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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Its been a while...

Hello Friends,

Wow I can't believe it has actually been over 3 months since my last post after I lost my Precious PEACHES! I can't tell you how heartbroken STILL that she is gone now. I truly miss her so much.

OK Moving on. I will let you know what's been going on in my life.

My job is fine. Since our office moved to West Covina, I have been going in early - at 7:30am and leaving between 4-4:30. Now that the time has changed, it is very dark by the time I get home for myself and my furry RAT boys to take our daily walk. But you know me, I still go anyway - with my cell phone in my hand with the flash light app on so I can see. Hubby keeps telling me to take along a golf club, but I always forget it. I seem to always run into coyotes a lot over here in this neighborhood cause we live kind of close to the mountains.

I am turning 57 on Jan 3rd and finally stopped having my monthly this year. I think my last one was in the very beginning of February. Since then I have had bad insomnia along with all the other fabulous symptoms that come along with pre-menopause. I am trying to deal with that the best I can.

I take a handful of vitamins every morning and still eat as healthy as I can considering the circumstances. I am not as Rigidly Strict as I was while I was losing all my weight. I still won't have a cheat day or cheat meal, but I do indulge in more bites that  before.

My weight since losing has always been between 145-150 which is perfect for my height of 5' 7" but since I started Menopause my weight has now been between 150-155 which is still fine, but I still like it better the other way.

After my Peaches died, we got Gizmo to keep Conan company. Let me tell you it is quite different having 2 little Yipping Rats in the house. They are not as easy to train and control as a big dog. They are just TOO DAMN FAST! LOL

So in August I came home to a flood and everything got all turned upside down in our home. We decided that since the walls were half way taken off because of the wet drywall that we would just tear the walls down and make it one big open room with an Island which I have always wanted.
The kitchen used to look like this

So it has been a big mess and it is very difficult to try to eat healthy since we are eating from the master bathroom. I have my toaster oven and coffee maker on the counter and our microwave in another bedroom and the fridge in the garage.
That corner is where the Kitchen WAS. The pole is where a pillar will be attached to the Island as you can see the pipe on the floor for the gas and the vent on the ceiling for the new Island Hood.

I went WAY different with new porcelain tile wood-look floors and new almond color cabinets.
This will be our new counter tops made out of Quartzite.

I see the home Stretch in our near future - hopefully will be done in the next few weeks.

In the meantime - I am eating as healthy as I possible can out of the microwave.

I DO miss all the interaction we all used to have here. Please everyone - CHECK-IN and tell us all how you are doing, Bad or Good.

As always - thanks for listening and have a good one.

Keep on BFC'n :-)


  1. I am so glad that you checked in! I really do miss our little group of BFC warriors! I hate to admit that of the 32 lbs I had lost with BFC, I am up 28 of those lbs. I have an addiction to sugar, and I am flat out lazy. I am in such a happy place of life that I hate to have 1 thing, like my weight, be my albatross. I will get it together....I can't wait to see your new kitchen!!!

  2. I am your height and want to be 150�� I think it's going to take me a year to kick 25 lbs... ever so slow progress.

  3. YAY you're back!! Really missed your post Rosalie. I'm glad things are rolling along your new kitchen. Looking forward to seeing the renovations.
    You're always so encouraging to me.

  4. So good to hear from you. I miss our little group too. I am still wheat and grain free ( well sometimes I have a little rice!). I have not gained any back of the 20 lbs that I lost and it will be 2 years in January since I really committed to no wheat. Before I cheated from time to time, but except for a few beers during Oktoberfest in Germany, I have not slipped or cheated. I feel better and both my husband and I are doing it together. I am still eating mostly low carb and still want to lose more weight. Happy to not have gained any, but want to go at least 20 lbs lower. Still drinking my wine and that's probably the problem along with my thyroid issues. But I feel good and it's my only vice at this time as I am still avoiding sugar as well as wheat and grains. I know not everyone agrees with the wheat thing but I swear it's the answer for me. Cravings and over eating are gone and with lots of good coconut oil and good fats in my diet my hunger is very manageable. Love that you got another dog. I think dogs, like humans need companions too. Sorry about your flood, but sounds like you will have a better kitchen when all is finished. Hang in there. Having been through a kitchen redo, I know how hard it is. Please keep in touch. One of these days I swear I'm going to write a new blog post!! XOXO!!

  5. Has anyone read the new Jorge Cruise book, Tiny and Full, I think that's what it's call, what are your thoughts if anyone is read it?

  6. I'm still hanging in there! The more I was on the BFC...the less successful I became. It seemed every single bite of something not on the list caused weight gain.

    I recently (11/1/15) started a different program and am doing much better. It's kind of like BFC but allows a bit of fruit each day but has less of protein & veggies. It sure seems to be working better for me...down 30 lbs. since starting.

    I enjoy reading your posts!! Please keep it!
    And...I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like a tour of your new kitchen with lots of photos!


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