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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Got Dishes...and Raspberry Tart

Hello Friends,

Its been real nice weather over here, just under 70 the past couple days. But if makes you  feel any better - its supposed to rain Wednesday and Thursday.

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that yesterday morning when I went to get in the shower, I saw dirt all over in the tub. I went to hubby and naturally asked him what the hell he did to leave such a mess. He said he had not been in there at all. Then he proceeds to tell me one of the dogs probably jumped in there while we were gone.

OK - A show of hands...Who the heck would believe that one of my dogs jumped in the tub all by them selves knowing what the tub is for???? REALLY?? So I guess the invisibles did it then....

Yesterday after our breakfast Hubby and I went out looking at dishes again. But he waited way to long to leave and I managed to get in some lunch first. A spinach salad and 2 Cauliflower-cheese muffins. And after I went and got a thin mint that I made out of the freezer. Yeah - OK it was so good I went back for another. LOL

We went to several places but I just can't seem to get myself to spend a lot of money on them. He says he doesn't care even if its $500. Well hes just stupid cause we never have anyone over and its just me and him so why spend that kind of money. I did not want to go over the money I got when I sold my other dishes for $180.

So on the way home we stopped at the Montclair plaza and looked at several places and before we left we went into Sears just to see if they had something - which I was sure they wouldn't. They we having a sale and we found these.
 Who was it that said chefs and cooking shows always use white?? Pattie I think? Well that got me thinking and she was right. They look classier. I looking so much I realized that I wanted the porcelain ones and not stoneware so they will be more durable and last longer. These came in a big box of service for 8. They had a really good feel and not so heavy and even came with the 2 serving bowls on the left. The regular price was great at $80 but it was on sale for $50 and she even gave me 10% off which made it $49 total with tax. Woo Hoo - I am just a simple person and don't really need the expensive ones. So that means that I have $130 left to buy something else.

My dinner last night was some shirataki noodles with some brussel sprouts, chicken and alfredo sauce.
I did have 2 small protein bites after and some rediwhip.

Breakfast this morning was some Alpine Valley 12 grain toast with my homemade almond butter and eggs with some spinach sauted in EVOO and garlic, and some cheese of course.
 Lunch was my spicy Meat-Lovers pizza - yum so good and filling.
So I thought  would try the turnover again.

I used about 2tbsp each of cream cheese and butter and warmed it up a bit in the microwave.
 I added in 2 tbsp of coconut flour and used my tortilla smusher and made 2 halves then filled the center with some Nature's Hollow and a few raspberries.
 Put the top half on and pinched the edges closed and baked on parchment paper for 20 min at 350.
 Finished product - looks much better - HUH?  VIOLA - I give you the Raspberry Tart...
This was my dinner tonight cause I ate my lunch kind of late at 2pm. So Good!!

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. wow so many yummy dishes! can u use a rolling pin instead of the smusher thing and can u use almond flour? that tart looks really good! carole

    1. When I used my rolling pin it was harder for me, but maybe its from my ET's. IDK about the almond flour - it might give it a different taste and texture. If you try it that way let me know how it came out.

  2. Hi Rosy, :)

    I made your turnover yesterday and used almond flour because I don't care for the coconut flour. I split it with my sweet hubby.

    Can we say NIRVANA??? We both absolutely loved it!

    Thanks SO much for the recipe and all that you do for us! :)

    Also, our dogs sometimes jump in our tub, especially if it's storming out and they get really frightened. Weird ... I know. :-/

    Blessings to You and *Big Hugs*

    Linda in Western NC

  3. Wow, on the dishes! They are cute and affordable and now you can go shop for something fun! :) I forgot to tell you that I got that Alpine Valley bread and I'm eating it for breakfast right now as I type....it's great and I get what you were saying about being more chewy than the Oasis. Hope you have a great day and it doesn't rain on you. So weird, but there isn't a cloud in the sky right now, but I'm sure that will change by tonight.

  4. yum yum yum! I have it on my list to try out one of those tarts too. I bet the boys would love them. And it sounds like you've got a winning recipe, I don't think I'd even need to fool around with it.

  5. I love the dishes! Now what are you going to look for with your leftover monies?
    You are just so creative in your treats

  6. I like white dishes because you can change your table decorations around to suit the season when you entertain. Have shopping with the extra $!

  7. Love the new dishes and can't wait to try that pastry. I am also such a fan a of the cauli jali muffins, make them in mini loafs and they are scrumptious!

  8. The dishes look great and what a good buy! You won't be sorry with the white. You can also look for colorful, inexpensive salad plates if you ever want to dress up your table a bit. Put one on top of the white plate when you set the table and it's a whole new look. I aways change my tablecloth or napkins based on the holiday or season when we entertain and the white dishes always look perfect against any background. I am going to try the cauli muffins today or tomorrow. I just printed out the recipe!! XO!

  9. Love the dishes! We registered for white dishes when we got married 17 years ago and use them for every holiday and many dinners - we love them. We also have white everyday dishes (Corelle from Walmart - the kind you can buy 1 piece at a time - super kid friendly) and I love that I can mix and match them with different table clothes and placemats. Good choice! The meat lovers pizza and tart look fabulous... will have to try them soon! :)


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