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Monday, December 12, 2011

A little Jazzed

Good Morning All,

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Yesterday we were supposed to go see Hubby's brother play somewhere. He is a jazz musician and has a band and 2 CD's out. michaelhaggins.com and he is on Facebook too.

Last week one of his songs was in the episode of Community. Fun!

So I tried to eat as FT as I could yesterday cause his band was gonna start at 6:30pm.

So Breakfast:

Zucchinni Pizza

I was trying to eat as healthy as I could to save room for dinner out later. But by 2:30 I got hungry so I ate 2 pieces of Pumpkin coconut flour bread.
Oh yeah, I made some Chocolate almond flour cookies, I ate 2- very good.
I got ready and we left at 4 to go and pick up hubby's mom in Pasadena to go with us.
did my nails w/this new pink sparkly nail polish by OPI
Sexy feet
This is me wearing those size 4's I got at the Black/White store. 

Hubby tries but really does take the worst pictures.
We picked up Mom in-law and drove to Spaghettini's in Seal Beach. It is a Jazz club in the bar and a Awesome restaurant. BTW, it was very expensive but we had a great time.
We split a bottle of Pinot Noir
Me, Mom, cousin Carla, and her hubby, Larry
That's his brother, Michael on the Bass in the middle. He is GREAT!
Hubby's dinner: filet mingnon, mashed potatoes, and spinach
My dinner: Horsradish crusted halibut, w/spinach and asparagus. I only ate half and gave the rest to Hubby
Hubby's desert, some chocolaty thing w/ice cream in the center. I had 1 bite.
We don't get to go out like this very often. It was such a great time and the food and music and company was all great. But it did cost us almost $200. So that's not gonna happen very often.

Jorge's new recipe club came out this morning. That is me eating and twirling in that video he posted. funny. All of you chime in and tell me what you think about the recipe club. I am curious of what everyone thinks.

Kay asked yesterday about my bacon??
I use regular turkey bacon and put it in the microwave between 2 paper towels for around 2 minutes. It gets real crispy that way. You know me - I like it easy.

Thanks for listening to me today. Lots of love to all. WWRD??

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Thank You

Thank You Positive QuoteIf the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice. 

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. You look so cute in your outfit with your sparkly toes! Sounds like a great time at Spaghetinni and you deserve to splurge like that sometimes. I'm so impressed that you were so good with the eating. I've been to that place before and it's very good, but the tab was on the company I worked for at the time so I guess I forgot how expensive it is! :) I don't think I'm going to join Jorge's recipe club. Money is tight right now (property taxes are due and bad economy has slowed hubs business way down), but I will buy his new book when it comes out on the 27th. Hope you are staying dry today! I decided to stay home and not work today because I didn't want to get soaked! ;)

  2. You look so pretty! Glad you had such a nice time, too. I am not joining the recipe club, but it sounds like such a neat idea! If I were at the beginning of my weight loss journey or had a job I might consider doing it, but I am neither. :)

    Have a great day!

  3. You always have the best shoes! The dinner looks very good and I love all the photos! Looks like a really fun night.

    On bacon - I cook up an entire package and keep it in the fridge to snack on when I need it. I used to microwave mine too, but not anymore.

  4. You look awesome and you are Rockin' the shoes!!! ;)

  5. Sexy, sexy Momma!!! You look so good. I love your shoes! That dinner looks amazing. I don't know if I could ever justify 200.00 for dinner! That's 2 house cleanings:)I am sure it was worth it for such a great evening. Your husband has a very talented family!
    Those cookies look good. I have not tried the Almond Flour yet. The only cookie I am going to really miss for Christmas is Russian Tea cakes. I might have to just make some with fake sugar and hope I don't die 20 years from now from the chemicals!
    Great pictures!!!

  6. Hi Rosalie. Sounds like you had a wonderful night out. Looks like a lot of fun. And Pinot Noir is my favorite red wine!! YUMMY! I am leaning towards joining the recipe club.Amber said tht you guys get a VIP discount, so wondering what you are going to do. Hugs to you from me!

  7. Fun shoes for a night on the town! Glad you had some some. I don't know much about the recipe club. I won't be joining right now. I would like some feedback from those who do...let me know what you think.

  8. You look so awesome and the food looks delish!!!

    I've been a little out of touch, how much is the new recipe club?

  9. I also like those fun shoes! This is what I was just talking about on my blog, having a little fun during the holiday season. I think $200 was worth a night of fun! I don't think I will join the recipe club. Don't want to keep paying monthly for recipes when there are so many options on Pinterest and other sources. Would be interested on what others thought that did join.


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