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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I have not been the same......

Hello everyone,

Last week ever since I went to the LA County Fair, I have not been the same. I ate that corn on the cobb. I haven't eaten any corn ever since I started the BFC. I love it don't get me wrong, it's just that it has at least 5 grams of sugar and 2 servings of carbs. I don't think it fits with the BFC.

Remember me saying for days I was not regular after that? Well I have been like that since that day. Weird huh? I have not really changed much in my eating patterns since reaching my goal weight.
I have been eating a few extra berries in the mornings.
I have bent that (eat before 7pm rule lately)
I have been eating that coconut bread in place of regular bread at least once a day.

So here's my question or dilema:

The Maintenance..............Can we really change anything after we reach our goal weight on the BFC or not? I am starting to think that the answer is gonna be NOT......

I have only changed the teeniest things and today I am up 3lbs. I know its no big deal. My weight does go up by 1.5lbs all the time, but not 3lbs. I really don't worry about that stuff anymore but, I always weight myself every night and morning to make sure that I am not screwing up that bad. If I don't, I will never know what if anything I have done wrong in my diet.

I know the 3lbs will be gone in a minute, but what if anything can we change on the BFC after we have reached our goals????

Any thoughts??? Jump in if you are new, click join this blog, leave a message so we can all support each other. Don't forget the list of all my friends blogs below.

One more thing, make sure you stay within the 15/6 rule when doing the Belly Fat Cure or this is not gonna work.

BTW, Laura, the Sprouts near my house doesn't have the bulk coconut flour, I checked the other day but I will keep looking, They keep changing things now. I have never done Zumba - but I will give it a try. Friend me on Facebook and my phone number is on my wall. Call me :-)

Thanks for listening. Lots of love to all. And don't forget: WWRD??

This is PurpleRosy signing off....

My thought for the day:

Moving Forward or Standing Still?

Moving Forward Positive QuoteLook at your past. Your past has determined where you are at this moment. What you do today will determine where you are tomorrow. Are you moving forward or standing still?

Keep on  BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Hey there Rosalie! In terms of maintenance, this diet is a maintenance diet. We eat 15/6 to get and stay at our healthy weight. That's why weight loss slows down so much when we get close to healthy weight. It's how our bodies work the best.

  2. Hi Rosalie. I have to admit, I am not nearly as strict as some of you. That's probably why I am the slow loser. I try to stay away from stuff, but I have alittle corn here and there, in salsas and salads. I had really hoped that once you reach your goal weight, you can play around alittle, as long as you keep close tabs on the weight and get back strict to the plan if you are up. I know that I will never have the same sweet cravings, but I do like pasta, and hope to have small quantities when I'm at goal. Maybe I'm just fooling myself! I hope not. I have so far to go, that I can't even think about it right now! Hugs to you, and thanks for the tip about the chia seeds and the lemon coconut bread. That stuff is soooooo good!!!

  3. Hi R,
    I have been at the 3-5 pound up/down since the last 6 or 9 months. It is my healthy weight. I don't try to lose anymore and if it comes off it comes off. I, like you, weigh daily every morning to keep me in check (discipline). I don't look at eating foods outside of BFC cheating. (that's just my personal opinion btw). I just do things in moderation now. I ate 1/2 a watermelon for lunch/dinner the other day and that was it. I don't eat like that every day. I enjoyed it and that was that. I gained but then I dropped the pounds. What remains the same and what I focus on is the inches and that my clothes I purchased last year do not get tight on me. I think abou that more than the fact I ate watermelon one day, or a bday cake/ice-cream a week ago, etc etc. I focus also on eating veggies for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner so that I continue to have a BM daily and that is what is important for me. I know you were taking "seeds" so maybe start back up for now and add your veggies more than usual and I am sure you will have your daily bm's (smile). Thanks for the update and always being there to help us!

  4. Hi Rosalie,
    I think you are right when you say that you have to follow the 15/6 rule on most days while on maintenance. I have lost 10 pounds this past month, most of it on BFC. You are an inspiration!

  5. I want to believe that we can be good 90% of the time and have 10% of the time to play.
    I can't imagine never eating sweets again:( I don't want them now, but I may.
    Sadly I think Dawn might be right. Corn should not have been that bad for your system, especially since you eat popcorn a lot and it doesn't bother you?

  6. I, too, hope that there will be room to play or have a "cheat day" every now and then when you get to where you want to be. I totally understand sacrificing some things in the name of health/looks/vanity, but I think you have to let yourself live a little for sanity's sake (and you only live once!). But again, that is just my opinion and know many people may not agree. I think everyone just has to do what they feel most comfortable with when they reach that stage. I still have a long way to go, so I may change my mind when I get there! ;)

  7. I havent changed a think on maintenance and Ive been on it over a year. When I do add stuff back, I gain weight. I do play around with things a little. I have a little more fruit, but only a little. I find that I think 2x a year I need to really buckle down and refocus and even do the FT and cut out grains. But that is just me!

  8. Hmmmm...not sure what to think about the corn thing. IT does the complete opposite for me. IT should be out of your system by now so maybe see what you have done differently since then. How about your water intake? The colon siphons out water from your system if we dont drink enough & then it constipates us. (What a subject to talk about, huh?!) Anyways, just my thoughts.
    Not sure what to tell you on the maintainance thing becuase I am following WW & am not @ goal. Maybe email Jorge? I mean you should be featured in his book for as good as you have done. ITs the least he can do is answer you. Worth a try, right?
    Hope you are doing great!

  9. Maybe your body just doesn't tolerate corn well? I don't know? Do you think that the sweet taste of corn made you crave & eat more sweet things. I'm finding that to be so true for myself. I hope when I'm at maintenance I can have treats a couple of times per week, but I'll always weigh like you do to keep it in check. I love that idea. I am kinda nervous about going on vacation next week & being around people eating a lot of junk.


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