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Saturday, July 7, 2012


Hello Friends,

I love how we are all different and come together here on our blogs to support each other in our weight loss goals. Thank you for all your opinions on the Wheat subject. Some of us are wheat free and some of us are not and I respect everyone's opinions and love how we can share them without hurting anyone's feelings.

We all have the same GOAL - and that is to be Healthy and Lose Weight and Share what we learn.
I wanted to share this podcast I found and posted the link on Facebook a few days back, but in case you didn't get to listen to it - you should. I listened to it twice just to make sure I didn't miss anything.

It's about: The Truth About Sweeteners...With Dr. David Getoff a board certified nutritionist.

This is so interesting. He compares eating artificial sweeteners with getting bit by a snake-you just have to choose which snake or like doing drugs. LOL


I really learned a lot. Of course everyone has different opinions on everything.

Here are the sweeteners that he says are healthy for us:

Best choice is Stevia; which is 30 times sweeter than sugar BTW.
pure Stevia, Sweet Leaf, Stevita
*(NOT Truvia -like I thought was good)* Of course I am gonna use up what I already bought first - but not gonna buy that any more.

Yacon syrup *(its a root, doesn't cause weight gain and does not increase blood sugar levels)* - which I have never tried or heard of. I looked this up and it does seem to have a lot of sugar grams - but I would still like to try because *-*.

Erythritol or Xylitol, as long as it doesn't give you a gassy tummy after. *very toxic for pets*

I want to try these he talked about;
CocoPolo stevia sweetened chocolate bars -  if I can find them.

Of Course:
*No Artificial Sweeteners*

*Don't ever eat anything that says Diet, or Zero*

Fruit; One of the guys Hubby works with is a health nut and says to eat fruit by itself and not with protein because it loses most of it's nutrition. He said to eat your food 1 hour after. I thought this was dumb and said I love eating my berries with my eggs in the morning. This Dr. says that is only if you have digestion issues. He says TO eat fruit with proteins and fats. So I won - ha-ha

Of course every book we read or blog we visit or stuff we hear is always different from the other person. So who is right?? Who knows...

You wouldn't be HERE if you didn't really really want something that you are missing and you wouldn't have started the Belly Fat Cure.. Use our blogs for the support and friendship that you need to reach your goals. I have a list below, so please go visit and support them too.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

No Shortcuts

No Shortcuts, Positive QuotesThere are no shortcuts to any place worth going

Keep on BFC 'n :-)


  1. I listened to that pod cast too - thought it was excellent. I had bought a small pack of Truvia to try but won't be buying it again either. I use stevia in liquid form (works great for melted chocolate) and xylitol (as it does have dental benefits as well). I want to get some erythritol but need to find the non GMO version (since it's derived from corn you don't want the genetic modified version). Thanks for posting for everyone :)

  2. Why not Truvia, Rosalie? Isn't Truvia a mix of erythritol and stevia? Those are both in the "ok" list.

    Every doctor, dietitian, health guru, nutritionist, etc., all say different things. That's why I've gotten to the point that I read everyone's point of view and then adopt what is right for me based on my own personal experience. What's right for me won't be right for the person next to me. I would venture to guess that all the "experts" are correct in some way, and with each person being so unique, that's why people thrive at both ends of the "diet" spectrum, and conversely, do horribly at the other end of the spectrum. There are sooooo many variables that make up what works for each person. Thanks for always being supportive no matter what.

    1. I listen to what people give as the rationale and decide accordingly. It's a "job" sifting through all the information out there. He does say why not Truvia and I believe it is because Truvia is made mostly of erythritol that is from genetically modified corn. There is very little stevia in the product (more marketing smoke and mirrors) :)

  3. It is a job, isn't it?

    I didn't realize this about Truvia, thanks. I don't really use Truvia/erythritol anymore, either. I have some that's been sitting in my cabinet for a few months now. I really like using coconut sugar or honey now.

  4. isn't it amazing how every time you read a new article, it seems to say something different from the previous article? I will try to take a look at the podcast about sweeteners, although I pretty much only use stevia these days. :) have a good night!

  5. Yes Dawn we're always getting new & conflicting info.
    I also use Stevia- Will we find out some day we were mislead there too!!
    Thanks for sharing Rosalie.

  6. Science is always advancing so "yes" there is a good chance down the road new information will emerge that doctors/scientists are not aware of today. That's just progress :) However, you should always consider the source of the information since big business and the pharma companies have TONS of money they are able to manipulate information just like the tobacco companies tried to do when it became obvious that smoking was bad for us (so will the sugar and wheat industries). Just like that 60 Minutes episode on sugar where Sanjay Gupta interviews the head of the sugar growers assoc. and he says, "sugar isn't bad for you" ... sure ... what's he going to say? LOL ... Even though xylitol is just becoming more widely recognized here in NA, it was actually discovered in the late 19th century and was used pretty extensively in Europe. Stevia has been used and studied for hundreds of years so one would think if there were problems they would have surfaced but … you never know what will happen down the road.

  7. Replies
    1. Bonnie, I have tried and like PureVia and Truvia, but after listening to this podcast about sweeteners - I realize that pure stevia is the best and I am not gonna use Truvia or Purevia any more.

    2. Thanks for that. I try to stay with just stevia or xylitol also.


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  • Count everything that you put into your mouth. Even sauces - everything , check labels.
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  • Going #2 is a big problem when a lot of people start the BFC. I have solved that problem with Clear Benefiber in my morning coffee and a scoop of Super Seed w/water in the afternoon. (you can buy the super seed on Amazon.com it is the cheapest).
  • Choose your carbs wisely. Try to pick the carbs that will give you the lowest count of carbs, sugar and calories and the most fiber.

I hope this helps.