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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Missed YOU...

Hello Folks,

I missed you. Yeah I finally got my internet-TV-phone today.

I met the girl at the house on Saturday 9am to get the keys and stuff. We were having a yard sale at our old house and there was people everywhere and I felt bad leaving hubby there by himself.
I waited for the cable guy for 3 hours sitting on the floor doing nothing only for him to tell me that there was no cable leading up to the house and they had to come out and bury one up to the house.

Well I was pissed and tired and told him forget it. By Sunday we made 3 trips with the U-Haul. It was just me and hubby - no help, then his nephew Brandon came and helped us. What a sweetheart. Sunday I called them again and they sent someone else and he did a better examination and said the same thing. Monday they were supposed to come bury the cable and never showed. I told them they better get it done the next day or I was gonna call Direct TV. LOL

Tuesday the came out and burried the cable and today the guy came back to install the equipment. I just can't get my wireless printer to work yet, need to find the printer cable and it's in the twilight zone I think.

I have been doing the best I can at eating. I have not once ate anything bad. Except...
Can you believe I actually ate some chips?? 1/2  bag and that was actually like only 8 chips - the whole bag only had 2 grams of sugar

I did eat chicken strips and a side salad from Mickey-D's twice and chinese once but only veggies and plain chicken. Toast and turkey bacon for breakfast a lot on paper plates. I ran out of all my favorites during the move, berries spinach eggs, but went to the store the other day and ate a good breakfast this morning.
Oh eggs - how I missed you...
Yesterday during our many trips to the old house to get the rest of our stuff, look what I saw. I took that as a good omen.

Last night we were trying to take down the hanging shelves in the garage and I think he was trying to kill me cause I had both hands way in the air holding one side of the shelf and he let go of something and I got kinked in the head. Then he kept dropping these big lag screws when he was taking them out near my head as I was picking them up - We said it was like final Destination.
Boy that hurt!!
There is a big lump around the cut - oh yeah it was bleeding.

I feel so bad for Hubby, working day shift at the FD 6am-6pm M-Th (while I am unpacking everything all alone) then every night to the old house and then collapse and get up at 4 am and do it all over again. He said that he wants to go to a movie this weekend no matter how much work we have to do. Well I do miss popcorn. I don't think I had any for 2-3 weeks now. A record.

For lunch today I ate some tuna and shirataki noodles (my last pack) with some mayo and jalapenos. I improvised.

I really wanted tuna yesterday but could not find the can opener. LOL

Dinner tonight I had a frozen chicken pre-cooked chicken breast and some frozen green beans. Easy on a paper plate in the micro.

I am having a tough time finding places to put stuff as I unpack. The other house was almost 3000 sq ft and the new one we are renting is 1150. We are only gonna stay here for 1 year and then we can try again to buy, so I am gonna have to keep some stuff in boxes in the garage that I don't think I need too much.

Oh yeah and I can't do any laundry yet cause the dryer gas fitting doesn't fit and no water or ice from the fridge cause that fitting doesn't fit either. Hubby doesn't have time yet to get them.

Thank you Lisa so much for filling in for me. Anytime anyone would like to do a guest post - just let me know. Send me a message.

I missed you all very much - So tell me, what did I miss??? Tell me something juicy to take my mind off all this work.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Learn, Live, Hope

Live for Tomorrow Positive QuoteLearn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. I'm glad that you are back and getting unpacked! The stress is not knowing what the future holds, so hopefully you can wind down now and take a breather on "thinking" about a house!
    Do you having a walking area around your new house?

  2. Goodnessss...but glad you are ok! Lisa did a great job. Juicy..hmmmm.go to my pinterest pages and watch my favvvv commercial! ;^)

  3. Rosalie, so glad to see you back on the blogs! I think you did so great with your eating during the move. Sounds like you haven't had hardly any "sit down" time so that probably made up for anything bad that you ate. You must be exhausted! How do the dogs like the new house?

  4. Good luck on getting everything done. :) We are wrapping up the first week of school, yippee! Not juicy, but that's all there is... :)

  5. While you were moving we were also moving and then cleaning the apt. No internet yet at our house we are at the in-laws watching college football, the madness has begun. I hope you like your new house even though it is much smaller.


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