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Monday, October 3, 2011

What a great feeling....

Good Monday Morning to you my friends.

It's funny that you all mentioned how skinny I looked in the last picture of me and FLUFFY!! Even though I have looked like this for several months, it is still hard for me to believe that I actually look good in pictures now.

When Lisa took that picture I looked at my phone and said; Wow! do I really look that skinny now? I am used to me looking the other way for almost 20 years. What a great feeling.

Yesterday hubby got home in the morning from work at the FD and was not feeling good. I was tired of being alone all the time and went to the movies by myself and saw that movie with Daniel Craig called Dream House. Scary movie, Duh - of course.

I ate breakfast at home in the morning of sauted mushrooms, onion, baby spinach, cheese, sausage crumbles  and 3 eggs (I split this w/hubby), cottage cheese, cinnamon coconut bread w/butter, some raspberries and blueberries, and of course coffee w/truvia, benefiber, powdered cream, cinnamon, all my vitamins, 2 probiotics and 2 Reslina.  S-4/C-1

At the movies I ate some rolled up turkey w/cheese in the middle I made and put in my purse and a medium popcorn no butter. I almost ate the whole thing. That is 1 problem I have is that it is hard to stop eating it when I start. Only at the movies though. I don't have that problem at home, but then again I rarely eat it at home anyways.  S-0/C-2

When the movies ended I went to my favorite shopping place Kohls. I had a $10 Kohls cash and a 30% coupon and it expired yesterday so Oh well!! I got a sweater, 4 tops and 2 pks of new size 6 underwear. My 7's were getting too big. Huh, go figure - I never thought I would say that out loud.

So when I got home and finally unpacked the bad I saw the underwear was not in the bag. I had to call the store twice to see if they found them. I took a lot of time to find the colors and style I wanted and I knew there would not be anymore left. So finally they fond them and I drove all the way back to get them. Oh yeah I did. I love the Hanes cotton ones - they are so comfortable just like the commercial says and they don't ride up. HAHA.

SO I made a spinach salad w/goat cheese, a hard bouled egg cut up, 3 slices of turkey bacon crumbled up, some artichokes and Amies sugar free salad dressing.  Then I had to 2 slices of lemon coconut bread w/cream cheese and some RediWhip on top. I know weird but it was good.  S-2/C-1

Well that was my day. I hope everyone else is doing good. If there is anything I can do to help in your weight loss please let me know. If you are having a bad time or something, please don't be shy - leave a comment below and we can help.

Thanks for listening. Lots of love to you all. Don't forget to visit my friends blogs on the list below too.

This is PurpleRosy signing off....

My thought for the day:

Positive Talk

positive talk positive quoteAffirm continuously to yourself: I am in the right place, at the right time, for the right purpose. 

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. LOVE the new photo! Look at that smile, it speaks a thousand words. Im the same with with movie popcorn, and most carbs. I can eat them endlessly :(

  2. I love your thoughts for the day. They always speak to me but today's especially.

  3. You look amazing! I am so jealous that you have such a tiny waist. I have always been thick, and I have not butt, so there is no waist to show off:( You look happy:)
    I guess I am going to have to try that darn coconut bread again when I get back. It sounds like it really fits the bill for a lot of you. How many eggs a week do you go through???

  4. You look great in the pics... motivation for me! I finally made the coconut bread...YUM! I tried it with Hershey's Dark cocoa, then again with the same cocoa, almond extract and some Hershey's sugar free chocolate chips (BFC approved!). I was hoping for something reminiscent of an Almond Joy, but didn't really work out that way. But the chips are a nice addition (if you add 1/4 c, it brings the carb count up to 15 grams per 2 slice serving- still counts as 1 carb! I may add some espresso powder next time and/or actual chopped nuts. Anyway- love the blog and pics!!


  5. I know you aren't doing the Fast Track, but really if you look at your foods you are almost grain free anyway -except for the popcorn. Don't you just love that you had to call and ask for your missing underwear! I had to laugh because that sounds like something that would happen to me!

  6. One time I went through the arby's driv thru paid for my food and left, I felt like such a dummie when I had to go back for my food. We all do dumb crap sometimes lol :)

  7. Hi Rosalie! Underwear is important, and it takes tiime to pick out just the right size, color. I would have driven back too! I hate when stuff like that happens. Love your new photo. You look so happy. Hugs to you from me!

  8. I love the new picute and you look so happy. Love the Rebel shirt too. Thanks for all your support.


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  • Choose your carbs wisely. Try to pick the carbs that will give you the lowest count of carbs, sugar and calories and the most fiber.

I hope this helps.