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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

On the News, and Relax a Bit...

Good Morning Friends,

I will start by what I ate yesterday;
2 eggs, oasis toast w/butter and natures hollow, turkey bacon and berries.
For lunch, hubby and I were out running a few errands and stopped at Fuddruckers. He has a spicy chicken sandwich and fries and I had a burger and wrapped it in romaine w/cheese, grilled onion, jalapenos, pickles and about 8 of his fries.

Its funny how much I ate before and the 2 of us discussed that. He was getting full about half way thru and I told him to take off 1 half of his bun like Kay does sometimes. :-)

Dinner I had a spinach salad and some wings and RediWhip for desert. I was telling hubby, that I need to make some muffins or something so I can have something different for desert. I think I am addicted to RediWhip. LOL

So I have seen on the news about 3 times in the past week about Gluten Free. They said their research showed that going Gluten Free did NOT help with weight loss and you really shouldn't do it unless you have Celiac disease or it effects you physically. Hmmm - That's what I have been sayin.

Also in the news this morning - there was a guy who went to a Theme park and they would not let him on a ride because he weighed over 300lbs. They were not sure the restraints would hold him in. So he went home and did something about it. He lost over 100lbs in 9 months and went back and rode on that ride. No matter what his reason, I thought this was GREAT!!

While running around yesterday we went back to Mathis Brothers. It's a furniture store to look at the sofa's again since it was fresh in our minds about the IKEA ones. We decided that we like the ones at Mathis much better and picked out a Broyhill sofa and love seat to pick up after we move in at the end of the month.

I spoke to the lender yesterday and I think everything will be fine. They went with a different bank and got a verbal approval and they have to re-do all the papers for us to sign online again. Actually everything will be the same as the first deal, FHA, 3.75% closing on the 31st unless they back out or change their mind.  I haven't got the paperwork yet so you never know.

I am just a nervous kind of person I guess. I was just thinking, Man - if this doesn't work out - I will be homeless.  It will be hard - but I will try to relax now a bit.

Have a great day all and thanks for listening to me today. Lots of love to all and don't forget to check out my friends blogs on my list.

This is PurpleRosy signing off...

My thought for the day:

Shape Your Future

My will shall shape the future. Whether I fail or succeed shall be no man’s doing but my own. I am the force. I can clear any obstacle before me or  can be lost in the maze. My choice, my responsibility. Win or lose, only I hold the key to my destiny.

Keep on BFC ' n :-)


  1. I totally agree, gluten-free by itself is not for weight loss at all. Many of the foods labeled as such are high in sugar. You really should pick up Wheat Belly Rosie, you will love it! For me it's not about the gluten at all, it's about addictive foods. For me, it is wheat products.

    1. i have to agree with you Amber, about the addictive properties of wheat. It's not a weight loss fix at all.

    2. Very true. Gluten free products, which people tend to buy when they go gluten free, is not very healthy and definitely not useful for weight loss itself...usually high in carbs and sugar.

    3. I've learned to question where those news stories come from. I worked in advertising/PR for many years and I can tell you, if they want you to hear something, they'll put it out there. There are other reasons to consider giving up wheat (gluten) that may or may not have to do with weight loss. I know since I stopped eating them I feel better - a chronic post nasal drip is almost gone.

      I read this on Dr. Mercola's site (he is all for giving up wheat): "Gliadins are molecules that frequently cause toxic reactions that trigger your immune response. When gliadin in gluten becomes water soluble, it is free to bind to cells in your body. If you are sensitive, your body will make antibodies to gliadin and attack the cells gliadin has attached itself to, treating those cells as an infection. This immune response damages surrounding tissue and has the potential to set off, or exacerbate, MANY other health problems throughout your body, which is why gluten can have such a devastating effect on your overall health."

    4. Totally true! The biggest reason I don't eat wheat/gluten is that it causes really bad depression and fatigue in me. Celiac disease is just one reaction to gluten.

      I guess the one possible benefit of someone trying to eat gluten free for weight loss is that they'll end up realizing they feel better without it if they do have a sensitivity but didn't realize it. Really, weight loss is possible too if people don't eat "junk" gluten free foods in place of gluten filled items. In the end, what matters most is that people get healthy and feel better whatever it is they are eating.

  2. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you Rosalie!

  3. You are my biggest BFC fan! You are living proof this works! I just dont know how on earth you do it and you succeed every day! Will you dedicate a blog for all the pointers for all of us! I have both jorges books, but I rather get some pointers from you as well!

  4. Lol Im sorry, let me rephrase that; I am YOUR biggest Bfc fan! :P

  5. It's gonna be nice having new furniture in your new house! I'm excited for you.

  6. Awesome news about the house and the great interest rate! Crossing my fingers for you until you actually move in because I never trust anything until it happens :) Enjoy the gorgeous weather.


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