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Sunday, December 2, 2012

What I Miss...

Hello Friends,

It's been a bit rainy on and off over here for a few days now. I have managed to get my walks in everyday though between the rain.

My lunch yesterday was some tuna, mayo, avocado, jalapenos and cucumber cut up, bacon bits, feta cheese and some onion crunch all in a bowl.

We went to see The new Twilight movie. Loved it of course like all the others. I ate popcorn but skipped dinner when I got home just had some tea and a grain-free brownie and rediwhip.

I crocheted these wristlets on Friday. It was pretty easy. They will keep my hands warm when I  walk with the dogs at night.
 My breakfast this morning was pancakes made with almond, coconut and flaxseed flours. I have 2 left over for tomorrow's breakfast. I have been using that coconut oil spray lately and I love it.
 Hubby and I went to look at 2 more houses again. This time we liked them both. Not the exact open floor-plan layout we are looking for but very nice non the less. One is a short sale. We will see.

After we stopped at Boston Market and I had creamed spinach, green beans and chicken.
By the time I got home my tummy was kind of gurgling. So I made some peppermint tea with stevia to drink while Hubby was taking a nap before work.

I get that quite often since I started eating like this. Anyone else have that problem?? I try to figure out why but can't really pin-point it. I have no allergies or anything like that with any types of foods. I just get gas a lot. That's what healthy does I guess.

What I miss:
You know of all the foods I used to eat, lately I think I miss Rice-a Roni. I used to make it with some ground beef and mixed veggies in it. You know the kind I can't eat any more like peas and carrots.

I also miss Soups. Like Chicken Matzo Ball and Split Pea. I used to make them home made and would eat tons of it at a time. I can't eat stuff in abundance like that any more and NOW I realize why - they have way too many Carbs and SUGAR. Too Fattening!

I was watching a commercial this morning for Carls Jr I think? for the BBQ beef burger combo. And it  came with a 2 cookie ice cream sandwich. I easily could have eaten that before. It looked like it had about 70 grams of carbs and 40 g of sugars.

That kind of stuff is why I was so fat before, why society is so fat too I think.

Even though there is a few seconds that I THINK I miss that stuff - I know deep down in my heart that I can live without them. Once in a while I will indulge with a bite and that is enough. I know some of think that I always eat so perfect all the time, but All I have to do is take a look at my before pictures and that is seriously enough to make me cry.

How are you all doing this weekend?? Share with the class, Good or Bad. We want to know. We want to Help.

Thanks for listening. Keep Smiling no matter what.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. My husband made some split pea soup this week (with the leftover Turkey Day ham) and I read the label on the peas. I was surprised that the sugar and carb levels weren't too bad.....IF you could control yourself and have just a cup. I wouldn't make it for myself because I would eat more than that, but since he made it for the rest of the family, I could eat my usual stuff and have a side of split pea. I have to say that the Twilight movie was great! I used to be totally Team Jacob, but Edward looked really HOT in this movie. Kristin Stewart looked very beautiful, too! :) I'm soooo renting/redboxing this movie again when it comes out.

  2. My stomach gets gassy a lot too. I can never figure out what food actually does it to me. I attributed it to old age!
    There is one thing that I miss and we were just at Costco and it brings it back to me, the chocolate almond ice cream bar at their deli. I think it has been almost 2 years since I have had one. I imagine I would get sick if I ate one now, so it is easy to leave it alone.

  3. you know my tummy gets so gassy.lol. I talk about this in almost every post hopefully my new expriment helps?

    and yes i think about the foods I miss, but then I remember thatits not the foods I missed but the company I was with when I used to eat this; the occasions, the walks with my sister to starbucks for a frappucinno..i loved the farpps, but I know its not the frapps i miss, but the walks with my sister to get them..etc. Its hard sometimes, but as long as we are aware of this, i think it's good.

  4. My digestion makes way more noise than it used to. I thought it was weird until someone told me their naturopath gets concerned if their digestion is not making noise. Sounds like noise means better functioning ... I'll take it :) I loved pea soup - but the bad from a can kind :)

  5. Hanging in there this weekend. As usual we ate out with friends all weekend. Passed up the bread and dessert last night, but had too much wine...what else is new. We meet friends and eat out alot and it's always a challenge to eat right, but i really do try. I love your meals in a bowl. I like stuff like that too. Love the wristlets! It's cold here in the morning, so I could use a those when I walk the dogs. XO

  6. I think the noisy tummy is ok - it's when it hurts that you need to change things up. I saw that Carls JR commercial too, and thought why do we need an ice cream cookie too!?!? But it's probably a selling point for a lot of sad people. ;(

  7. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading this post..not that I don't think you are a 'real' person but it makes it seem more real when you do say you miss some of the 'old' foods. I have never been able to walk away from particular foods. I can limit them but it's hard for me to wrap my mind around something being completely off limits.

    Love the wristlets! I didn't inherit the knitting or crocheting talent. I think it skipped a generation.

  8. Holy cow, yes! When I first started the BFC I was using xylitol more and attributed the noisy guts to that. Then I noticed I had nearly no gas - from either end (yeah, that's crude, but it is what it is). My stomach seemed to calm down. But lately I have noticed it's gotten real noisy again. The only thing I've been doing a bit differently is that I've been using stevia more often and haven't been using xylitol much at all. Might it be that? Makes it hard to get romantic when your guts are going off, right?


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