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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Disconnect Between Perception and Reality....

There is a disconnect between perception and reality. I can attest to that for sure. Now that I am at my goal weight, I have noticed something real serious. Myself and my husband never realized that I really looked the way I did.

I knew I was heavy, I knew there was nothing I could ever do about that. Because of my age and the fact that I am not a work-out or a diet kind of person.

As I started posting pictures of my weight loss progress, I saw myself changing. But it was not until after I lost most of the weight that I saw myself differently. I found older before pictures of me and just almost died. I put the pictures side by side with my after photos and could not believe and never realized that I looked like that or that other people saw me that way.

The picture I have posted to the right, the before picture.. I was at a friends birthday party on a boat that just went around the harbor and there was food and music. It was fun. I really took a lot of time picking out that dress and thought I looked good. I really did!!

Then several months ago for some reason she posted all the pictures from her husbands birthday party on Facebook, when the party was in late 2009 a few months before I started the BFC. She tagged me in several pictures. I was devastated and blown away.

I really thought I looked good that day! When I saw the pictures I cried with my hand over my mouth wide open in SHOCK. Hubby and I both said when we saw them, that we did not realize that I actually looked like THAT!! We both never looked at ME the way others did I guess.

Hence the title of my post today..............

Now I know that I did not have to look like that!! I have accomplished so much more than I ever thought possible. I owe it all to my husband for telling me about the Belly Fat Cure book he saw on a talk show on TV. I would have just sherked it away without even giving the BFC a chance.

Now I want you to try real hard to really look at yourself....

Now tell yourself that you are something special!! You ARE Somebody!!

I know its a lot of work and it's hard at times, but I just want to tell you:

Love yourself enough to know;


I am here to help in any way I can. Did you know you can do video calls now on FaceBook?? I did it twice the other day. So much fun!!

Yesterday my sister Lisa and I went back to the fair and got a bit too close to the sharks.

Luckily a passerby saved us.

Thanks for listening and lots of love to you all. WWRD??

This is PurpleRosy signing off....

My thought for the day:

Put Time to Good Use

Time to Accomplish Positive QuoteDon’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Excellent post Rosalie. By the way do you like to be called Rosalie, or Rosy? Just wondering! Anyway, I can so relate to that post. I always said I have reverse anorexia nervosa..not making light of it, but people with that problem look in the mirror and see a fat person. I, like you, look in the mirror and think I look pretty good. Then I see the photos and I am shocked. I didn't look as good as I thought. Not even close. That being said, you are right, we still have to love and treat ourselves right while we are on this journey.Hugs from me to you, and glad you didn't get eaten by that shark!! P.S. LOVE, LOVE the quote today too. So true!

  2. I have always been called Rosalie and the only person who ever called me Rosie was my MOM RIP and maybe a few other people.
    But I like either. :-)

  3. I have had trouble with this as well. I think I just am not really looking at myself. Now i have the problem that I look in the mirror and just see the problem areas. I need to step back and look at the whole, instead of just seeing the rest of the belly that I want gone.

  4. I'm with you... I look in the mirror and like what I see, but then I see a photo and am literally sickened by my image. There are very few photos of me with my kids as they were growing up (which I regret) but I couldn't stomach having the pictures as a record of my flaws. I am looking forward to the day I can smile freely for the camera! With BFC and your support I know that day will come... slowly, but surely. Thanks Rosalie :-)
    By the way, please change my current weight to 213 (from a starting weight of 267)! Ru

  5. It sounds like this is something we can all relate to. We think we look pretty good until we see a picture later. How many times do I see the picture later and tell myself "I will never wear such & such again" after seeing how I really looked in it. I will be thrilled to get to the point where I at least feel like "wow, I don't look too bad in that pic!"

  6. Your thought for the day sure speaks to me. Now if I would just follow it!
    We do see ourselves so differently. Usually when I have slimmed down I like to take a lot of pictures. Now I hesitate because I don't want to see what I look like??? That makes no sense, I have lost 26 lbs of fat:(
    The good news is that we are not alone in how we feel! I find if I have an outfit I like on, I feel better about how I look whether I am heavy or thin. Well, and if my hair looks good for the day:)

  7. Loved your post Rosalie. I do that now. I think I look good & even get my family to take my picture. Then I see it & think oh, I don't look so great. Then I feel like a fat blob, you know. I don't mind working to change that. Anything is possible.

  8. I have a picture of myself from last Sept at my parents 50th anniversary party sitting on my dresser propped up on my mirror and I look at that photo every day and think to myself "I cant believe I allowed myself to get that big". Now, a year later and almost 40# lighter, I realize that I never want to ever go back to that unhappy place again. This was a great post! YOu look great & have lots to be proud of!


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