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Thursday, October 6, 2011

You deserve a big "L"

Hello Everybody,

I have really been enjoying watching the X Factor. I am surprised cause I thought it would be dumb.

I am very proud of all of you that are doing the Fast Track. I know it feels easy at first, but if does get to feel a bit much for you just remember to cheat with a BFC food. Don't waste all your hard efforts. Do it for 2 weeks, then give yourself a rest and switch back to the regular BFC.

Just remember one thing!! It's real easy!! It's what I did to lose 88lbs!!


I just kept on doing it even if I wasn't losing that week. Even if I gained that week.

So if you are having a tough time this week, Just remember what I said above. Join this blog and all my friends blogs on the list below. Please leave comments so we can all help and support you. We have a WONDERFUL support group here - so why not take advantage of it??

YOU are NOT alone!!!

OK so today (Thursday) I ate:
breakfast; carb chopper wheat tortilla w/cheese, 2 eggs, berries, turkey bacon.  S-3/C-1
lunch; spinach salad w/tuna, 1/2 avocado, bacon bits, feta cheese, croutons, mayo. and a pc of chocolate-maple-walnut coconut bread w/butter.  S-2/C-1
dinner; buffalo wings, 6 brussel sprouts, brocolli, butter on the veggies, and for desert 2 slices of chocolate-maple-walnut coconut bread w/2 squares of 85% Lindt chocolate melted on top w/ some rediwhip on top. S-5/C-1

Congrats to all of you LOSERS out there. You deserve a big "L" on your forehead.

Thanks for listening. Lots of love and a Big HUG to the first one to comment on here today, and little hugs for the rest. haha

This is PurpleRosy signing off....

My thought for the day:

Take the Risk!

Risk Positive QuoteThere is the risk you cannot afford to take, 
and there is the risk you cannot afford not to take.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I remember what you say all the time Rosalie! WWRD. Tonight I got on the scale before my shower and I was at a weight that gives me hope for the morning's weigh-in. I have seen little budge on the scale, but I have tried to soldier on, and hoping for the day of victory. I like Ezekiel toast in morning with eggs(just like you) and 20 g of carbs for lunch too. Soaking some chia seeds right now, because I did not get enuf fiber for the day. You rock!! I need you out here in blog-ville - don't stop!!

  2. I really appreciate how you are always telling us to hang in there and not give up, we can do this. Sometimes it is hard and I think about going back to my old way of eating, but I am tired of gaining/losing the same 10-15 lbs. This holiday season/winter I don't want to re-gain all the weight I have lost.

  3. Your encouragement is always welcome! I have to agree that if you don't lose for a week (or in my case several weeks) don't give up! The scale will move eventually! It took us awhile to gain a bunch of weight and it takes awhile to lose it too!

  4. amen, sista! ;) You are so right in your advice- it does take a while sometimes, but if you stay with it, the extra weight eventually comes off. Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi! I'm new to your blog and on Day 12 of FT. I do admit that I did not follow the Menu Plan to a "T." I did about 7 days following exactly, but then began to "get" the idea and have done my own recipes using the BFC FT principles. As of today, I am down 7 lbs and am thrilled. I had a MAJOR sugar addiction and am happy to have gotten over that hurdle!

    One of my major worries at this point is this: after the initial weight comes off from water and other fat weight, the loss will stall as it will get harder to shed the fat as quickly. This is my most difficult time. It's easy for me to drop the first 10 lbs, but then making the jump to losing more weight is so difficult. When (and if) you stalled at a certain point in your losses, did you have to make any changes to your diet/exercise to get the # lower? Like, did you have to further tweak your eating or did you have to include a hard exercise routine to lose the weight? I feel so deflated when the #'s on the scale don't keep going down! Thanks for any thoughts you might have on this!

  6. I love X Factor too. I think it is because I love Simmon lol. I have an addiction to reality television. I bought some maple flavoring so I can try your coconut recipe.

  7. Good morning Rosie! I love X factor too, hubby cant stand it. I love Dancing W/ the stars too, he doesnt like that either. I have my own tv...he he! You are so dedicated & diligent to the BFC. I have been doing good on ww but have found myself slacking a bit and it is reflected in the numbers on the scale. (Sigh)Its a process & a journey & I am still learning but never gonna stop!
    Have a great weekend girl!
    Love ya!


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  • Choose your carbs wisely. Try to pick the carbs that will give you the lowest count of carbs, sugar and calories and the most fiber.

I hope this helps.