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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Meet my new friend FLUFFY...

Hello all,

I know many of you are starting the Fast Track. Good luck to all of you that are. As for me, I am just going to continue the way I always have. By eating 1 or 2 grain carbs a day. I have found many ways of eating things that feel like grains but are not. Like the coconut bread that we all have grown to know and love thanks to Dawn. :-)

My sister and I went to the LA County Fair again yesterday. This is the last weekend and I wanted to get in 1 more time. We had a lot of fun. If you go after 12 noon yesterday and brings 5 cans of food from Ralphs, you get in free. Well except for the $10 parking of course.

We started off at the animals, then lunch. She never had the famous PINKS hot dogs before and saw the stand the last time we were there. So I had a hot dog with no bun, sour kraut, mustard, bacon, sour cream, a few tomatoes and a small handful of her fries.

Then we went to all the buildings for the shopping. I got some more of the nail stamping stuff and some earrings. We must have walked around 10 miles cause my legs really hurt. That never happens cause I walk over 3 miles almost every day.

On the way out around 7pm she decided she wanted a baked potato she saw on a sign that looked real good. So we ate something before we left. The best thing I could find was shrimp Cevivhe, an a tostada shell. it was good and I put way too much hot sauce on it cause my tongue was on  fire. LOL.

Here some pictures of our day:

baby cows

baby goat and baby pig

sheep and goats

funny chicken with furry feet

a mama pig with her babies

mini horses

Lisa dared me to do this. This is my new friend  FLUFFY!! The Scorpion...

baby kangaroos

I was asking this guy for a job :-)

a pretty angel on water
No matter where we are we can always find a way to eat good. Even thought I was surrounded by tons of fried this, and bbq that, I managed to not eat that bad. You have to decide what is more important to you. For me it is staying the size that I am and never going back to the way I was.

I hope you are all doing well and I appreciate that you take the time to read and participate on here.

Thanks for listening and lots of love to you all. WWRD?

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Put a Lil’ Love Into It!

Positive Quote about loveIt is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into the giving. 

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! We never did make it to our fair. Your pictures are really good and you look awesome! You are blessed to have a sister that you have fun hanging out with.
    I am very proud of you and inspired by you daily!!!

  2. Look how skinny you look in that pic holding "fluffy"!!!! One HOT mama with a super skinny little waist! Glad you had a nice time with your sister!

  3. It looks like you had a ton of fun at the fair with your sis. We didn't make it to ours this year either, but no big it will come back next year. You are an inspiration on how to not eat bad anywhere :)

  4. I love your tee shirt! Thanks for posting your eating when you go out places, it's always a great motivator that we can all eat how ever WE want to eat, where ever we are!

  5. Rosalie you look so happy in your photos and you should you have come a long way baby. Glad to hear you and your sister had a great time.

  6. Hi Rosalie. Love your photos. You look great holding whatever the heck you're holding. I hope it isn't a mouse!! Hope all is well. I'll try and post about my weekend Tuesday. So hectic and work at 7AM tomorrow. Enjoy what's left of Sunday! Hugs to you my friend. XOXO

  7. OMG Rosalie! I just gasped when I saw you holding that scorpion...enough for my hubby to run from the other room. You are one brave woman, is all I can say. Love the pics of the baby cows. My grandfather raised beef cattle when I was a kid & I used to love the watch the calves running around. I thought they were so cute! Congrats on staying strong food wise! Looks like you're having a great time!

  8. Rosalie, you look so happy in these pictures! You are super skinny in that picture of you holding the scorpion! One day I will hopefully be where you are....except not holding a scorpion, lol!

  9. Love the new "after" pic!! You are such a great motivator. I LOVE reading your blogs.


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