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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yard Sale Yesterday...

Good Day to all of my BFC freinds,

Yesterday Hubby and I decided to have a Yard Sale. We were trying to get rid of some of the junk we had from the past year after moving from the other house. He worked nights the evening before and came home at 7am and thats when we started. He went and put up signs and I moved the stuff out to the driveway.

I made coffee and had 2 pieces of the coconut bread with some Nature's Hollow sugar free preserves on top. and about 2 hours later at 9am, I was hungry again and had a smart and delicious wheat tortilla w/ cheese and 2 turkey bacon inside. so my total for breakfast was  S-2/C-2

We stopped around 12. I had put an ad on Craigs List to sell my couch which Hubby decided he HATED!! So at noon this nice woman came over and bought it. I was helping her carry out a piece and of course I was telling her about how much weight I lost and showed her the Belly Fat Cure book.

To my surprise she said she just bought the book and was very interested. She told me that I looked TINY!! That is the first time ever that anyone has ever called me that!! Woa

So then Hubby and I went to the movies at 1:15pm and saw Captain America. It was very good and if you go see it - you must stay until all the credits finish rolling for a special thing at the end.

I did not eat lunch, just popcorn and about 4-5 tiny chicken bites he had.  S-1/C-2 ??  After we snuck into the Change Up. Its where the 2 guys pee into the fountain and change bodies. It was very funny -BUT, we were both appalled at how many stupid people brought their small kids in there. I saw on the news that they said it was a hard "R". It definitely WAS!! Not for kids, but Hilarious!!

When I came home around 6pm, hubby went to work and my son came over for a bit. He ate dinner with me and we watched the Kings Speech and then I drove him home.

I ate a spinach salad and a salmon patty and some RediWhip and 2 squares of Lindt 85% chocolate for desert.  S-2/C-0

This morning I had a great breakfast of 2 eggs w/cheese, 2 turkey bacon, 2 slices of coconut bread w/natures hollow on top and some berries and coffee of course.  S-4/C-1

I like the coconut bread and am gonna make some more later today different with the cinnamon or chocolate powder and more truvia like I talked about. Maybe into cupcakes instead of a loaf. To me they remind me of a scone which I used to love to eat all the time at Starbucks with my fattening coffee. NO MORE FOR ME. But this will be my substitute.

Thanks for listening to me today. Hugs for you all. Don't forget to checkout my list of blogs below.

This is PurpleRosy signing off....

My thought for the day:

Alter Your Perception

Alter your Perception Positive QuoteThe minute you alter your perception of yourself and your future, both you and your future begin to change.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I love your breakfast plate - much more filling than just the bread with jam! :) I think the coconut bread dough would work really well as a scone - I love that idea! I've been waiting until I buy some more sweetener to play around with the bread - I'm the only one eating it, so it lasts a long time over here. although this last batch has gone faster, due to the french toast.

  2. Sounds like you had avery busy, but productive day. I made the coconut bread today and ended up throwing it out. I did eat 2 pieces, but then I said, I don'tt really like this, so I should just get rid of it. It was very dense and not very high in the pan. When I checked back on your recipe, I saw that I had put baking soda in it instead of powder. I also saw that Kay posted on one of the blogs where she saw a recipe for it and that recipe called for olive oil instead of butter. I thought that might be healthier, so I made it that way. I will give it another try and do it exactly the way it's written.I love to bake and don't usually have too many failures, but this was one of them. Of course I made choc chip cookies for the guys too. I didn't have any. My son has been asking me to make some, so since he is going back to college soon, I thought I'd do it today. Also, I agree that the bread might need alittle more truvia. Even though I screwed it up, it really needed alittle more I think. Have a great day . Hugs to you from me!

  3. I was too cheap to buy the coconut flour yesterday so I haven't made it yet. I would love to find a way to make it like a sweet yummy bread. I wish I went to more movies. I have a short attention span and sitting there for 2 hours just seems overwhelming. Isn't that just flat out CRAZY!!!??? So since you have seen lots of movies lately, which are your favorites and must sees?
    I have so many things I want to sell too. I would clear out my entire house. Anyone want to buy Thomas Kinkade art? I have a houseful:(
    Tiny girl:)

  4. Thanks for the Captain America tip! I used to ALWAYS sit until the end of the credits but my husband usually wants to leave the minute the movie is over.

  5. Parents who bring their kids to adult movies drive me nuts! And with ticket and concession prices, it'd be cheaper to hire a babysitter, folks!

    I wonder how coconut flour biscotti would work.. add some almonds in for an amaretto flare.. mm!

    I think we're baking tonight, but that depends if my bananas are ready (making banana bread muffins). I only have one bag of CF and I really want to try something before I decide whether I want to buy six bags at a time off Amazon. ;)

    Too bad we girls don't live closer, we could split orders and save!

    Sounds like you really made a good impression about the BFC for your couch's new owner. I hope she finds it works for her, too!

  6. Rosy,
    I have 2 questions I hope you will answer for me
    1 What can I do with flax seed? I bought it by mistake, I was thinking of chia and picked up the wrong bag. Store is too far away to exchange.
    2 How do you fix chicken wing? and what way do you order them to eat out?
    I'm going to a special store tomorrow after my coumadin clinic appointment to get the coconut flour. All the tips from everyone sounds great.
    Thanks for all your encouragement
    Linda (Baltimore)
    PS I guess I should drop the Baltimore since The Hand Lady is on my comments. I have been doing that since I saw there was another Linda commenting too.


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