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Friday, December 21, 2012

Just in Case...

Good Morning,

Well today the world is supposed to end. Well its gonna end some day but if it happens to be today, I would like you all to know that it has been a pleasure meeting all of you and helping you all with your health and diet goals.

I have come to love blogging and sharing everything I have learned with all of you, no matter what happens to be going on in my life at the moment.

I still have no desire to be in the Holiday mood at all this year. There will be next year - I HOPE!

Remember Tuesday I went to Best Buy to drop off my phone for repair? Waited for about 1.5 hours and they gave me a loaner phone. They called me the very next day while I was in the movies seeing The Hobbit by myself and said it was in already. I went back that evening and waited another 1.5 hours and they gave me a brand new phone, plus they put a new shield back on the front of the new one for free too. That was fast but I hate putting all my stuff and apps back. The insurance at Best Buy is $9.99 a month but worth it, no deductible.

My breakfast yesterday, I had oatmeal - I was getting tired of toast and eggs.
Lunch I made pizza out of zucchini crust but this time I added in 1/4c of almond flour and split it up into 2 small ones. Ate 1 for lunch and wound up eating the other one for dinner. I put pesto sauce, cheese, sliced tomato, mushrooms, turkey sausage crumbles, and a bit more cheese. was good.
 Breakfast this morning is done - now I wait for the world to end.
So just in case the world does end today - It was REAL!!

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)

The view outside my front door on Wednesday. I love living in California!!


  1. Happy Friday Rosy! :)

    Thank you again for all that you do for all of us. As always ... I get the best food ideas from reading your blog.

    I can see why you love living in CA. The pic you posted is certainly beautiful.

    Take your time healing and feeling better. Each person who suffers a loss deals with it in THEIR time schedule and no one else. What's right for you is right. End of story!!

    I love knowing you my cyber friend.

    Have a blessed weekend.

    With Love and Hugs,

    Linda in Western NC :)

  2. Now I know why when you have popcorn for dinner you call it a meal. I went a little wild with some movie theater popcorn and could really see the effect on the scale in the following days.

  3. So funny...I'm reading your blog, and my 10 yr old son comes in and asks about it. I told him, don't you remember when I had lunch with Rosie and your sister said it was bad that I was having lunch with a stranger and that you "Rosie" would "shank" me..... Oh boy......Such a drama queen! Need to watch what we tell the children :) So I guess we have survived the end of the world....I'm still not in the mood for Christmas, too! I actually returned all of my 15 yr olds Christmas presents because she is acting so selfish, rude and unappreciative! Anyone want a 15 yr old hormonal female?!?!

  4. I so miss ur old format for blog. I liked reading all the links to blogs u read. It's gone now, that side bar. Loved. It. Is it coming back?

  5. Well we are still here...darn I ran my credit card up...LOL ;-) I was hoping I wouldn't have to pay the January bill...lol. How was the Hobbit?...I want to go see that too! I'm wishing you good things for 2013 and looking for another year of great blogging! You have helped so much this year! Thank you Rosalie. Hugs


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