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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Don't Give UP!

Hi Friends,

If you are here and reading this, well then at some point you decided to try to get healthy and lose weight. I am no Guru or Teacher or Specialist - just a regular person that got lucky and found the right thing that worked for me.

I feel healthy now and at a size that I never thought I could get to at my age. In case you don't know - YEAH that's me in that before and after photo to the right. As I was losing I thought - "boy it would be great to get to a size 10". I didn't think that was even achievable. And now look at me, 4 and 1/2 years later still eating healthy and not only did I pass that size 10 - but I am a 6 now and age 55.

My Hubby says I eat like a BIRD and he can't eat like me. In fact - most people can't eat like me. When I step back and look at my eating patterns now in comparison to before - I guess I do eat like a bird.

I love and PREFER to eat at home and make all my own food and sweet treats. It is much healthier and I KNOW what I am putting in my mouth. I hardly ever eat processed or Fast Food anymore, but if I am out and have to - I know what to order now. A burger wrapped in lettuce, chicken strips with buffalo sauce for dipping, even 2 tacos if that's all that's around.

But the problem with eating out - it not enough fiber. In fact eating this way "LOW CARB & LOW SUGAR" there seems to never be enough fiber.

Come ON - people - we can all relate to this problem - right? That is one of the main reasons that I use lots of healthy flours to make tons of stuff now. Coconut Flour - Almond Flour - Chia Seeds - ground Flaxseeds. They seem to have more fiber in them and seem to make me fuller and balance me out more.

I am not by any means Gluten Free. I have no need to - gluten or wheat does not bother me. I don't eat it every day - but with all my homemade foods - it just turns out this way.

Even though I continue to maintain my weight, and even under, I still weight myself ever single night before bed and every morning. I KNOW - I am kind of Spazzy. And you might be thinking - WHY oh WHY??

But let me tell you that the only way I am able to stay this weight is by doing that and eating HEALTHY all the time of course.

For instance, if Hubby and I went out to dinner and I have a pc of bread as a treat and even maybe a few bites of his desert - If I don't pay attention - I will gain 1-2lbs just by doing that 1 night. Then the next day we might go to the movies and of course I eat popcorn (no butter) and that will make me gain 1lb. YUP

For the NORMAL eaters and NON-Healthy people - they will laugh at that and say - "1lb hahaha, that's nothing."

Yeah but if you are not careful - that 1-2lbs will turn into 5lbs - then into 10lbs - then into 20lbs...........

Then you're gonna say HOLY CRAP!! Where'd that come from and panic and say - this diet does not work and try some other scam and keep jumping from diet to diet and then just give up and say nothing works.

Then you think - I AM FAT and gonna stay this way I guess...

Let me share my secret to success with you..............SHHHHH

That's ALL.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. True words master :) I need to learn that eating like a bird will make me happier than eating like an oinker! I still don't know what I think about all the special flours, I'll have to figure that one out. I do know I am going to splurge on more Swerve, I love that stuff!
    Thank you for being you!!!

    1. Kay,
      You have me laughing right now :)
      You are certainly NO "oinker." You are adorably cute and will figure this whole thing out again soon.

      Hugs, Dear Friend :)

      Your "Fitness Pal"
      Linda :)

  2. Rosalie,

    Thanks for saying that you "prefer" to eat at home. I have friends who think I'm "nuts" because I would rather eat at home too.

    Thanks for all of the encouraging words.

    I too wish I could find a way to eat that I can stick with. I do know I'm praying really hard about just that. I do well for awhile but then "fall off the bandwagon" and have to begin again.

    I'm gonna keep trying. Lord willing, one day I, like you, will figure this whole thing out.

    *Hugs and Blessings* For You,

    Linda in Western NC :)

  3. love this! You are so right. I think my biggest problem right now is eating too much. I do remember when I was at my lowest a few summers ago that I ate much less. And I wasn't hungry, either, with all the coconut flour and stuff. Need to get back to that place. Keep it up!

  4. I'm still here...THANK you for all your insight and encouragement.

    This journey, for me at least, has been/is a slow one. I have my good/bad days but do try to eat what's healthy for me. I, too, prefer to eat at home since it is much easier to make good choices. But, life gets in the way sometimes and that's not always possible.

    It's amazing...when eating the right (healthy) foods, I'm not nearly as hungry throughout the day. Since March I've been (trying) to follow Jorge's Stubborn Fat Gone plan. Like I said, it's a slow process, but you're blog posts are SOOO helpful!! THANK YOU!!

  5. I noticed the fish you posted for lunch on face book was breaded , what breeding did you use? I love breaded fish.


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