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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Constant Battle. ..

How is everyone doing?

I am plugging away and doing great weight wise cause the other day I weighed 146. Remember, that I am 5'7" tall. My 90lb loss weight is at 148 - so I have not only maintained all this time, but I keep losing.

Some of you, Many of you are probably wondering how I am able to do it. How can I face all the pressures of being around all the "Regular Eating People" all day and not give in and just blow up like a balloon.

This is a CONSTANT BATTLE. I am at war with - well - everybody else is seems like sometimes. I truly don't know anyone else who eats the way I do - or who is actually willing to eat the way I do every day.

They seem to be impressed with my weight loss and ACT interested in my recipes and how I did it, but that's about as far as it goes usually. 

I feel like a LONE WOLF...
Every day after I get off work I come home, change and me and my furry kids go for a 2 to 3.5 mile walk, depends on my mood and how far I can get Peaches to go. She is 14 1/2 years old and I make her and Conan go every day. Keeps her young.  I can NEVER get anyone to walk with me - only them.

I feel like I MUST do this every day or I don't feel right. I worry every day about my weight and do everything I can to make sure that I will NEVER be that person I was before.

I am Very SPAZZY about the scale and weigh every night and morning. Again - to make sure I am not gaining any weight back. I am 55 now and lost all the weight while I was over the age of 50. I am going thru Menopause (I think) cause I still get my period with all the symptoms and joys of the change. I have heard that makes you gain weight too - so I am staying on top of that - or trying anyway. 

This weight thing is a constant battle I tell you. Its not hard for me, that's not what I am saying. Its actually like second nature for me now. I don't have to measure anything or look anything up - I just know how to eat now. I share with anyone who will listen.

But I still feel like that LONE WOLF with no friends... Oh well, maybe I talk too much - or is it not enough? Don't know. All I know is - Just one would be nice... OK shutting up  now.

I don't have much time anymore for very much. I can't blog like I used to. I know someone posted on FaceBook to me about the thing where you say 3 things we are grateful for every day for 7 days. Sorry I didn't do it - but it seems like what ever we post on there, someone always says something negative about your post - right?

So I want to say Here, that I am VERY GRATEFUL for everything I have, new or very old, 
for my Hubby-who I have been with for 24 years now, 
My children (well adults now), 
my job (even though they are Spanishing me out) LOL, 
my Home that we moved into a little over a year now, 
my beautiful furry kids - who give me smiles and love when no one else does, 
The clothes on my back (even though they are not new), 
for the few family members that I do have left,
But I think my biggest accomplishment is losing all the weight - I am so GRATEFUL for Hubby seeing Jorge on TV and making me buy his Belly Fat Cure Book.

I think my biggest secret to keeping the weight off is by eating at home most of the time (not always of course) and by making sure I always have plenty of sweet homemade snacks that I can eat every day. I need to be prepare for when the monster rears its ugly head - and that is a lot. I have a BIG Sweet Tooth.

So Eat from home more - Eat REAL Food - Stay prepared - and NEVER GIVE UP!!

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  - no matter what  :-)


  1. I am so here with you!! You've got me weighing every night and morning now. I am 5'7" also and would love to weight 148. I was close to 170 almost a year ago. Didn't do much about it till just resent but followed you for inspiration. And found others through you. I have done so much research lately on paleo. Now I am down to 155-156. The last month has been slow. Cooking now with almond/coconut flours and enjoying the foods I choose. I look forward to all your post. Carry on!!

  2. I am FINALLY back in the hunt! Keep posting, please!!! And good thankful list :)

  3. I loved your "thankful list" too!

    I also agree with Kay. Please keep posting. I learn so very much from you.

    I'm praying that your weekend is stress free and relaxing.


    Linda in Western NC :)


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