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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Guest Blogger Shereen, Hear how she lost 80 lbs on the BFC...

January 2011 – 215 pounds
February 2013 – 135 pounds

I started the Belly Fat Cure at the beginning of August 2011, just after my 48th birthday.  My 30th class reunion was 6 weeks away, and I was 20 pounds heavier that I was at the 25th.  I looked at several diet books that weekend, Dukan, Atkins, South Beach and nothing looked do-able at that point. I saw the BFC book – but couldn't look inside – it was wrapped with the sugar-carb counter. I had lost weight with Jorge’s 8 Minutes in the Morning several years ago, (but never kept it off) – so I bought the book. My starting weight that day was 213 pounds.  (I am 5’6” and was wearing 16/18, 1X.)

I liked that he made it look easy, and I kept telling myself it was only six weeks. I had quit drinking pop in favor of unsweetened iced tea a few years before, so I had already taken the sugared beverages out of my diet. I am single and live alone, so no worries about cooking for anyone else. I honestly just started reading labels – If the sugar/carb count was low enough, it was in, if I didn’t know or couldn't figure it out, it was out. I ate then – and still eat – lots of frozen meals, I just make sure the count is under 5/2. My snacks are usually almonds or one serving of crackers.

Right away, I noticed I was sleeping better. After the first week, I really didn't crave anything.  The pounds were coming off easily. I kept telling myself it was only for 6 weeks. I never said no to one beer or one glass of wine (although, sometimes it was hard to say no to the second one!)  I kept a spreadsheet on the computer, one page was food and one page was weight. I wrote down and counted EVERYTHING that went in my mouth and I weighed every morning. I can tell you that every day was not perfect, but I never let one miss-step be the excuse for a next one.

Eating out was a challenge at first, but I started planning ahead. I look up menus and nutrition guides if they are available. When I can’t look ahead, I stick with omelets (as long as they are not the ones with pancake batter mixed in!), a hamburger with no bun and a salad, or a steak and vegetable with a glass of red wine.
By the reunion I was down the 20 pounds I wanted to lose, and I bought a new size 14W dress (that I was going to wear again to a family wedding in January, I thought.)  I decided that losing that 20 pounds wasn’t so hard and I kept going. I didn't set a number goal of how much to lose, just kept eating the way I was eating. I did have a Christmas cookie or two – but never sat down and sampled the whole tray as I may have in the past. Kept writing things down and kept weighing every day.

The wedding in January didn't happen – but I couldn't have worn the dress! I was down to 170 and bought my first size 10 jeans EVER IN MY LIFE. I decided I could live eating the way I was eating, and I felt good. I was going to just keep doing it and if the weight kept coming off, then it was supposed to!  I never thought I would get under 150. When people would ask and tell me not to lose anymore, I used that as my target – until I passed it in May.  At one year on the BFC, I was at 140 and wearing mostly 6’s and a few 4’s.

I decided that I really didn't need to lose weight anymore, but I needed to do something to get fit. I started walking more and doing yoga twice a week. A friend doing physical therapy after a foot surgery wanted a goal, so I started training to do a half marathon with her. I had done one in January 2011 (walking, not running!), and told myself that I could keep my diet and if I gained weight it was okay – it would be muscle.
The race was a week ago Sunday.

Today I am at 135 pounds, and just bought a pair of size 2 jeans!


  1. That is AMAZING and I am so happy for you!!! The power of "keeping on". Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  2. wow ...what an inspiration...congrats! carole

  3. shereen would it be possible to contact you thru fb or an email address? im asking for permission for rosie to give me a way to contact.thnx carole

  4. Rosalie - Thanks for having Shereen as a guest! Way to go Shereen!

  5. Way to go. What a great inspiring story!

  6. Thanks Rosalie and thanks everyone! Sure Carole, no fb but Rosalie has my email.


  7. You did all that in one year??!! I am so impressed! You don't have a blog of your own do you? I'd love to read more. Great job!

    1. No blog, sorry! I really admire and appreciate all of you who blog.


  8. You go Shereen! That's just awesome :) Thanks for sharing.

  9. Wow Shereen that's amazing! Congrats to u! Did u keep all carbs high fibre and did u always eat the 120 g allowed? Thanks Rosalie for doing this on your blog!

    1. I kept to 6 servings - so that's not usually 120 g, since 21 - 40 is 2. I really didn't pay too much attention to fiber - I eat lots of spinach, broccoli and almonds.


  10. Wow,
    Shereen, your path was just what I needed. Looking for frozen dinners that fit the BFC. I am single also. Lunch and Breakfast no problem, but I really needed convienient food, with daily variety for dinner. Just quickly looked online at some name brand frozen dinners. So many will fit the BFC. I think this could be my answer to long term success. Thanks Rosy for posting her blog. Great day ladies!!!!

  11. So awesome to hear your success story Shereen! It's what we're all here for! Congratulations! Do you have your own blog? it would be great to follow you. Thank you Rosalie for posting!

  12. Congratulations Shereen, and thanks for sharing. Your story is really a good motivation for people who are still trying to lose weight.

  13. What an inspirational story! How awesome, Shereen, that you found the BFC, worked hard at it, stayed committed, and got the results you wanted! Thanks for sharing your story and thanks to Rosalie for posting it. :)

  14. I am sitting her simply stunned by Shereen's story...I am 215, wearing the same size she was, same height, etc. Rosalie and Shereen have shown me I CAN do it! Is there any way Shereen is willing to personally talk with some of us? I would love to know any and everything else I can since I am exactly what her starting point was.
    After getting out of a very unhealthy marriage, with 2 young babes at home, it's time to put my wellness first!
    Thanks so much! My email is kvthiv@hotmail.com

  15. Kudos to you Shereen! It's anecdotes like these that keep many of us going as it provides lots of encouragement!
    Thanks a bunch for sharing, Rosalie!

  16. What a motivational story! I am just beginning, and love checking out other people's success. I am on the 5th day, and I have lost 5 lbs. I am still eating the 2 min cake every night as my treat. Hopefully I won't need it soon. I am still within the 15/6.
    Thank you again for sharing!

  17. Wow! Just what I needed to read today. Just like Rosy, you didn't always lose weight, but you stayed CONSISTENT. I don't think this is about will power or discipline, but about staying consistent no matter what the scale says each day. Sometimes we lose inches instead of pounds. It's all good!


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