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Sunday, August 5, 2012

"D" Day...

Good Morning People,

Well today is Sunday and I am so tired of being tired. I am tired of being stressed over this house stuff. We are both so tired of sitting and waiting for our lives to go on. On Monday it will be 4 whole months since we put down the deposit.

It has been very stressful and depressing for us, not knowing I guess is the hardest. I am starting to not feel that good. Headaches and backaches now too. That would be from tossing and turning all night. A few days ago I got nauseous for no reason at all.

This is the reason that Hubby did not want me to talk about this stuff remember? Here or even to his family. He feels bad and like a failure that it might not work out. I told him yesterday that this is enough. He is like a kid that fell down and won't get back up. Just sitting in his crap and pouting. We are both going thru this and we have each other.

The hardest part is our loan girl - feeling like we have been led on and lied to for 4 months - being told it will work out when it just might not!! I am mad at her for doing that to us for so long!! So tomorrow, Monday - I feel will be our "D" day. IF we don't hear then I'm pretty sure we won't and we will just have to go find another place to rent for a couple years. It's not gonna be the end of the world. I don't mind - whatever.

Because of this stress, my weight is up a few lbs even though I am eating good. The most it has gone to was 153 once, but it has been bet 151-152 lately. That's no big deal really. That's only 3-5 lbs over my low of 148. I know its only from all the no sleep and stress. I'm not worried about it - I just always have told you the absolute truth about what I eat and how my weight fluctuates. This is real life and what happens.

What I ate yesterday;
eggs with onion, a small pc of left over steak cut up, baby spinach and cheese, 1/2 avocado, berries and a carb chopper wheat tortilla w/cheese
Lunch; was 1/2 cucumber sliced w/pepper jack cheese and turkey on top and mustard on some and horse-radish mayo on some and 1 celery w/peanut butter.  This was GOOD..
I made another batch of Chocolate-Almond-Protein-Bites. For some reason The chocolate topping started getting thick too fast and I couldn't get it to spread all the way across the top - so I had to make a bit more, that's why it looks so bumpy.
This is a 9 x 12 cake pan that I lined with parchment paper. I cut it into 32 squares, they are a bit bigger this way. 
In the morning after breakfast I took the dogs to a new vet for their shot clinic. Well that was FUN!! Not really, my car is full of hair now and of course they act a bit stupid at that kind of place. $89 for both of their shots and a dose of Advantix for flees and ticks - 1 for each. Their rabies is not due till next year. Well that's done.

I took them for a short 1.2 mile walk around 5:30 and came back and Hubby woke from his hypnotic sleep I guess and wanted to go to the movies. So we went to see Total Recall. It was good and similar in some places to the original one and very different in other places. The popcorn and 2 squares of 86% girhardellies was my dinner.
 This was my breakfast this morning. A flaxseed muffin, but only about 3/4 of the 1/4 cup, with lemon juice and lemon extract, chia seeds and some blueberries.
I ate it with cream cheese and natures hollow on top with turkey bacon.

Today Hubby wants to look at houses (maybe to rent) for just in case. I am tired of doing that and really don't want to - but that might be a good way to get him to go to Chipotle's for lunch with me. Ha-ha.

I hope you all have a great day. This is PurpleRosy signing off.

My thought for today:

Remember that no matter what is going on - that is no excuse to eat bad like we used to. 

Keep on BFC ' n  :-)


  1. Ugh, that really sucks Rosalie! I hope things brighten up a little!

  2. I'm sorry. I don't understand why she would be stringing you along like that. How in the world is that benefiting her?

  3. I will wish you happy thoughts! Stress and lack of sleep are definitely your problem, when that goes away, so will the extra lbs. I am guessing that you guys are willing to let this go if you don't hear tomorrow? It just seems so unprofessional? Weird?
    Good Luck!!!

  4. The stress tells your body to hold onto fat (your body doesn't know the difference between stresses). I have more stress than I'd like this summer (for different reasons) and I'm sure it's not helping my efforts either :( I love that you just keep on going ... it is what it is right? Some things we just can't control (even though we'd like to).

  5. ARGGGGH!!! I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I'd probably be likely to smack the hell out of someone. Have you considered talking to her supervisor??? I don't have the patience to deal with that kind of unprofessionalism (I used to work for a lawyer...so I guess it rubbed off.) Keep us posted...but I'm envious that you are sticking to eating correctly!!!

  6. No words. Only so sorry and still sending good thoughts that all will workout. Sending hugs and love. XO

  7. I don't know what is with businesses these days! They just don't seem to care about keeping their customers happy at all. I'm hoping things work out for you and you get some peace!

  8. Bummer!! Hang in there, and know we're all thinking of you!

  9. You are doing an amazing job...I know it doesn't feel like it...but from this side looking in you are one super strong woman! Just know you have a lot of love been sent your way. I am cheering for you!

  10. Hang in there. This housing market thing is so unfair to so many. I hope it all pays off for you in a big way.


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