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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Life of MY Poo-Poo

Hello Friends,

This post is to tell you about the Love of my LIFE - PEACHES..........

A lot of you that are friends with me on Facebook already know that Last Thursday my baby had to leave me.

I remember the first time I saw her 11 1/2 years ago at the East End Shelter, a place that rescues animals. It was after our first dog Shadow passed away and we had to find a new friend for our other Queensland Heeler - Tasha.

I went to the shelter and had Tasha with me. We looked all around and right before I was gonna leave - I saw her.. In the middle of a big cage, all alone looked like CRAP!!
I said to the lady - "What about that dog"?
She said "oh She's not ready yet"
I said "Can I see her anyway?"

So she brought Tasha and I to a fenced in area and then brought her in. She was clearly abused cause she had a scar in her left eyeball and her hair was about 3 inches long and she looked like a Rasta hair do..

I Crouched down to get her to come and say hi - and guess what she did??

She came right over to me and put her 2 front paws right up on my knee as if to say "Please take me out of here"

After that moment I knew she was meant to be with me.
They said her name was BEAR!! But we decided she was our little PEACHES instead. Which became Peachy - then Peachy Poo - Then her nick name POO POO.

The first 2 days she was like Speedy Gonzalez........ Running away from Hubby and I so fast. She was frightened to death. Wouldn't come near us at all. After 2 days I said to Hubby - "LOOK! Her tail is wagging!!"

She was the kindest most gentlest girl EVER! She had the MOST CUTEST FACE and Every single person or animal she ever met liked her and she liked them all right back. EVERYBODY Liked Peaches!

She had the very best personality. She would always lay on her tummy with her legs behind her like a Bear. And it would always be some where she could see me. All I had to do was look at her and she would smile real big and wag her tail.

I would pick her up and hug her in my lap and say UMMMMM when I squeezed her - and she started saying it right back EVERY SINGLE time I hugged her - she would go UMMMMM.

She used to love to play when she was younger and always be the one to want to have you chase her and bark. What a personality she had!! I would say to her "BITE HIS BUTT" and she would Bark at who ever I was talking about. In a cute friendly way - not a Cujo way.

Well Tasha was only 11 and got sick and passed away from Kidney Failure and then Peaches and I went and adopted Mandy from a Petco where they were having a adoption event on a very hot Saturday. Her nick name became Sissy because she was the Little - Big Sister and she was scared of all big noises. Hense - Sissy.
1 and 1/2 years ago when Mandy was only 11 she got very sick and I had to put her to sleep. It crushed us. I would come home from work and Peaches would be HOWLING at me at the top of her lungs. WOO WOO WOO. It broke my heart. I had to bend down and Hold her for several minutes to get her to stop. She was heartbroken.

Eventually we finally found her a new Brother at Barks of Love Animal Rescue.
His name was Canon - but we changed it to Conan. Like the Barbarian - or commonly known as "Schnicklefritz" his new nick name.

It took no time for Peaches and Conan to become besties. But in the last 6 months Peaches started to slow down. She was panting very hard all the time. She was like 100 in people years after all. I would walk my dogs every day after work for 2-3 miles. The 3 of us looked forward to that every day, But a few months back she couldn't do it anymore. She started Pooping where ever she was, in the street, on the sidewalk - she didn't have time to go to the grass or dirt anymore. LOL
So I would let her walk for 1-2 blocks very slow and then pull her in a red wagon so she could still go on our daily walks. She loved it.

Last Wednesday we went for our usual Walk-Pull and when we got home and I pulled her out of the wagon, she was limping when she got into the house. She had a funny look on her face but did not cry or yell.

I gave her a little doggie massage to rub her leg that looked like she was limping on (the back left one) and I did not feel anything weird and she did not yelp or anything.

The next morning I went to work and Hubby calls me Hysterical at work and says "I don't think Peaches is gonna make it! She can't get up and I had to carry her outside to go potty"

I called the vet and left work early to take her. When I got home Hubby had to leave. He said he held her in his lap and told her he loved her and said good bye, since we did not know what was wrong with her.

I got to the VET at 4:45 Thursday evening and told the doctor everything - about our walks and her limping. He is so nice. Gets down on the floor with us and everything. He says I'm gonna check her for any pain on her other legs.

I say " she does not have arthritis or anything"

He takes her good back leg and goes in and out and moves it around, then says now the other one. He flips her over and does the same thing and says "OH NO!" My heart sank and I said OH SHIT! that can't be good.

He shows me that she broke her ACL. I looked like her bone snapped right in the middle on her leg. He told me that he COULD operate at $1500 but that she probable will not recover because of her age!

I said I am not ready to let her go!! He said he could send me home for the weekend with her with pain pills and say goodbye if I wanted.

Remember I was alone there cause Hubby was at work - well Conan was with me of course, kissing me and her.

He left me in the room for about 15 minutes to call Hubby and think about it. I had her between my legs on the floor with her head on my leg and she fell asleep on me while I was petting her and telling her how much I loved her.

They came back in and I told him I could not do that to her, take her home in such pain. It would have been selfish of me. So they took her to put the catheter in her arm and brought her back to me. I asked them to take Conan out of the room for me.

It was just me and the doctor. We were on the floor and I held her in my arms with her legs up in the air - with her face looking right at mine. The doctor rubbed her tummy and I pet her face telling her how much I loved her and that I was sorry - and kept telling her "LOOK AT MAMA - LOOK AT MAMA. and made sure she was looking me in the eyes until she fell asleep and took her last breath.

She was the LOVE of my LIFE! I have been so DEVASTATED, crying all the time. I used to tell her "You Better NOT DIE - EVER! If you die I will die too!"

She just used to smile and look at me - like - AWE MOM........

I could never imagine my life without her in it. But now I must. Life goes on.

I was at work yesterday and a guy who works there - a Loan officer, asked me how I was, and I told him I am heartbroken because of Peaches.

Everyone else left for lunch and my boss had a meeting to go to so it was just him and I and I was in the conference room eating my lunch and he came and said he wanted to talk to me.

I want to share what he said to me;

He put 3 fingers on the table like legs and says they represent - The BODY - The MIND and The SPIRIT.

We all take care of our body - you by eating right and walking every day.
We take care of our mind - by reading or learning something new.
We THINK we take care of the SPIRIT but we really don't.

The he takes away one of the fingers and says it makes us wobbly and we teater tauter back and forth, in a good mood to a bad mood, Happy to sad - that we are always thinking about the PAST or FUTURE but not the PRESENT.

We must take care of the SPIRIT by being in the present. He says - I know you are grieving for your dog who you loved and I'm not telling you to not think about her - But you are forgetting about the PRESENT... You need to appreciate what you have right now.......

LIKE - you have another dog - right? You are forgetting about him.

I said - WOW you are right. Yesterday when I got home and on my walk with Conan I did not even enjoy it because I was so busy crying over Peaches and forgot about Conan.

I don't know why - but he made me feel so much better. I came home yesterday and today and Conan and I had a GREAT WALK!

Even though some days I HATE my job - I HAVE a job and get a paycheck.
Peaches is now my Shining Star and I will always think about her. She had such a big piece of my heart and now that part is empty.

This was her last picture before she left me.

Please like and share this post and keep her memory going for me.. Good BYE MY LOVE - You will be so MISSED. I Will see you again one day.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...


  1. Dear Rosie...I am so sorry for your loss!!!! i know it's easy from someone on the outside...but...I've been where you are. Twice within 6 months apart. It doesn't go away...but each day is a bit better. You have a great hubby and you have Conan. And...the dude at work was right, he put it in good words! Hollar ifn' we can help!!

  2. So sorry for your loss, but what a great mother you were to Peaches. What a terrrific life she had. You are such an inspiring person. Love & hugs, Lynn

  3. I'm so sorry Rosalie. You were blessed to have so much love for her! She definitely is a cutie!

  4. Oh Rosalie, I am so, so sorry. I know this pain that you are feeling, as I too have lost several beloved pets over the years. I had tears in my eyes reading your beautifully written tribute to your Peaches. Thinking of your and hope in time the memories will turn the tears into smiles. XO!

  5. I'm sorry you've lost your baby gal, Rosalie. But I'm very glad that you had a coworker that was able to help you find some comfort.


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