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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Year 2, Saturday wk 7 on the Belly Fat Cure

Good Morning to all,

It's gonna be another day over here in beautiful southern California. I am completely heart-broken over all that has happened over in Japan. To anyone that has family or friends over there, I am sorry and hope that all is well.

I realize that I am kind of a lone star. What I mean is, the longer I do the BFC, the more people I see drop out of it Everyone starts out all gung-ho. Mostly because of the cover of his book that says - you can lose 4-9lbs every week.

Then people realize that it's not that easy to stay on the Belly Fat Cure. We can never eat the way we have always done for all of our lives. Then I guess they start to feel left out or deprived. That's why I have my couple bite rule. That way I won't feel like that.

I am not sure why I have had such willpower for so long, I used to eat like a pig. Some kind of switch just snapped in me I guess. I feel healthy and skinny now for the first time in over 20 years.

I have learned to not emotional eat now. I have been going thru some ruff personal stuff and yet, I refuse to veer off my new path.

Between my husband picking on me when he is in a bad mood about me not working,
then my sister Lisa having a bad attitude at times. She says stuff like "I can do what ever I want, when ever I want, I am an adult". She won't listen to me and I feel that is a very selfish attitude and she won't get anywhere in life like that.
Then my step daughter, Nicole is 26 and will never grow up either. She is always calling my husband to fix everything for her. We have paid for and given her every car she has driven, we pay for her insurance since she learned how to drive, we pay for her tags on the cars, She is stupid and get tickets and I can't tell you how many we have paid for, she dances and wants to be famous and won't get a steady job.
Then my 2 sons haven't called me for a few weeks, so I call them the other day and left them messages just to say hi. One calls me back to ask me for money and to just make me feel guilty and bad to say no, and the other one never called at all.

The only great kid I have is my 32 ear old daughter, Jackalyn who lives in Michigan with my 12 year old grandson Tyler. She does call me at least once a week to say hi.

Well I guess I will just go to the movies today and stuff my face full of popcorn. Don't worry - I always eat popcorn at the movies - just no butter.

I have my health, A roof over my head, food in my belly, and 2 adorable little pooties to keep me company and give me kisses and sit and smile at me. WHAT AM I COMPLAINING ABOUT??

I guess we all just want to feel loved and appreciated, and happy. I am sure that some of you can relate to the unappreciative little poops that we give birth to. Life is like a box of chocolates - right?

Thanks for listening. Love to all. Have a good weekend.


  1. Have a great weekend Rosalie, thanks for sharing.

  2. Rosalie, I know how you are feeling. Just like I wrote in my blog sometimes we dont have the option to pick our families. As for your step daughter I would cut her off. She is old enough to pay her own bills and if she cant then she does not need to have a car. My girls have been out on their own for a few years and we dont pay their bills and if we loan them money then they have to pay us back that is just a part of growing up and being responsible. I hope you have a good weekend.

  3. Hey Rosalie! I agree with Diana. Time for them all to grow up and be responsible. They are old enough to hold a decent job and pay their own way through life. Glad to hear that you havent let them drag you into an eating binge. I think I would be tempted to.
    Enjoy your movie today!! What are you going to see? I want to see that new Matt Damon movie...I think it comes out next Friday. It looks really good!
    Enjoy the sunshine!! Totally jealous!!!

  4. I just love the way you tell it as it is!!
    I bet you feel better after venting a bit.
    I read your posts daily - THANK YOU for writing.

  5. My Mom would say, Did you watch Dr. Phil, he is encouraging Mom's and Dad's to stop paying for their kids bills! Easier said than done. They are experts at manipulation, and buttering on the quilt so thick now days. Can't wait to see what their kids have in store for them! After all, what comes around goes around. HaHa...Bet your seeing the new movie, Red Riding Hood. I want to see it tomorrow, because I'm mowing the lawns today. Let me know how it is.

  6. Hi all - if it was up to me, I would not pay anything. Hubby and I have fought about the way he treats his daughter for 20 years. He thinks he is helping and I know he is not - he is just enabling her. But he won't listen to me. So here I am.

    By the way we saw Battle Los Angeles, then we snuck into the red riding hood movie. Both were good. :-)

  7. Awww Rosalie, I wuv ya!! hehe!! I am so greatful for all the help you have given and how you don't mind helping us all with your advice. I am sorry your kids aren't as grateful as they should be. I have a brother that can be that way to my parents sometimes and I always tell him he shouldn't be like that.

    Tsk tsk, sneaking into a movie hehe!! just kidding..

    I wanna see both of those movies, maybe next weekend I will get a chance to go to the movies. :)

  8. Man Rosalie that sucks. It's hard to watch others help their children to death and not realize what they are doing. It's too bad about your step daughter because if she continues down the same path she will find herself in a mess daddy can't bail her out of and she won't know what to do.

    You are such an help and inspiration to all of us, and we appreciate you. I hope one day your children will stop taking you for granted and put out some effort to have a relationship with you.

  9. Hey Rosalie! Just wanted to thank you for calling me last night. I love talking to you and an hr just seems to whiz by, doesnt it? I pray that your children will see the light soon and realize what a fantastic person you are! They are truly the ones who are missing out!
    Love you girl!


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