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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Keeping Busy...

HI Friend

The past few days Hubby has been getting me out and trying to keep me busy. Friday we went to The South Coast Plaza in Orange county. It is a very expensive mall and we hardly ever go there cause we can't afford it. LOL

There used to be a Jerry's Deli across the street from there and we were gonna eat there first, but alas - it was closed down like many businesses. So we wound up eating at Claim Jumpers. I ate chicken and zucchini.
They had some funny hats -Ernie
Here I am standing in front of like the biggest tree I have ever seen. I am so tired with puffy eyes from never sleeping. Hubby always tells me that when I wear pants too big they look funny. I am wearing size 10's and they look so big and a XL sweater for some reason I just can't throw away . 

Saturday we went to the Ontario Mills Mall to eat lunch and window shop. We at least can afford to buy something in there. I ate some chicken and veggies for lunch. I have really been wanting to buy a pair of boots but for some reason my calf's are still to big even though I look skinny now. So no luck of course. It just makes me feel bad and fat cause I can't zip up the tall boots. I'm weird I know.

When we got home Hubby had to go to work the night shift so I ate some wings and spinach salad for dinner.

This morning I had toast with butter and peanut butter and blueberries on top and a egg white and cheese omelet.

I made another batch of Chocolate-Hazelnut-butter and I made a batch of Protein bites that are chillin in the fridge which I have to go cut in a few minutes. I ran out of both of those and I love them both.

This morning I was getting worried when Hubby never came home. He usually gets here around 7am when he works nights. He did not answer his text or phone so finally I called the FD and they said he was on a live burn training. DUH? Does he think I have a computer brain and can remember everything? Shame on him - he scared me.

Well Have a nice rest of the weekend.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Keep shopping for those boots! I find Macy's has a huge choice in all different styles and prices. Ask the saleperson for ones that have bigger/roomier calves. LOTS of ppl have that problem with boot :( We need the Calf Fat Cure now!

  2. Maybe it's because I grew up going to this mall (and know to skip Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Saks, bloomies and the other expensive places) that I don't find it intimidating. It has Macy's, Sephora, Forever 21 (for my daughter), Bath and Body Works, Ann Taylor Loft (across the bridge). Actually, I went last week, although it's been a long time since I've been because I'm trying to save $$$$$. Glad hubby got you out and about.....tell him to write his schedule on the calendar.....that's the only way I remember to pick kids up at the right time and anything else going on :)
    Have a great week and try to get out and take those doggies for walks between the rain. It's seriously the best thing for your mood (as I've found).

  3. So glad you are ok and getting out and about. XO

  4. I'm glad you are out and about! I have trouble with the knee boots and my calves too. I did find a pair that worked and discovered I was too short:(

  5. It's probably all the walking that makes your calves big - that is a good, healthy thing! I've never been a boot lady, so I don't even know if I can wear them. Funny, huh? SOrry to hear your hubby scared you - I hate it when they do that!


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