might as well be $100.

I have to be honest with you. I don't want to lie. Those of us that were in that video were supposed to get free access. That is the least they could do - right?? If anything great pops up I will make it and post with a picture.

BTW, where has everyone gone?? Seems like everyone is dropping like flies.

Thanks for listening. Lots of Love to all.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Perfect Balance

Perfect BalanceTrees can teach us how to find the balance that most of us seek: they’re simultaneously grounded and continuously reaching skyward.

Keep on BFC 'n


  1. I am not surprised at all. I also wonder where everyone is..hopefully after the holidays people will come back..

  2. I am back . . . : )
    The holidays does make it tough (as does having to actually work--which is where I surf everyone's posts most of the time). They made me get rid of my Mozilla Firefox, though, and now I can't post as myself from work. I have to use Anonymous.
    $12 a month, huh? I have almost completely quit cooking. My husband has been doing all the cooking since he retired but now he is working part-time and it is harder for him. Maybe I should pay the money and start cooking again. Decisions. Decisions.
    Joyful Susan

  3. I think this is typical for the holidays. Everyone is busy with other things and diet is last on their minds. It will be interesting to see the result of the recipe club, as opposed to a class. So far the recipes are great, but I dont need dozens of recipes to lose weight. Just a few good ones! :)

  4. The blogging is slowing down, but that is so understandable. I'm committed to keeping in touch w/ you all during the holidays, and my trip to CA. Maybe not as much, but I WILL.
    Your food looks fabulous-love the yam for breakfast-I'd totally do that.
    Thanks for being willing to share new recipes & meal ideas.
    As for the recipe club...I'm sure Jorge needs to keep making a living. So I don't fault him-there may be market for what he's offering? There is so much out there on the internet-no need to purchase in my opinion.

  5. I have no problem with Jorge charging for the recipes! I think he needs to make a good living at what he does in helping people. I just don't really cook fancy meals or eat different foods, so I don't think it would be worth it for me. I think it is a great idea though. I wish him great success and I wish everyone would realize what a great way of eating this is!
    Blogs have slowed down:( It makes me sad because I love hearing about others lives and where they are. It's up to you Rosalie to be a good role model for the blogging too!!! Food, blogging, encouragement...you do them all perfectly!

  6. Yea I wanted to join the recipe club and I thought $4 a week wouldn't be too bad, but unfortunetly he bills you quarterly when I tried signing up and the site wants $52 up front, which due to Christmas I don't have so that is great. Then I saw if we don't sign up by Dec. 19th it is going up to $9 per week which they will want $117 up front. Ugh!! I was excited about the site, but bummer. I liked his throw together meal options too. If you see anything yummy that would be awesome if you let us know and then maybe after Christmas holiday pass by, I can try to join. :) Your meal pics look lovely!

  7. Hi Rosie! Im still here! Just not too inspired to post anything good lately & been so tired after work I dont have the energy. Cant wait to get through this week. VEry stressful with WAY too many parties! 5 out of 7 days have parties...NOT GOOD but so far, I havent been too bad. 2 parties down, 3 to go!
    As far as the recipe site for Jorge, and this is totally my 2 cents, I personally think that there should be other perks involved. On WW site there are success stories, recipes, blogs, message boards etc. IT is unbelievable and when you reach goal & lifetime you get them for free. I understand that he needs to make a living but I think his books are probably doing pretty well and come New Years, he will be raking in a boatload of $.
    Hope you are doing good. Will you share the tuscan chicken recipe please?? Tahnks girl!

  8. I would rather buy a book of his recipes than pay $12 a month...That adds up very quickly to much more than a book would cost. There is comraderie in sharing recipes...To me his recipe club is a turn-off. Sylvia

  9. I'm still here. One of my girls that I just hired is in the hospital, so things at work are alittle stressed. I am not giving up on blogging, I promise. Just have to tend to other things right now! Big hugs to you my friend, from me!


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