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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mostly alone today...

HI Folks,

I am so tired lately I have to ask what day it is. Maria went home so It was just Hubby and I today. Well until 11ish then he had to jet to work early at 12 noon instead of 6pm. He is so tired.

I have making sure to eat breakfast each day before I go over to the new house to work.

Yesterday's breakfast for Maria and I - remember Hubby has been going over straight from working the night shift in the mornings, so I hope he is eating - he says he is.
 This morning my breakfast was eggs with Kale and mushrooms and toast. The easiest thing I can make is toast and eggs to get out of the house quick. Of course I bring along a to go mug of coffee.
Yesterday at lunch time we went to Home Depot for more supplies and they had free hot dogs and cookies. Hubby had 3 hotdogs (he was starving) Maria had 1 and I had 1 with out the bun. I also nabbed 1 oreo. Boy I haven't ate those for 3 and 1/2 years. Around 2ish we went to at Carls Jr - Green burrito and I ate 2 crunchy tacos with salsa for lunch . And today I ate a turkey sandwich of some stuff I brought over and some blackberries and a string cheese for a snack.

I decided that I leave every day at 5 so when I get home I take the furry girls for at least a 1 mile walk - no matter how tired I am. Then I have been eating a spinach salad usually for my dinner. Yesterday I ate 5 wings also.

You might have seen these on Facebook but here goes;
 The hallway before and after
 my new kitchen
 the other kitchen window and kitchen counter - yup we have a wine fridge (we had to buy it from her though)
Remember the old picture?? The Family room after painting
This is the master bedroom that I primed and painted myself this afternoon along with a bunch of other stuff.
I left the top edge for Hubby to do - that is his job. Notice the old color that looks like someone threw up some green shit then watered it down. We decided to do the whole house the same color in Arabian sands. Semi gloss for the kitchen and bathrooms and satin for the rest. I just don't have enough time to pick different colors for all the rooms. We need to be all done and out of the old place by the 15th - tick-tick-tick. 
I really thought my ET's would make me mess up with the painting - but Not at all. Surprise! I still shake when I eat so they are not gone. I think I am doing a great job and everything aches and hurts and I still can't sleep that well - probably from excitement.

We are tired - but happy - tired.

Have a great day everyone.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I love the pictures and the kitchen looks awesome! What a stove!
    I am very excited for you!

  2. YouAre Doing A Great Job...Yaaaay House!!!

  3. Looking good! Totally thought you'd be sleeping better by now! Its probably your hormones, but have you ever researched Adrenal Fatigue? It might be worth some research, when u have some downtime.....haha!


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