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Friday, November 30, 2012

The Rain brings out my Crafty side...

Good Morning Friends,

I woke up this morning to Rain-Rain-Rain. Hubby has been working a lot and has not been here much at all this week. He is awesome!! So its just been me, the 3 furry girls and lets not forget about the Invisibles.

I did manage to get a walk in every day between the rain. I finished the blanket and now looking for some other craft to do, so I might make a trip to the store for some more yarn and needles today. I am getting the craft bug now. I downloaded some cute lacey scarfs to knit so we will see.

You know my mom died way over 10 years ago and she had all kind of stuff that I mostly sold at yard sales, but she had BOXES and boxes of yarn, books, needles, hooks and whatever.. I thought at the time that it was old fashioned to do that so I donated everything to some old ladies that made sweaters for children of disasters. I felt so good doing it and just knew that would make her happy.

Now I could kick myself for not keeping some, at least the needles and hooks. Cause the patterns I found take circular needles which she had in abundance of every size and shape probably in pairs. so now I have to go buy some - oh well.

My lunch yesterday was some shirataki noodles, some of that pasta sauce on my Fav Products page, turkey sausage crumbles, and of course hot sauce and parmesan cheese - and a Grape zevia.
 Peaches and the rat both fell asleep on my lap and Peaches was snoring a little. We always thought it was just Mandy. LOL I tried to take the picture without waking them up.

 I ran out of treats and asked hubby over the phone what he would like and he always says the Grain-Free Brownies (made with black beans), so I made a batch. It is much easier for me to make the stuff into muffins cause it makes it easier to determine how much a serving is.
 This is what they look like all done and before they go in my tummy :-)
 While they were cooling we went for our walk in between the rain.

My dinner was a spinach salad w/1/2 avocado cut up, bacon bits, feta cheese, cesar dressing and some cucumber sliced on a plate with some turkey lunch meat on top.

For desert I crumbled 1 of the brownies in a bowl with some RediWhip and some peppermint tea with stevia.

So now I have 4 loaves of this Julian Bakery Paleo bread and it cost too much money to throw away so I am forced to use it up. I put some butter and peanut butter on top of the Almond flour one, and cream cheese and natures hollow on top of the coconut one.
Still don't like it! If anyone who lives near me wants to try it - let me know. Come over and get one loaf.

I hope you all have a great day.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Wow - I can't believe you bought so much of that bread without trying it, lol! And it's rainy over here, too, but it's much colder - hah! Have a great day!

  2. You at least tried the bread, so now you know not to buy it again. Maybe if you put tuna or something really strong tasting on it? Grilling bread with butter always makes it tastier.
    I love the 1/2 glove that you put on facebook. Is that knitting or crocheting? I only know how to knit and thought about getting after it again. The yarn I like costs a fortune though.
    Blessings my friend!

  3. Oh, if you get tired of my political posts on twitter, I won't feel bad if you delete me:) I can be a little obsessive!

    1. are you kidding? I would never delete you my friend.
      And that was crochet but you can probably do it knitting too.
      Its just 1 rectangle and then fold in half and slip stitch down the side leaving opening for the thumb. Easy Peasy. :-)

    2. :) I want to make an infinity scarf using round needles. There are patterns, but I don't want to have to think! That's why I love knitting in the round!
      Very crafty!

  4. Hi friend! Glad to get a heads up about that bread. I have been so tempted to try it. I know how you feel about wheat, but I really feel it makes me want more wheat, so I try to limit it. I don't always have time to bake the coconut bread or almond flour stuff and i was hoping to have something around like that. Oh well. Love how you and RS have bonded. So cute!! Hugs and love from me to you!! XO

  5. Could you make seasoned croutons with some of the bread? Then you could use on salads, top soups or even make small batches of dressing. Maybe dry some of it, run through a food processor, and use as a flour sub in a baked recipe? I hate to waste stuff, too, even if I don't like something. Yikes. BTW, I love the grape Zevia! Our stores must know that's the most popular flavor because they charge about a buck more for that flavor than the others. Rotten boogers.


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