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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bread, Bread, Bread...

Hello Friends,

So yesterday me and the furry girls did manage to get a walk in before it started raining. Today might be a different story though. I woke up to rain and its supposed to be wet for 2 days, so we will see.

Yesterday's post I told you that I found the Julian Bakery - Paleo bread and bought some of both the coconut and almond flour breads.

I ate some for lunch yesterday and again for breakfast this morning.
I have to say that all though I love almond flour when I bake my sweets, I don't love the bread with almond flour. The coconut flour one tastes much like the bread recipes we make using coconut flour. That one tastes much better, you can taste the coconut flour taste.

They are both VERY Heavy and Dense. To be honest I would not even waste the money. If wheat bothers you, if you have Celiac or are allergic - Just make your own with one of our recipes it will much cheaper than $7.99 a small loaf.

This Mahlers Bread that I got from Sprouts when they ran out of my favorite would be my second pick. As you can see the carb and calorie and sugar count is very low and it is fluffier and made healthy too but with wheat, which doesn't bother me at all.
You all know this one is my very Favorite bread; Oasis Low Carb Sprouted Flaxseed Bread. Does contain wheat too. I buy this at Sprouts also and is a very good price of around $3.50 ish.
I have been told there is a good one at Trader Joes also but the ones in my area don't have them at all. 

So that's my skinny on my picks for BFC approved Breads for now. 

Thanks for listening and have a great day.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Thanks for the review on the bread. I was wondering about it.

  2. I saw that you waited until reaching your goal weight until considering fruit, how do you feel about fruit after abstaining for so long?

    1. Kerry, I never eat any fruit except what will fit into the BFC guidelines.
      So that is Blackberries, Raspberries and after I lost my weight I now eat a few blueberries too.
      No other fruit has the right amount of sugar. Even strawberries and cherries have about 1 gram of sugar each one.

    2. Thanks, I think I need to hear that again and again, I'm not eating fruit regularly but it's hard to pass up a home made smoothie. I really do have to be more accountable for the ingredients in that smoothie.

  3. Last year I sent for Oasis bread to be delivered to MD.
    I forgot the total with shipping,,,, 11/4. I ordered 6 loaves. I got a conformation 11/5 stating the bread came to 21.00 shipping 25.00 total cost 46.00
    This was from the Oasis Bread Company,,,, Pay Pal took 64.00 out of my checking account. I called Oasis and spoke to Kalin,,, She said shipping prices went up (UP,,,18.00 ?) But she would look into it for me. On 11/27 she emailed me saying that was the true total that I was charged. I contested the charge since I received their conformation,,, I'm waiting for a reply,,,, I love the bread as you do (I heard about it from you in the first place) It is a good bread for my diabetic son as I pack his lunches for the day center each day. I am real disappointed in this transaction, I wonder how much it would cost for someone other then the company to ship? I have a Nephew that is a Dr. at Cedar Sinai... just a thought,,, You are the first I read ,,,,,You are my fix for the day LOL

    1. If you have a trader joes, try their sprouted breads.. Very low carb low sugar way better stats than the Ezekiel that Jorge raves about. It's cheap too.

  4. I ordered this cookbook by Peter Reinhart and made his toasting bread - it was really good! No wheat (of course) :) Peter's personal story as one of the most famous bread makers is pretty neat too (why he is promoting recipes without wheat or sugar). http://www.amazon.com/Joy-Gluten-Free-Sugar-Free-Baking-Solutions/dp/1607741164


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