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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lets Start a Weekly BFC Support Group...

Good MorNoonEvening,

How is everyone today? I am loving this weather over here. To me around 80ish is perfect. Fall in California - what are you gonna do...

So yesterday after posting the thing about being woken up by a ghost the night before, one of my BFC friends contacted me (which I will keep anonymous) and said she can speak to spirits and offered to come and talk to me. She came by last night and it was very interesting. She said I am surrounded by spirits and that I am an Empath. Meaning that I feel things from other people. She told me what everyone has been telling me, that Aaron understands everything now and loves me and doesn't want me to feel guilty about anything.

The person that smacked me on the knee was not Aaron but a older lady that is attached to Hubby. She smacked me cause they know that I listen - she said. The person that smacked my butt that time was someone different too. She described a guy that I don't know who said my butt looked good so he just smacked it while walking by and he was sorry if he offended me. HA-ha, funny right?

Yesterday my sweet tooth was still in effect so I made some cheese-cake muffins.
Only this time I made them CHOCOLATE - my favorite thing. I used 2 tb of cocoa and maple extract and Hersheys sugar free chocolate chips on the top of each one. These taste excellent with Nature's Hollow on top.
 Lunch was a rice bowl I made. A little onion, zucchini, mushrooms, and kale cut up and microwaved for a few minutes, then I added a couple spoons of alfredo sauce and some uncle bens brown and wild rice. All mixed up - good.
2 squares of Lindt 85% dark chocolate after.

Then me and the 3 furry girls went for a 1.25 mile walk while we waited for my spirit talking friend to come over. It wound up being after 7:30 pm when she left and we both tried one of the chocolate cheese-cake muffins before she left, and I gave her a pumpkin muffin to go.
 Dinner was a bit late for me, after 8 so I made something real quick; a can of chicken, mayo, feta cheese, 1/2 avocado and a small tomato and jalapenos cut up.

So last night when I went to sleep I asked that nobody PLEASE wake me up this time cause I am tired. Well no-one did. It is not scary at all to me being surrounded by loved ones all the time, actually kind of comforting.
My breakfast this morning; 2 eggs, berries, 1/2 avocado, and 1 pumpkin muffin and 1 chocolate cheese-cake muffin with Nature's Hollow on top.

Right now Hubby is sleeping and once again me and the furry girls are trying to be quiet. He wants to go to see the Taken 2 movie today when he gets up - never went anywhere yesterday. So you know what that means - popcorn today - woo hoo.

Have a nice Sunday and where ever you are - what ever you are doing - Remember - WWRD??

Thanks for listening, This is PurpleRosy signing off...

For anyone in my area - I would like to start a weekly BFC support group. Spread the word to anyone around here that you thin k might be interested and Private message me on FaceBook and let me know.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I wish I lived around a support group is a great idea! I was thinking that you should work for weight watchers or something and be the low carb consultant. You would be fantastic! Not surpised u are an empath, youve touched so many lives just in the last few Tera through your blog I can only imagine how many you've helped in person. I think you just have that positive motivating energy.

  2. You are making yummy looking things! Did you see the movie Taken 2?
    Too bad I don't live close! It looks like gas in CA is CRAZY expensive!

  3. You are so creative with your "bowls", always coming up with different recipes, it has inspired me to think differently about food.

  4. Can you share the cheesecake recipe, can't seem to find a working link to it. Thanks!

  5. Mmmmmm ... chocolate! I may have to try that now. It's Thanksgiving today in Canada so I made a pumpkin pie (that has cream cheese). I may be eating that all week. Rosalie was the first person that got me thinking differently about food. She eats so simple but always right on! Rosalie, just wanted to mention to be careful of the maltitol - Dr. Davis just posted about sweeteners and said that one spikes high blood sugar :) "The sweeteners to avoid include sugar alcohols sorbitol, maltitol, and mannitol; they cause vigorous rises in blood sugar and provocation of small LDL particles, not to mention gas and diarrhea"

  6. Rosalie! We have this in common. There are 2 spirits that live in my home and we live peacefully together. There is an older lady who mostly stays in the kitchen. And a man who used to stay on the stairs, but recently has started coming into the living room. I love them and they are a part of the family. Although we have some trouble with items coming up missing, and also being woken from sleep, it is mostly a warm relationship! Just wanted to let you know you aren't alone! Down a few more lbs for me which makes 27 lbs down! Seems to be going a bit slower for me than some, but steadily going down 1-3 lbs a week so I won't complain! Love and hugs to all!


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